Hawaii Vacation With One Direction!

Five best friends have been Directioners since 7th grade. They enter a contest to win a vacation to Hawaii but they had to share it with 5 other boys. They won the contest and are immediately sent to the house. When they meet their new roommates they can't believe it. What do you think will happen between 5 girls and 5 boys for almost a year? Will they get along? Will they regret even agreeing to going? Keep reading to find out more!


9. Have You Ever?

If more than one person hasn't done one of the questions, thennnn they get to do it together in front of everybody! Unless it has to be done private for special circumstances." - Harry. I really wish he wouldn't of done that because I know for a fact that I'll be pressured into doing something... All I can do is pray to God nothing embarrassing happens

Everyone then gathered in a circle on the floor. I rushed to sit next to Alexandra. The order was:

Me, Alexandra, A short girl with glasses and long black hair, Louis, Zayn, a fit looking girl with a dark complexion, Nancy, Niall, another girl with shoulder length hair, then Harry who was also sitting next to me. I HAVE to try to stop him from saying anything STUPID like always!

"I think we should start by introducing ourselves!" -Louis. Again, we all agreed. We started in order beginning with me.











"Game time Babyyy!!" -Michelle. I think..

Now everyone had their fingers in the air waiting for someone to start."I'm Starting!! Hmm.. lemme think.. Have you ever ... Gone skinny dipping?" -Alexandra. I could notice her grinning after a few seconds.

Alexandra, Nubia, Nancy, Michelle & Zayn all out one finger down leaving them 9 left. The bad part was I still had 10 fingers left... Oh God... DAMMIT!

"Well, well, well.. seems like Niall, Louis, Harry , Liam & Tontitorn get to try something new tonight haha !" - Nubia. Oh god. Oh god. Oh god.

Niall's P.O.V

Tontitorn, Harry, Liam, Louis & I walked towards the back door. The rest followed us too but it was mainly about the five of us. As I opened the door , leading everyone else outside, I could feel the warm Hawaii air. We began talking taking our clothes off and throwing it onto a pile by the the door so they wouldn't get wet.

I can't believe I'm doing this. I would've never done anything like this bu- . My thoughts were interrupted by someone's voice.

"Now at the count of three, the five of you dive in , got it?" - Nancy. I saw everybody nod from the corner of my eye.

Before the count started I saw Nubia come from behind Lou and whisper something in his ear. I couldn't quiet make up the words she was saying to him but as she walked back to her place she gave his bum a squeeze and ran back giggling. I then  looked back at Louis and caught him chewing on his bottom lip. How cute haha!

" One!"



I dipped into the water and felt the icy cold water swallow me whole. I did it.. I DID IT! I stayed down their for a bit just enjoying the water. Then I poked my head above the water to see everyone else already out and putting their clothes back on.

How long was I down there? Was I that slow? A bunch of questions popped in mind as I jumped out of the water. I put my head up and found everyone looking at me. But I mean EVERYONE!I was quiet embarassed to be the center of attention.. especially in this moment.

"Hey guys! Let's go back and finish the game!" Tontitorn. She was back in her clothes. She must be pretty damn brave for doing this in front of all of us..

"Here's your clothes Niall, now go change. Oh! and close you're mouth and stop staring at her like that." - Harry. He whispered the last part which I thanked him for. But, I wasn't drooling, was I? ...


A/N : Hey! Well I don't know if this is long enough for you but it took a while. Please keep liking and don't forget to favorite and like! Much Love xxx (: 

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