Branded as Trouble (Completed)

We are both living in a different world. Following different rules. We were looking for each other, not knowing we already did. Whatever I do, he is always there, no matter how much I try to avoid it, something is still pulling me towards him. No matter how much I try to stop my feelings, it stills there haunting me. Even in my dreams. As much as I don't want to admit, but I am in love with my own enemy. </3


1. New Life

  Catherine, or Irene as what she prefers for people to call her has always been independent, never relied on anybody. Irene lived with her father who she loves so much. They always do everything together, he father taught her how to protect herself, hold a gun and shoot properly. Irene's father always gets relocated, they always move, pretty much every semester Irene would be in a different school.  Catherine was very popular at school, boys followed her, wanted her, many girls tried to copy her and all that. Irene was indeed very beautiful, perfect height, perfect weight, long black hair with dark brown eyes. Every time she would be in a new school, she would try so hard to get away from the popularity and keep down low but the guys notices her natural beauty and fake bitches tries to ruin her by trying to be good friends with her but Irene wasn't dumb enough to do that. She never once had a real friend, she always knew that she would be better off without a good friend because of how much they move away. But this year, its Catherine's last year of high school and her dad decided to stop moving away until she graduates. Her dad made a one year contract to stay in Stratford, Canada. 

Dad: do you need any help sweetie!? 

Irene: no dad. Thanks' 

Irene and her dad is just moving to their new house. 

Dad: When we are finish bringing everything inside and organizing the house tomorrow, we will go school shopping. So gets some sleep for now. Busy day tomorrow.    Irene's dad kisses her on the forehead. And while she walks upstairs she says goodnight.

Irene: I love you

Dad: I love you too.Irene has always been worried about her sad, it's all because she has no idea what job her dad has. Because he was always gone, leaving her after they move in a house. But she trusted her dad and just left it alone. The next day, Irene and her dad finished organizing their home, putting everything together and stuff. When they went school shopping, Irene ran into someone.

Irene: Sorry. 

She looked at his brown caramel eyes, they stared at each other for a second that seemed like forever. They both shrugged it off and walked away from each other. 

Dad: Irene? Are you okay?

Irene: yea I'm fine. 

Dad: alright. Well we have a backpack, pens, paper, notebook, binder, and pencils. Anything you need honey?   

Irene: No that's good Dad.   

Irene wasn't like those girls who wants a pink purse with matching pencil case. She was just

normal, who wears converse shoes, a normal backpack, skinny jeans, t shirt and leather jacket. Irene and her dad went home. And her dad gets a phone call.  

Dad: Hello?!  yes! alright! Okay! Yep! Alright alright!    Hang up.  

Irene: who was that?   

Dad: it was work.. I'm sorry honey but I have to leave tonight.  

Irene: Tonight?! why? I thought you had a week off?   

Dad: I know. I'm sorry but I have to.   

Irene: That's what you always say!!   

Dad: I'm sorry..   

Irene:  ugh.   

After a second. A loud BANG! And the windows broke   


Irene and her father gets down and hides under the stairs.   

Irene: What's going on? 

Dad: I have no time to explain. Where did you put that black suit case?

Irene: uhh I can't remember.. Why!!? 

Dad: REMEMBER?!   


While Irene was thinking, the mysterious guys was breaking everything and shooting everything.  

Irene: Under the stairs.. I'm sitting on it.. 

Dad: Perfect!!

Her dad began to open the suit case and it was full of different kind of guns and bullets.   

Irene: Dad! Why do you have that!? 

Dad: I'll say this quick. I'm a secret agent of CIA. This is why we always move around because I have missions to arrest criminals in different places. I never told you because it was forbidden and you weren't old enough but you are now. 

Irene: I have a feeling that you were never gonna tell me if we weren't in this situation right now. 

Dad: I'm sorry honey.   

Irene's dad loaded all his guns and startedto slowly walk out.   

Irene: where are you going!? 

Dad: listen, they don't know anythingabout you, as far as I know they don't know you exist so when I get out and get their attention you RUN.. You take your car with you and you go to the nearest police station and you tell them the situation. When you get out, you don't look back, you don't walk or you don't think, all you do is run. Are you listening to me!? 

  Honestly, Irene was scared but she can't show it. So she doesn't. When her father gets out, she runs, she doesn't stop. All she hears was gun shots and glass breaking. But nothing stops her and when she gets in the car, she saw two shadows pointing gun at each other and she couldn't see which was her father and before she knows it, one of them hits the floor. Even though Irene's father told her to drive away, she doesn't and she waits until the guy comes out, she hides in the car, peeking on the window and luckily her window was dark and you can't see who's inside the car from the outside. Irene couldn't believe what she saw, she only saw one man come out of the house and it wasn't her father. Irene saw exactly what the guy looked and her eyes were burning of pure anger and revenge. She waited for the guy to drive away and ran to her house.  

Irene: DAd? Dad!!   Irene heard a cough. Irene ran and saw her precious father lying on the floor, spitting out blood.

Irene:Dad! Oh my god! Stay awake, I'm going to call the ambulance.   

Irene couldn't hold it anymore and she began try cry, her hand were shaking, she could barely dial on her phone, her hand was covered in blood.  

Dad: You haven't cried since you were a baby. I remember the last time you cried was when you were in kindergarten and there was boys making fun of you and you always cried. The boys said that you were a cry baby and that was the last day you cried.   

Irene: Shush dad! You're loosing a lot of blood. I called the ambulance and they're on their way. Hold on please.  

Dad: Honey, I want you to understand why I taught how to use a gun, how to protect yourself and how to live all by yourself. I don't know if those people will come after you, so you have to be very careful and always blend in. Even if I die right no-  


Dad: Irene, I love you very much and I'm always gonna be here watching over you. I'm so proud of you. I love you honey  

Irene: I love you too Daddy.  

Irene's father died on that night. Irene continued his father's plan, she took over his and since she was almost 18 years old, the company agreed for her to be a secret agent.  Irene continued school and every weekend, she would go and have private lesson on karate and all kind of fighting skills.


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