Branded as Trouble (Completed)

We are both living in a different world. Following different rules. We were looking for each other, not knowing we already did. Whatever I do, he is always there, no matter how much I try to avoid it, something is still pulling me towards him. No matter how much I try to stop my feelings, it stills there haunting me. Even in my dreams. As much as I don't want to admit, but I am in love with my own enemy. </3


10. Mission. Falling. Movie night. Lolly

Irene's P.O.V

I sent Justin out and told him that I was gonna do homework. Bullshit. I'm gonna go on a mission tonight. I smirked to myself. It was only 8pm, so I had plenty of time to get ready. I heard Micheal was in town, if you're wondering where I heard it from, it was from my uncle. I put a little small microphone under his table in his office. Sorry. I giggled. I put on my tight leader pants, put on a pitch black tank top and leader jacket. And no I'm not trying to copy the Charles Angels, I just move better in this suit. I hid a revolver gun, two sharp throwing knife in my black high heeled leather boots, two black handguns in the back of my pants and two pistols in my leader jacket and my favourite handgun in my gun pocket ( My father gave me this gun on the night he died. I know it looks like a normal pink cute little hand gun but it was strong. You could set up the gun however you wanted it to be, it can shoot quietly or loud, however you want it. Many people in my agency tried to fuck with me when the say me with my pink and they learned after what I did. And you don't want to know what I did. Anyways, I know I have a lot of weapon but better to be prepared than sorry. I jumped out of the window instead of my door because Justin will follow me if he hears me leaving and probably tries to tag along and I can't have that. I ran into the parking lot and grabbed my duplicate motorcycle, which my uncle and no one else knows about me. I'm so smart. I went to a casino hotel, because that is where Micheal is going to be, I put on a sparkly gold dress that I can be so happy to rip off when it needs to be. The people are so stupid, I'm only 17 and they didn't even know that. I got inside and there he is, I spotted the man I want to just take and kill but I can't do that, my dad wouldn't be proud of me and I'm not here to take revenge, I'm here for justice. I took out my favourite gun, and put in a small in microphone in it, I secret aimed for Micheal, and I shoot. JACKPOT! I got it right where I wanted it. Like what I said, I could use this gun for shooting without hurting anybody. I started to listen to his conversation.

"I hope that kid knows what he is doing." What kid? his kid?

"Well if he doesn't find her, he knows what will happen." Micheal scoffed. Find who? Is he gonna kill again? This motherfucker just doesn't know how to stop, all he cares is money and money. Just wait and see. He continued to speak.

"I can't risk getting caught on this one so I had to make him do it." Micheal said, he has such a deep voice. I honestly never got this much close to him and I'm getting closer. The things he was talking about doesn't make any sense, he wasn't saying any name, or anything. He is smart, he knows it's too public to talk about whatever he is talking about. I can't do anything about this, I have to be certain about what this is about before I make a move. I unhooked the microphone and my bluetooth earphone meaning they won't be able to track me if they find the microphone, which I know they won't. I left the bluetooth earphone in the casino just in case they do trace something, all they're gonna trace is the bluetooth earphone. Finally, I got out of the hotel and ripped my dress of my body which reveals my black tank top and leather pants, I grab my leather jacket from my motorcycle and put my helmet on. I started my engine and drove so fast that I did a quick cat walk. 

Justin's P.O.V

Why can't I fall asleep? It's almost 1am, I wonder if Irene finished her homework ? Or if she's even awake still? I still haven't ask her for her number and I know it's been weeks but I just keep on forgetting. I kinda want to go and see her right now... No not kinda. I do want to go and see her, I want to see her beautiful brown eyes, and her perfectly long natural black hair that goes just right before her bum and it has little curls on the end. I like the way she puts her hands through her hair putting all her hair back, which gives me a chance to look at her beautiful face. Seeing her smile sometimes gives me chills and lightens up my whole heart, making me forget the reason why I'm here... Why I'm here? I'm here because I need to hunt an innocent girl and give her to a killer exchange for my mother. What if I do find her? Then that means I have to leave, I have to go back to Stratford where I belong. Then I shouldn't fall for Irene... Oh no..

I heard a knock.. Irene? I put on shorts, not even bothering putting a shirt on and I opened my door.

"Hey" Irene had a warm smile. " I brought you hot chocolate" and she had a even bigger smile. Wow can she get more beautiful?

"Hey thanks." I smiled back. "What brings you here in the middle of the night?" Why did I just asked that? Stupid Bieber.

"Oh.. You don't want me? Fine, I'll leave" Irene got off the couch and walked to the door.

"No!" I yelled and stopped her. "I mean.. Don't go" I whispered. I looked away from her because my heart is beating like its about to jump out of my chest. Inhale, exhale Justin!

"Ha that's what I thought" Irene giggled.

"So what are you doing here?" I asked her.

"I couldn't fall asleep and I had a feeling you were still awake and so I made hot cocoa and I wanted to see you." Irene answered. She wanted to see me? That's a first.

"I wanted to see you too but I thought you were sleeping." I honestly replied. I walked to the couch and sat beside her.

"Oh well. I'm here now!" She stood up and walked to the flat screen.

"What are you doing?" I asked confused.

"Oh, don't you have any movies?" she looked at me confused? She looked so cute. She was wearing a long sleeve that was loose, skinny tights and slippers and had her hair in a messy bun.

"No. But I have netflix?" I answered.

"Oh that'll do." She answered. And then she started singing or should I say rapping quietly. 

"What are you singing?" I asked. 

"Oh its this song called "Lolly" by Jason McCann (see what I did there? ;P). It just reminded me the song when you said Netflix" she giggled.

"Sing it out loud!" I teased.

"No! I can't rap!" Irene was giggling while looking through netflix and I stole the remote. "HEY!"

"Nope! Not until you sing." I stood up and put the remote high! Irene is actually pretty short, without those 5-inch heels she wears everyday, she's only 5'4ft. I'm 5'9ft so I'm pretty tall compare to her.

"Well you can hold you arm up all night cause I'm not gonna sing for you." Irene yelled back.

"I guess so then." I just held my arms up high.

3 minutes later.

Irene P.O.V

It's been probably 5 minutes or more and Justin is still standing there in front of the tv holding his arms up. I know he's sore but this boy is not giving up. 

"Bieber, I'm not gonna sing for you so put your arm down already." I exclaimed.

"Nope. I guess I'm just gonna be in pain tomorrow and I will blame you all day for it." Justin whined.

"Ughhhhh Bieber!!!!!" I yelled. "FINE! NOW put your arm down!" 

Justin immediately put his arm down and sat down. He sighed and stretched his arm. He looked at me. "Well what are you waiting for? " He smiled. Suddenly, my stomach started to go bad. Oh no. "uhh- th-ro-w" I stuttered. Why am I nervous? I don't get nervous around anybody, I sang in front of my dad before and my old friends. Justin was just there watching me, waiting for me to sing him a song but I can't do it. My stomach is flipping, kicking and twisting. What do I do? 


Irene take a deep breath. I sighed. Now think about the lyrics. And go.

"Throwing up a G note

Like I'm at a casino

I'm all fancy yeah I'm popping pellegrino

I'm in the El Camino when I pull up on the scene oh

You know I'm a real OG and baby I ain't from the T.O.

You messing with the clique though

Meet me on the 6th floor

Know you ain't a model

You should let me take some pics though

Windows down, speakers loud.

Look down at my sneakers now

Got so many features

Tell the creatures just beat it now

50 for the necklace

Look down at my set list

Got your girlfriend at my crib

Watching netflix,

Let's just admit that I'm the bestest, guess this

You ain't never ever on the guest list." 

I finished and I opened my eyes. I saw Justin sitting there with his eyes wide and jaw dropped.

"Shut up Justin, I wasn't that good so close your  mouth. I know you're pretending." I slapped him playfully. Just started to laugh his ass off.

"Bieber, you know I can't break your arm or bone if I want to right so better shut up now." I warned. He continued to laugh and so I grabbed his left arm and made my move but before I know, I flipped and I was laying on couch with Justin on top of me holding my hands up my head and his lips inches away from mine. We stayed there for 5 seconds, staring at each others eyes. I don't know what I'm gonna do. I can feel the heat in the room. I kept looking at Justin's eyes and I swear my body was slowly relaxing and I don't know how this possible but my body took over my own body and it wouldn't let me do what I want to do. Justin blinked, looked at my eyes and quickly looked at my lips, I looked at his and I should've have because doesn't that mean I want to kiss him too... Do I? I'm so confused. I can't let this happen but I was stuck in his gaze. Justin started to lean in slowly, and closed his eyes.. As much as I didn't want this happen, I couldn't stop. 

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