Branded as Trouble (Completed)

We are both living in a different world. Following different rules. We were looking for each other, not knowing we already did. Whatever I do, he is always there, no matter how much I try to avoid it, something is still pulling me towards him. No matter how much I try to stop my feelings, it stills there haunting me. Even in my dreams. As much as I don't want to admit, but I am in love with my own enemy. </3


15. I wish you were here..

Irene's POV

Well the day after I marched to Justin's room and apologized, then we kissed and cuddled throughout the whole day and now I don't know how I am going to face him. I don't know how I am going to face my own boyfriend. 



Justin and I laid there, I looked at the clock, it almost 11pm and I have to go to the Agency tomorrow because I haven't been there in a while to keep up with my physicals skills and knowledge skills so I'm going to take a whole day when I get to have a refresh about everything. 

"Justin" I whispered. 

"Mhmm?" Justin hummed and numerous of butterflies started flying all over my stomach.

"it's getting late and I have to go see my Uncle tomorrow morning and hang out with him for the whole day" I said, and honestly I was sad because I just want to lay here with him forever. 

" Alright ." Justin kissed my forehead and he got up. Justin walked me to his door and he opened it. my back leaned on the door frame with Justin inches away from me. 

"I guess I'll see you sometime tomorrow " Justin said. He looked at me with those brown caramel eyes, which made me smile. "What?" 

"Nothing" I said snapping out about my happiness.

"tell me.. "

" it's just since the day I said to you those hurtful words, this is the first time I've seen your beautiful brown eyes again and it made me happy" I smiled and looked at him. Justin didn't wait another second and kissed me. We stood there kissing with Justin's door open and some people came out and made us stop and blush with embarrassment.

"Well I better go" I smiled. I began to walk out of his condo 


I looked back. Justin walked closer to me. 

" I have a question for you " 

i nodded. 


"Will you be my girlfriend?" Justin asked. 

"Thought I already was" I giggled.

"No, I mean my real girlfriend. Where I can actually kiss you anytime, when I can hold you anytime. I want to be able to kiss you in public cause you're actually mine, not just to make people believe a lie but to actually show them that what we have is real. I am in love with you Catherine." 

"I love you" I leaned up to kiss Justin gently and walked away 

"Is that a yes?" Justin asked before I open my door. 

"Yes" I looked away and got in my condo


I smiled at that thought.  I walked to my window, I looked at the sparkling city lights and then looked at the beautiful night sky. 

"I wish you were here Dad, I wish you were here to warn Justin not to be break my heart or you'll shoot him. I wish you were here to tell me how I should deal with problems in a relationship. I wish you were here because I miss you so much Dad. " I said to the sky, I know it's cheesy but believe that my dad is somewhere up there, my guardian angel.  I went back to have a quick shower and changed into my Pajamas. 


Big day tomorrow !















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