Branded as Trouble (Completed)

We are both living in a different world. Following different rules. We were looking for each other, not knowing we already did. Whatever I do, he is always there, no matter how much I try to avoid it, something is still pulling me towards him. No matter how much I try to stop my feelings, it stills there haunting me. Even in my dreams. As much as I don't want to admit, but I am in love with my own enemy. </3


19. I love you and I am 116% sure </3

Justin's POV

i ran out as fast as I can out of my car, I didn't care if I left the engine running or getting my range rover stolen.. I had to save Irene, she must be so scared, I hope that she didn't say that's she's the daughter of Van Der Woodsen, because that would just ruin everything and I wouldn't matter to Micheal anymore because he got what he wants..

I kicked the door open and found Irene tied on the chair, and there was a note on her lap


" you have 2 weeks - MB" 

I crumbled the paper, and quickly untied Irene. Right after I untied her she quickly ran to her kitchen drawer and grabbed a pic gun!  

" Irene what in the hell are you  doing?! " I yelled . She didn't answer me. Why the hell does she have a gun?" 

" I know you know that I am the daughter of Van Der Woodsen" Irene said standing in front of me. 

"Listen, I can explain" I said 

" How are the fuck are you going to explain that you're here right now because you were sent by Micheal Bass, to kill me? "  Irene yelled . I heard her voice crack and I can feel that she's about to cry but she's holding it.

"Irene, I am so sorry " I walked closer to her.

"don't you dare take another step and I swear I will not hesitate to shoot you! " and with that she began to cry.. 

" Irene please forgive me" I took another closer, she took a step back.

"Do not test me Justin" cause I will shoot you!l" she yelled again! 

"I don't care Irene, I want you close to me." With that I took two big step towards her, Irene clicked her gun. 

"One more step and I will , I swear to god justin I will fucking shoot!" 

I honestly didn't care if she shoots me, I deserved to be shot, hell I deserve to  die ! so I started walking to her and I was one step away from her, and her gun was right on the my fore head.. After a second, she dropped to the ground and so did I! 

"Don't touch me!" Irene's cried. I hugged her and she pushed me so hard. 

"Irene.." I whispered. I watched her cry to the floor, she was so heart broken. 

"I love you.." I said. 

"What?" Irene said quietly so I said again.

"I love you " I said louder than before..


"what" I said confused. 

"You don't love me.. You never did" Irene said. What she just said stabbed me in the chest, and it felt like my heart crumbled and shattered to my feet. 

"I do, Irene.. I am so in love with you!" I said, holding her shoulders! Irene looked down for a second and looked back at me, and said straight to my eyes.. 

" I don't... " Her eyes was dark and serious, my hands dropped to my side and I took a step back.. I felt like my whole body is week and numb, everything is going blurry..  Irene walked to her room and back to me in a second and it took me a 2 seconds to realize that she was putting handcuffs on my hands. "I am a secret agent Justin,  after my father died I took his shoes and became a secret agent. I've been after Micheal Bass since the day he killed my father.  And you are going to help me take down Micheal if you don't want  to go to jail." Irene  explained to me. 

"You were keeping a secret from me too?" I said.

"Because  I can't just tell you who I really am, and I'm glad that I didn't tell you." Irene said. " I was ready to let myself open up to you  Justin, but you broke my heart so fucking deep ! 

"Irene, I didn't mean to.."

"No you didn't but what the hell were you going to do when you find out that I was the one you're looking for huh?!? "

"I just found out today and  right after I did,  my plan was to bolt out of town and find another way to save my mother.. That's why I called you earlier and told you to not wait for me..l" I explain. 

"You were going to leave me?!?" Irene's voice cracked. 

"I had no idea to do fixing do! I love you and I love my mom but I love you too much ! So I thought I'm better off far away from you!" 

Irene cried her heart out again and she kissed me.  We kissed for 30 seconds. 

"That's a goodbye kiss Justin. my uncle is on his wag to grab you.." Irene said.

"Your uncle ?" I asked confused. 

"My uncle is my dad's bestfriend, he's the CEO of the CIA Agency" Irene said. 

Irene began to walk away from me and towards the door,! I was handcuffed to the chair  and so I couldn't follow her. 

"Goodbye Justin" Irene looked at me one last time.

"Irene!" I quietly yelled, her body was half way out of the door but she stopped when I said her name " I love you, and that's one thing I 116% sure" and with that she closed the door,  tears began to flow like a waterfall! But Atleast, I know that she is safe and she knows what's coming for her.. 

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