Branded as Trouble (Completed)

We are both living in a different world. Following different rules. We were looking for each other, not knowing we already did. Whatever I do, he is always there, no matter how much I try to avoid it, something is still pulling me towards him. No matter how much I try to stop my feelings, it stills there haunting me. Even in my dreams. As much as I don't want to admit, but I am in love with my own enemy. </3


18. Heartbreaker </3

Micheal Bass P.O.V ( yea you read that right)


It's been six months since I got justin to search for Van Der Woodson's child and he still haven't found her.. I  cancelled all my appointments and plans for today and decided to see what Justin is up to! I quickly flew to Ontario from New York, which only room about 15 minutes! My driver drove me to  Justin's  condo.. 

I parked beside the building when we saw Justin's Range Rover, he got out and opened the passenger door, and I wasn't surprised that a beautiful girl comes out. I watched them hold hands and go in the building, I waited about 5 minutes and followed them.. I saw Justin drop off the girl on the other condo and left and went to his room, so they're neighbours...?  "maybe I could use her to get Justin work faster " I thought. I gave my guards a sign to follow me and unlock the door.. Quietly we went in the girls room, and one of guards covered her mouth with a handkerchief and tide her up on the chair.. Now all we gotta do is wait for Justin to come back. 


Justin's P.O.V 

I dropped off Irene in her room and told  her that I was going to  change but I half lied, I did change but I was actually going down the lobby to find the girl I'm looking for..  I asked the lady and  she said that there was no Van Der Woodson that lives in the building.. Until I showed her the picture .. 


" are you looking for her?" The lady said.

"yes" I said excitingly. 

"Her name is Catherine Morgan.." The lady looked at me with a blank face.. But I had even more blank face that she did. 

" are you sure that her last name in Morgan?"  I asked 

" Yes I'm sure. She's been living for only 4 months but I seen her a lot. She's a really nice girl, poor thing her father died and she's all alone. Good thing her father left her a fortune though." The lady smiled,. For someone who was  suppose to keep  every single customers privacy private, she talked a lot. 

"Are you positive?" I asked once again. 

"Give me that picture." I gave it to her and she looked at it for ten seconds. " yes I am 116% sure!" 

I grad the picture from her and walked away. 

The girl I've been looking for, the one I'm suppose to kill to save my mother is the one that I'm unconditionally in love with.. I walked out of the building and got in my car,  billions of questions firing in my head. How am I suppose to fact her? How am I gonna tell her that I'm sent to kill her?!  How am I going to save my mother? How am I going to tell my mom that I can't save her? I turned in my engine and grabbed my phone. I called Irene.  

Irene's P.O.V

i don't believe this, how did Micheal find out i was after him ? I'm so positive that I left to tracks behind while I spy on him.. 

i was tied on the chair with my hand behind my back and my feet tied to the foot of the chair. 


"Be quiet. We don't want anything from you, we want Justin.. The guy with a suit said.

And my phone started to ring.. It's Justin's ringtone.. Fuck!  Micheal grabbed jt and put it in speaker


Justin: I'm sorry Irene but I have to leave, and don't wait for me..

Manly voice: I wouldn't do that if I were you.. 

Justkn paused 


Micheal: the one and only ..

Justin: what are you doing with Irene's phone... How did you get her phone? 

Micheal: Well I am in her condo right now and she's right here with me.. 

Jusitin: What do you want ?! You have my mother, leave her alone.!!!!! 

Micheal: I will once you give me Van Der Woodsons  daughter! 

He wants me ? And I'm guessing he doesn't know that Van Der Woodsen's daughter is right here tied in this damn chair !  I'll keep quiet and listen.. 

Justin: I am looking for her, it's hard to find someone when I don't know her name, or what she looked like or where she is in this damn city.. No one knows who she is!!! 

Micheal: I hired you because I know you can do it!  So you better find her or this girl and your mother will die together!! 

Justin: you didn't hire me! You forced me to do this!! 

Micheal: you think I give a fuck?!  

Micheal hung up.. 

 what in the hell is going on?! Justin was sent to kill me ?!? Why?! I never thought someone as kind as Justin would ever kill someone.. Without me realizing tears were falling freely down my face and I couldn't stop.. 




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