Branded as Trouble (Completed)

We are both living in a different world. Following different rules. We were looking for each other, not knowing we already did. Whatever I do, he is always there, no matter how much I try to avoid it, something is still pulling me towards him. No matter how much I try to stop my feelings, it stills there haunting me. Even in my dreams. As much as I don't want to admit, but I am in love with my own enemy. </3


9. Dropping, flipping, stomach... WTf?

Irene's P.O.V

After a few days, everything slowly starts to go back to normal, everyone is calming down about me and Justin dating since 9th grade. Ugh I can't believe I said that and now I have to pretend that Justin is actually my boyfriend, oh my gooodd so annoying.

"Catherine?" I turned around when a familiar voice said my full name. I hate my full name.

"Justin, I told you not to call me that." I groaned. 

"Why? It's a beautiful name." He smiled at me. I looked at him for a second that lasted for a long time, what is this? Irene snap out of it. I turned away. "You know, you are really bad at acting. You have to be more sweet to me and be nice like how a girlfriend should be." Justin smirked and put his arm around me, I swear if I wasn't 'dating' him right now, I would've have grabbed his arm and flipped him over but no cause girlfriends don't do that.

"Please Justin, I could act sweet if I wanted to but it's just that I'm not your girlfriend." I gently got his arm off me and walked away. What did you get yourself into Irene? What happened to ignoring and avoiding boys? I can't let anything ruin my plans, I have to get Micheal Bass and throw him in prison. I can't stand thinking about him walking around the world like a free man and not let him pay for what he did to this world and to what he did to my father. But now that I got Justin all over my back, this is gonna get harder and harder to do, and it's even harder to become a full time agent when I have to hide from Justin to get to the agency. But that's okay, I like a challenge. Having Justin following me around will help me get better at my skills. I walked to my locker, grabbing my binder before lunch bell rings when I felt a hand on my shoulder.

"Zayn" I said. "What do you want?"

"You know what I want, Irene." Zayn exclaimed. 

"You know that we can't be. Justin is my boyfriend." I said.

"Do you l-lo-ve hi-m?" Zayn stuttered. "Because I do."

"Zayn, please! You've drop the L word countless times" I scoffed.

"But that was so I could get in their pants!!"Zayn tried to explain.

"And you're not gonne get in mine. Now fuck off!" I angrily said and bump him out of the way. I really hate when people just use "I love you" like it has no meaning. It means so much and they are all clueless about what it means. But honestly, they will only know what it actually means when they lose someone they actually love forever. 

I walked to my next class, which was Math. Great. More guys to avoid. Zayn think his jock friends are scared of him but he doesn't know that all his jock friends asks me out just as much as he does, they just don't do it in front of Zayn. Maybe they are scared of him.

"Hey baby" Harry smiled at me. Harry Styles, if Zayn is hurt or he can't play football Harry becomes the quarterback and so that means he is the second hottest guy in school. Well not for me, as for all the girls says anyways. Harry has been asking me out, giving me chocolates, roses, and teddy bears. Honestly, I like him more than Zayn, Harry is a big flirt but he's sweet and good at it. But the thing is, Harry has a rule of never dating just like me, the only difference is that he sleeps around, tries to get hot girls to sleep with him and the next day, it'll be like they never even met. Harsh I know. I just smiled at Harry and looked at the front. After an hour of Harry whispering at me and hitting me, I was trying to listen to Mr. Johnstone and finally that hour was over. When I walked out of my classroom, there was Justin leaning on the wall beside the door with his on leg on the wall, he looked really good. 

"Hey boyfriend" I smiled. I gave him a fake kiss on the cheek and he grabbed my hand. We walked like a couple in the hallway, I can't believe I'm doing this, I can't believe he actually wants to pretend that we were together, I mean only Zayn would do that but I am Justin's only friend, other than that Liam Payne who is Zayn's best friend. How'd that happen?

"Hey babe" I said. Justin turned his head to me and our lips was only inches away, I'm telling myself to look away but I couldn't. I was stuck in those brown caramel orbs. "So beautiful" I whispered out loud.

"What's that?" Justin looked at me confused. Didn't he just felt what I felt? 

"uhm, nothing." I walked faster than him to get to my locker. 

"Wait up cuite" Justin yelled out. And I swear, I just my stomach drop, or flip if that is even possible.

"Justin, shut up" I blurted out. He gave me a confused look again. 

"What's up with your mood swings? You were acting like I'm your boyfriend a few secondsand now you're mad... again. I only said cutie." Justin exclaimed. I didn't looked at him, pretending I wasn't listening and grabbed my stuff. "I'll see you later" and there he was gone.

What is wrong with me? He was right, I was so nice and flirty then I was mad after a second. What is this feeling, all this flipping in my stomach? I have never been so confused in my entirely life before. What is happening to me? 

Justin's P.O.V

I was so surprised when Irene kissed me on the cheek when she saw me waiting for her, and then she let me hold her hand. After she called me babe, I looked at her and I have never seen such beautiful dark brown eyes before and I really couldn't stop looking at them. And she looked at mine too, is that why she got mad because I looked at her too long? That doesn't make any sense. Hell, Irene doesn't make any sense at all. I mean what is her problem? One thing, she's all cute and happy and before you know it, her guard is all up and she puts down her walls. I have never met such confusing girl before. But she makes me feel different, I feel happy and excited every time I'm with her, I smile when I see her and I'm gonna admit it. I like her. But I can't tell her that, she won't believe and she doesn't truly date guys. I went in my Range Rover and looked at my second cellphone.

"Just reminding you your job, Justin. Don't forget about your mother. - MB" 

"FUCK YOU MICHEAL BASS!!" I shouted in my car. I started to cry, my poor mother.. she's suffering right now because of my mistakes and joining gangs. "I'm so sorry mom" I sobbed. I wiped my tears away, and started my engine. I drove so fast in a busy highway, many car honking at me but I didn't give a shit. I was too angry to even care about everything right now. I had to find that girl quick and I don't even have anything yet. Not even a clue. When I got home, I decided to look up the secret agent that died. Nathaniel Van Der Woodsen, I typed. All I saw that it was an accident how he died. "Bullshit" I said out loud. But they had to say that to protect the daughter, I bet the CIA hid all her informations online. I groaned. How am I gonna find this girl???? I mean it's not that easy to find a girl, who pretty much got erased in this world. Unless they didn't change her last name, maybe she was too good hearted and couldn't change her last name because she still wanted her fathers memory. I typed 'Van Der Woodsen' on google and all keeps on popping up is the name Serena Van Der Woodsen from some tv show called "Gossip Girl". This is so annoying because there would be so many Van Der Woodsen.I heard my Irene's door slam. Irene's home! I instantly forgot about my mission and jumped out of my condo to see Irene. 


The door opened and I saw Irene's pretty face lit up a little bit when she saw me. 

"Happy to see me?" I smiled.

"In your dreams." She laughed. "Be right back"

Irene and I are much closer now, it's been almost 2 weeks since we met and she's still act the same like on the first day we met but she got comfortable a little bit around me. Alexis has been dating that Jake guy since the day Irene told everyone that we were dating, Alexis has been bugging us about going on a double date but I don't understand why Irene just won't tell Alexis that all of this fake. They are best friends after all, but it seems like Irene has trust issues because she still hasn't told me anything about her. Or maybe she just wants me to work for it. Smart girl. I smirked.

"What are you smirking about there Bieber?" I heard Irene say.

"Hey you haven't called me Bieber in a while" I pointed out.

"That's because right now, you aren't my boyfriend." Irene laughed.

"Doesn't mean you have to call me Bieber when we're alone.." I said, standing up from the couch, following Irene to the kitchen counter.

"I'll call you whatever I want." Irene took an apple and bit out of it. Damn she looks like snow white, her lips are so red and her hair is so black but its long too but she's not pale white. I checked out Irene more, she's wearing Hollister short shorts ( it looks liked this : )

and a tank top ( like this: ) and shows off her nice outlined abs. Damn, I'm getting turned on. Justin wake the fuck up! 

"Hey Justin, we should go on that double that date Alexis wanted us to go to.. eh? What do you think?" 

"Justin??? HELLO"

"What??" I said. Shit.

"Nothing. Go back to your room, I have homework to do." Irene pulled my arm and pushed me out of her room. Rude much but at least I got to stare at those rocking body of hers.



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