Branded as Trouble (Completed)

We are both living in a different world. Following different rules. We were looking for each other, not knowing we already did. Whatever I do, he is always there, no matter how much I try to avoid it, something is still pulling me towards him. No matter how much I try to stop my feelings, it stills there haunting me. Even in my dreams. As much as I don't want to admit, but I am in love with my own enemy. </3


8. Doesn't mean anything...

Irene's P.O.V

Zayn is really never going to stop. I really don't want to do this but it's the only way to make him stop but doing this will ruin my reputation, it will ruin my "never dating" reputation. But ZAYN, he really annoys me and I don't understand why he won't date those other girls, who drools all over him, all the cheerleaders that cheers for him at his football games. Why does guys have to be so stupid!? Ugh I'm gonna regret this. 

"No" Zayn smirked. 

"But then I have no choice but to-" I got interrupted but Zayn. Can't he just let me finish?

"FINALLY!!!"  Zayn takes his filthy hands off my shoulder and puts his fists like he won a football game. What the fuck? "I finally made Catherine say yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"No, Zayn! I didn't say yes what I was about to say before you interrupted me is that-" Got interrupted. AGAIN! 

"that you're gonna go on a date with me, right?" Zayn had a nervous smile.

"Will you let me finish then you'll get your damn answer." I said. Irene you're gonna regret this. "I'm dating someone.." I whispered.

And I swear, everyone stood for their tables, ran to me and surrounded me, even Alexis was shocked. I looked at everyone. What did I get myself into? I can't back out now. FML. I gave Justin a warning kinda look hoping that he would understand what I'm trying to let him know. I hope plays with the flow after what I'm about to say. Zayn broke my silence.

"Who-o?" Zayn stuttered and he was sweating, his eyebrows meeting, looking at me..

Everyone was completely silence and waited... Fuck I'm sorry Justin I said in my head.

"Justin." I murmured. I looked at Justin. Everyone started to whisper and murmur things.

"Since when??" Alexis shouted. Oh shit I have a lot of explaining to do. And now I have to continue my bullshit.

"Since 9th grade." I said again. I'm so sorry Justin. Wait,Justin is smiling. He's actually liking this??????

"THAT'S BULLSHIT!" Zayn yelled. 

Justin's P.O.V

Did Irene just said I was his boyfriend since we were in 9th grade? But everyone knows I met her two days ago. But we could still say that we pretended to not know each in the first place because Irene don't date guys reputation and now everyone will know why she never has and it's because she has a secret boyfriend, which is me now.

"It's actually not, Zayn." I smirked. It was perfect, I put my tray on top of the table, everyone's eyes on me, I walked to Irene and she's looking at me, having no idea what I'm about to do. After seconds, my lips met her lips and we only kiss for 2 seconds but it seemed like we have been there forever. I heard everyone gasped and I pulled away, I looked at Irene for a second and she was blushing but she was acting like we've kissed a billion times before.

"Now is that bullshit, Zayn?" I smirked at him.

"Whatever!"Zayn walked away and followed by his friends. Everyone was whispering while walking back to their tables. 

I grabbed Irene's and I's food and we sat on our own table. 

"Why did you do that?" Irene whispered angrily.

"Because if I didn't then no one would have believed your lie. I should be the one getting mad at you for involving me into this. Now you got Zayn all over my back." I said, pretending that I was little mad. "So other than being mad, thank me instead. It's not like I stole your first kiss or anything" I said. I looked at my mac and cheese which is now a lil cold but it's okay. I noticed Irene being quiet.. wait...

"Don't tell me I did..." I looked at Irene and she didn't looked at me. "Oh my gosh I did. I'm sorry Irene, I didn't know." I wasn't that sorry.

"Whatever. Doesn't mean anything." Irene continued to eat. When she said that I knew it was a lie because to every girl in the world, their first kiss, first date, first love, and first time means a lot to them. But I gotta say, Irene is pretty good at pretending she doesn't care. Man I'm pretty lucky to have a "girlfriend" like her. I smiled. 

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