Okay just to tell you guys that this is kind going to be like the show Stranded.Stranded is so Awesome. Anyways. When two girls who are the best friends in then whole world go and want to be on Stranded and everything. Well, one thing that they did not know was that they were going to be paired up with two people they do not even know and will have to deal with them weather they like them or not they have to get a long for 7 days. What happens when the guys start having feelings for the girl. When the 7 days are up they leave and the boys are afraid that they will never get to see these girls ever again. What will they do? Read it find out!


3. Sable Sheppard



What's up guys,

             I am Sable Sheppard. I dye my hair a lot. Once I had green, blue, blonde, purple, and red which turned to a pink which Dani and Eleanor say it looks like a Rasberry color. I say it looks like pink. So yah I die my hair a lot. Things to know about me I am Funny sometimes if I am having a bad day Bella helps me out with the problem. When people make fun of me in class Erika stands up and yells at them and they stop. They both are really awesome friends. I love them. I tell them I love you a lot but I am not Lesbian. LOL we are just weird. Erika loves this show called stranded and she belives BIG time. Dani does not believe at all. She thinks it is all fake. For me if you are wondering I really don't know. I do believe but then again I don't believe. I am really not sure I am like in the middle if I should believe or not. Well, we will see if I do believe or not, depends. Well, I really don't know what to talk about. Ohh I guess I could catch you up on things really fast. Erika had her first boyfriend he was a HUGE jerk at frist, then he was nice and then nope turned to a big jerk to us. Also, he was cheating on her so she cried for about 3 days but she finally got over him and she called it off. I had about 4 boyfriends and my 4th one we dated then we didn't then we did then we didn't. But we have not dated for along time. Bella has a boyfriend right now. I have a crush who likes me. I might date him not sure. Erika is waiting so she can find the right boy. She is right to just wait. Well, there are somethings for now. Well, got to go so see yah. bye!

~Sable Sheppard


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