Okay just to tell you guys that this is kind going to be like the show Stranded.Stranded is so Awesome. Anyways. When two girls who are the best friends in then whole world go and want to be on Stranded and everything. Well, one thing that they did not know was that they were going to be paired up with two people they do not even know and will have to deal with them weather they like them or not they have to get a long for 7 days. What happens when the guys start having feelings for the girl. When the 7 days are up they leave and the boys are afraid that they will never get to see these girls ever again. What will they do? Read it find out!


4. CHEATED ON?!?!? The Letter From Who

Louis's POV (Eleanor) 

"Hey girls, I have to go to work. I am learning a new dance and then I have 4 sets of kidz. So I might be home later." Danielle said.

"Okay. See Yah Dani." I said. After a few minutes Perrie had to met up with her singing group called Little Mix. This week I got a break from acting. I do like to dance and sing. Dani, Perrie, and I come up dances and we sing and perform like Justin Bieber and One Direction.

Oh just FYI we do like 1D but we know we never will meet them and we are not a huge fun. We just think they are cool, nice, and like there songs. That is it. 

I was watching my favorite TV show Stranded. Then the doorbell rang. I paused the show and went and answered the door. It 

was my boyfriend. I let him come in and we just hung out and watched movies. 

After a bit somebody called his cellphone

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