Liam and Elizabeth had been best friends since the age of five. When Liam leaves for the X Factor for the second time he leaves Elizabeth and completely forgets about her. During the two years that Liam is gone, tragic and horrific events occur in Elizabeth's life. When Liam finally returns back to his hometown of Wolverhampton, will he be prepared for what he discovers? What neither of them know is, since the moment they met, there was love. True love.


58. There For Me

***Beth's POV***

I was sitting in the kitchen the next morning, drinking a cup of tea. Liam walked into the kitchen with a worried look on his face. He sat down at the table across from me.

"So last night, when you said if you hadn't killed yourself, your dad would have... would you have actually um.. killed yourself if we hadn't come?" He asked.

"Liam..." I said avoiding his eye contact.

"Beth. Tell me. Did you ever hurt yourself?" He asked.

I didn't respond.

"Elizabeth. Did. You. Hurt. Yourself?" He asked, a bit more sternly this time.

"No." I mumbled, avoiding eye contact.

"Look at me." He said.

I looked at him. 

"Did you ever hurt yourself from the time I left to the time I came back?" He asked.

I looked away from him now.

"No."I mumbled again.

"Damnit Elizabeth look at me and stop lying!" He shouted.

I looked at him. "Fine! Fine Liam! Yes I did! Because no one was fucking there for me when I needed them! The only two people who I could tell anything were either dead or had forgotten about me!" I yelled.

I stood up and walked upstairs and slammed and locked the bedroom door. I quickly chose this outfit

"Beth open the door." Liam said from behind the door.

I didn't answer. I grabbed my phone and opened the door. Liam was standing there and I pushed past him.

"Where are you going?!" He asked.

I didn't respond. I just walked out the door, slamming it behind me. I got into my car and pulled out of the driveway. I soon found myself driving to Louis's house. When I arrived I knocked on the door and Louis answered.

"Beth, whats wrong?" He asked, pulling me into a hug.

"I got into a fight with Liam." I whimpered.

He hugged me tighter. "Well do you want to come in and talk?"

I nodded into his shoulder. He let me in and we sat on the couch.

"So what happened?" He asked.

"Liam tried to force something out of me that I didn't feel comfortable sharing and he yelled at me." I mumbled.

"Why would he do that? Liam knows your fragile." He sighed.

I nodded slowly.

"You don't have to tell me if you don't want to but what did he try to force out of you?" He asked.

"Might as well tell you since Liam will probably tell you later." I sighed. "After my mum died, the only two people who were always there for me, the two people who I could tell anything, were gone. One was dead and the other was half way across the world and had forgotten about me. My father began abusing me right after my mum died, claiming it was my fault she was gone. He began blaming everything on me. At the time I was not as strong as I came out to be. I felt like a worthless piece of crap who no one loved because he would always tell me that. So instead of standing up to him, I turned to self harm." I said.

His eyes widened. "You cut yourself?"

I looked down and nodded. He pulled me into a hug. He took my wrists into his hands revealing the five scars. 

"Beth. You don't do this anymore do you?" He asked.

I shook my head. "I stopped when I learned to stand up to him."

"Please don't ever do it again. If you ever feel like you do, I am always here for you. I may be half way across the world but you can call me any time of the night and i'll listen." He told me.

"Promise that you will always be there for me. Even if no one else is there for me, promise that you always will. That you will never lie to me and stick to my side." I said.

"I promise Beth." He said.

"Thank you." I replied.

He hugged me for a while. "Do you want to watch a movie?"

I nodded.

"Your favorite movie is Finding Nemo right?" He asked.

"Yeah." I said.

He found Finding Nemo on Netflix and we began to watch it. About 3/4ths of a way through the movie someone knocked on the door. Louis got up to answer it. I heard him open the door.

"Louis is Beth here? I have been looking everywhere for her for the past hour and I can't find her." I herd Liam say.

"Yeah shes here. I won't let you talk to her if you're going to yell at her though." Louis said sternly.

"No Louis i'm not going to yell at her. I just need to talk to her." He said.

"I'll be right back. Wait here." Louis said.

Louis came back into the room. "Beth do you want to talk to Liam?"

"Might as well." I mumbled.

Louis walked back to the door. "Okay. You can talk to her."

Louis and Liam walked into the room.

"Beth." Liam whispered.

He pulled me into a hug.

"I'm so sorry that I yelled at you. I just feel like its my fault that you hurt yourself. I wasn't there for you when you needed me most. I'm so sorry. If I could go back in time I would." He said.

"Liam it wasn't your fault." I told him.

"I still think it is." He whispered. He turned to Louis. "Thank you for taking care of her. Thank you for being there for her."

Louis nodded. "Of course."


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