Liam and Elizabeth had been best friends since the age of five. When Liam leaves for the X Factor for the second time he leaves Elizabeth and completely forgets about her. During the two years that Liam is gone, tragic and horrific events occur in Elizabeth's life. When Liam finally returns back to his hometown of Wolverhampton, will he be prepared for what he discovers? What neither of them know is, since the moment they met, there was love. True love.


54. Reliving Our Childhood

***Beth's POV***

We had just finished watching our second movie when the front door opened.

"Beth?!" I head him call.

I sighed and got up from the couch and walked to the foyer.

"Yes Liam?" I asked, his eyes meeting mine.

"Look i'm sorry I got mad. I just got kinda jealous." He sighed.

I put my hands on my hips. "Jealous of what Liam? What, did you expect to come here and tell me sorry then we kiss and make up? No Liam, I am done with just letting it go. What is it that bothers you so much about my friendship with Louis. Why not Zayn? Or Niall? Or Harry? Why Louis?" 

"I don't know. You two have kept secrets from me. You two have gone off together, I even saw a picture, which I later found out was fake, of you two snogging. I guess after seeing that I don't know what to think." He told me.

"Liam. That was almost seven months ago. Remember that fight we had about that fucking picture Liam?! That fight lasted three days! And now today you are still 'jealous' over that picture, of my friendship with Louis, heck, why don't I give up all my friends all together to make you happy!?" I said a bit louder than I should have.

"Beth please. I didn't mean it like that." He said.

"What do you think Louis and I would do? Do you think he would replace your friendship?! Do you think he would completely replace you all together?" I asked.

"You know what Beth!? I don't know what to think! I mean look at you! You are a famous, beautiful, talented girl! Why stick with the guy who you have been best friends with for 14 damn years! The one who didn't call or text you for two years! Every damn day I think to myself, how the hell did I end up so lucky! Ever damn day I look at myself and think that you can do so much better than just the boy who you happened to meet 14 years ago! Its not just Louis! Its every guy!" He shouted.

I was silent. Stunned by his words. "Liam... I stick with you because you make me happier than anyone else ever has. I forgave you for those two years and you are not just the boy I happened to meet 14 years ago. You are Liam Payne, the boy who became my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, my cookie to milk, my Noah to Allie. My rock. I stick with you because you understand me like no one else. I may have other friends, but Liam, you are irreplaceable. Don't ever think I could do better because I can't do better than my best friend." I told him calmly.

He walked over to me and put his hands on my waist and pressed his lips softly to mine. He lifted me up, not breaking the kiss.

"I love you so much Beth." He whispered against my lips, our foreheads together.

"I love you too Liam." I whispered back.

"So am I forgiven?" He asked.

I grinned and nodded. We heard someone 'aw' from the doorway. Liam and I turned and was Miranda and Emily there holding a camera.

"How long have you two been there?" I asked.

"We followed you in here." Miranda grinned.

"And so you decided to film us?" Liam smirked.

"Only the kiss part." Emily winked.

I groaned. "You two are so weird."

"But you love us." Miranda said.

"Yeah we love you."I smiled.

"Why don't we all stay here tonight. We have to leave tomorrow anyway." Liam asked. "Harry and Niall are outside."

"Tell them to come in! We're having a sleepover!" Miranda said happily.

Liam walked outside and a few moments later Niall and Harry walked in.

"So what have you three been doing the past three hours?" Harry asked.

"Watching movies. And Harry, your girlfriend has problems with putting sprinkles on ice cream." I grinned.

Harry turned to Miranda. "You too?!"

We all laughed. 

"We haven't been here since that day..." Niall said.

"Well actually! Liam and Beth came here 3 days ago!" Emily grinned.

"Did you now?" Harry asked.

"Yeah." I shrugged. "Just reliving childhood memories."

"I have an idea. I just reminded you of those memories. Lets see if we can actually relive them tonight." Liam grinned.

"But they don't know our memories." I said pointing to everyone else.

"Then we tell them. Our childhood was pretty eventful so this should be fun."Liam said.

"Sliding down the railing?" I smirked.

He grinned and nodded. 

(A/N: The stairs look like this btw:

He rushed up one side and I rushed up the other. Liam and I sat on the railing while everyone else watched with amusement. Liam and I both slid down the railing at the same time and as our feet hit the floor Miranda and Emily rushed up the stairs. They did the same as Liam and I. Harry and Niall went next.

"Okay hide and seek now." I grinned. "Liam gets to be it."

"What?! Why not you?" He asked.

"Because I said so." I smirked.

He groaned and turned around and shut his eyes. As he began to count the 5 of us rushed around my house. I decided to hide in the wardrobe in the foyer. As Liam got to 50 he began looking. I heard a scream.

"Liam!" I heard Emily say.

"I found you!" Liam shouted.

I grinned. A few minutes later I heard Harry groan. Two down, three to go.

"Nooooo." I heard Niall groan.

"Mirandaaaa. Bethhhhh." Harry called.

I grinned and stayed silent. About 10 minutes later I heard Miranda groan.

" You just had to look there didn't you Harry?" Miranda asked.

"Yep." He said.

"Bethieeee." Liam called.

I look out my phone and texted him.

To: Liam

You can't find meeeee

To: Beth

Just like when we were 7. :)

To: Liam

Yep. Now keep seeking. :3

"Liam! Quit texting and look for your girlfriend." Miranda scolded.

"I'm texting my girlfriend right now." Liam said.

"Did she say where she is?" Emily asked.

"Oh yeah she said this, oh hey Liam i'm just chilling upstairs in my dads office." Liam said sarcastically.

I could hear everyone laugh and I fought the urge to laugh.

To: Liam

Chilling in my dads office? Really Liam?

To: Beth

Oh, so you're close enough to hear XD

To: Liam

Possibly :)

About 10 minutes later I heard shuffling around in the foyer. Unfortunately, my nose had to pick the perfect time to need to sneeze. And with that, I let out a big sneeze. The door opened to the wardrobe revealing Liam's smirking face.

"No Liam im not here. I'm just chilling in my dads office."I smirked.

"I found you." He grinned.

"Nope. I'm not here." I told him.

He smirked at me. "You wanna get out of the wardrobe?"

I shook my head and grinned. He put his arms around me and lifted me out of the wardrobe.

"Really? You just had to use your strength against me?" I whined.

"Yes. You'll bet over it though." He said.

"You found her!" Miranda said from the top of the stairs.

"No, according to her I didn't." Liam said.

I rolled my eyes.

"Okay, so we have sliding down the railing and hide and seek, what next?" He asked.

"Pillow fights!!!!!" I nearly screamed.

Harry, Niall and Emily walked into the room.

"You found her! Where was she?" Niall asked.

Liam pointed to the wardrobe. "Pillow fight it is then."

We each grabbed a pillow from the couch and I instantly hit Liam with it. He turned around and hit me. For the next 10 minutes we were all hitting each other with pillows.

"Okay, the next thing would be making chocolate cake and covering each other in the batter from head to toe but we can do that last. "Liam grinned. 

"I have an idea for tomorrow morning. How would you like to help me wake them up?" Liam whispered in my ear.

I grinned at him. "Pots and pans?" I whispered.

He nodded.

"I'd love to." I told him.

"The next thing is creating a fort under the dining room table." Liam grinned.

We gathered all of the pillows and blankets from the living room. We draped the blankets over the top of the table and put the pillows on the ground under the table. As soon as all of us were under the table we all grinned.

"You know, this is actually really fun. It makes me with I was still a kid." Harry grinned.

"Yeah me too. I miss all of this." Miranda said.

"I miss not having all this drama. Sometimes I wish I could just be a normal person again who isn't famous." Niall told us.

"Well tonight is all about making us feel like kids again." I smiled.

"Especially because you'll be an old woman in a few days." Harry smirked.

"Shut up you old man." I grinned.

"So what did you and Liam do when you were kids?" Niall asked.

"This is a long story." I told them.

"We've got all night." Harry said.

"Well you all know the story of how we met. Liam would always come over to my house. During the summer we would go swimming in the pool or play on the grass." I began.

"And sometimes we would sit on the back porch drinking lemonade and eating her mums brownies. He mum made the best brownies ever." Liam smiled.

"We were big fans of hide and seek when we were 5 or six. There was one time when it took Liam three hours to find me." I said.

"Three hours?! Where were you?" Harry asked.

"In the big wooden chest in the living room." I grinned.

"And during the winter her and I would watch Disney movies. Thats why I love them so much. When we went outside we would have snowball fights and make snow angels. We once even made a snowman it fell over though." Liam said.

"No it didn't! You kicked it down!" I grinned.

"I would never!" Liam gasped.

"Liar." I smirked. "Anyway, since it was to cold to swim in the pool we swam in the bath tub, before you freak out we were in our swimsuits."

"And when I would sleep over, which was a lot, we would tell each other ghost stories under a sheet on her ed with a flashlight." Liam said.

"And we also loved to scare each other by watching scary movies. Thats where the stories about Liam and I watching movies like The Shining and Bag of Bones comes from." I told them. "As we got older we played a lot of football and I went running with him a lot. When we were 13 I heard Liam sing for the first time and encouraged him to audition for the X Factor. When he finally agreed he and I practiced every day after school. On the day of the auditions I was with Liam every second up until he went on stage. When he was put through we were both so happy. When he didn't end up making it I told him to take Simon's advice and go back in two years. And well... he did and look where he is now." I grinned.

"Did you two ever get jealous over each others girlfriends or boyfriends?" Niall asked.

"All the time. I would give her boyfriends death glares and she would always tell me that my girlfriends were bad news and they were just using me." Liam said.

Liam and I told stories for half an hour more before we decided to go outside. We all pulled our coats on and walked out my my backyard. It was around 1:30 am.

I picked up a handful of snow and made it into a ball. I threw it at Liam's back and grinned. Everyone began throwing snowballs at eachother. We were soon covered in snow. Miranda, Emily and I began making a snowman while Liam, Niall and Harry made their own. In the end, ours was better. We briefly made snow angels before going back inside.

"Lets make a chocolate cake." Liam grinned.

We all walked into the kitchen and I got out the ingredients. We all began adding the ingredients to the bowl. As soon as the batter was done I took a big spoon and took a spoonful of batter and threw it at Liam. He took a handful of batter and threw it at me. Harry grabbed some and smeared it all over Miranda and Niall happily accepted the batter that Emily threw on his face. Pretty soon we were all running around the kitchen throwing batter at each other. When the batter was gone I walked over to Liam and licked the batter off of his nose and he licked it off of my forehead. He kissed my cheek and we turned and saw Miranda and Emily there with their camera again.

"Oh my god. What is it with you and the camera?" I asked.

"You'll see soon." Liam grinned.

"You're in on this too?" I asked.

He nodded. "You'll see what it is soon enough."

"Fine. In the mean time why don't we go take showers. There are four showers in the house so two people have to wait." I told them.

"You and Liam can wait." Miranda winked.

I rolled my eyes. "Fine. Go shower!"

The four of them ran out of the room and Liam turned to me. "You look beautiful, even when you are covered in batter."

"And you still look amazing even though you are covered in chocolate." I smiled.

He walked over to me and pressed his lips to mine.

"Tonight has been really fun. Reliving all of our childhood memories." I grinned.

"Well theres one we haven't re lived. And its not the pots and pans one." He smirked.

"The bathtub one?" I asked.

He grinned and nodded.

"Well! Lucky for you, we both need a shower." I told him.

"So you'll shower with me?" He smirked.

"Possibly." I told him.

He held me tighter. "I love you Beth."

"I love you Liam."


"And Always."

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