Liam and Elizabeth had been best friends since the age of five. When Liam leaves for the X Factor for the second time he leaves Elizabeth and completely forgets about her. During the two years that Liam is gone, tragic and horrific events occur in Elizabeth's life. When Liam finally returns back to his hometown of Wolverhampton, will he be prepared for what he discovers? What neither of them know is, since the moment they met, there was love. True love.


38. Late Night Phone Calls

-One week later-

***Liam's POV***

Another concert had come and gone and we all walked onto the tour bus. Like every night since Bethie had left, I went back to my bunk without a word. I laid down in my bunk and took out my phone and texted Beth.

To: Beth

I miss you.

To: Liam

I miss you too. Only two weeks until Christmas though.

To: Beth

I'm counting down the seconds

To: Liam

Ur cute :) 

To: Beth

Not as cute as you tho. Its not the same without you here. I miss you more than words can describe.

To: Liam

I miss you so much. It must suck being around all of those couples huh?

To: Beth

Oh you have no idea. I'm laying in my bunk right now while the rest of the lads are snuggling with their girlfriends. The only thing I have to snuggle in my pillow :(

To: Liam

Awe. I wish I were that pillow right now. Damn pillow always gets the guy :( 

To: Beth

Don't worry. If the pillow tries anything i'll tell it that you are the only one for me :)

To: Liam

oh god I love you. ♥

To: Beth

I love you so much Bethie. I wanna call you so i can hear your voice.

To: Liam

Call me then. maybe i'll even sing my new song to you

I dialed her phone number and she picked up on the first ring. I slipped out of my bunk, the phone to my ear. 

"Liam!!" She shouted into the phone.

"I miss your voice." I told her.

"I miss your voice." She told me.

"Can I hear your new song?" I asked her.

"Of course you can. You will be the first though." She told me.

"I will love it. I know I will." I said.

I heard her angelic voice begin to sing 
"Ooh ooh ooh
 Ooh ooh ooh

Can you feel me
When I think about you?
With every breath I take
Every minute
No matter what I do

My world is an empty place
Like I've been wandering the desert
For a thousand days (oh)
Don't know if it's a mirage
But I always see your face, baby

I'm missing you so much
Can't help it, I'm in love
A day without you is like a year without rain
I need you by my side
Don't know how I'll survive
A day without you is like a year without rain (oh, whoa)
Whoa, oh, whoa

The stars are burning
I hear your voice in my mind (voice in my mind)
Can't you hear me calling?
My heart is yearning
Like the ocean that's running dry
Catch me, I'm falling

It's like the ground is crumbling underneath my feet
Won't you save me?
There's gonna be a monsoon when you get back to me, oh, baby

So let this drought come to an end
And make this desert flower again
I'm so glad you found me
Stick around me,
Baby baby baby oooh

It's a world of wonder with you in my life
So hurry, baby, don't waste no more time
I need you here, I can't explain
But a day without you is like a year without rain (oh, whoa)

Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh" She sang.

I was silent, a grin on my face.

"That was amazing Bethie. I wonder who its about." I smirked.

"Of its about a guy that I am completely hand helplessly in love with but I miss him more than everything right now." She told me.

"Yeah? Well theres a girl who I miss more than everything right now. I am so in love with her that it hurts." I told her.

She sighed. "Two weeks. Thats it."

"Longest two weeks of my life. I miss you so much Bethie." I said.

I heard her sniff in the background. "Beth, are you crying?"

"No."She mumbled.

"Yes you are. Please don't cry." I said.

"I just miss you. I love you so much Liam. I hate management so much." She sniffed.

"I hate management too. They obviously have never loved anyone as much as I love you. Or else they would understand." I said.

"Yeah. Simon has been nice though. He feels kinda bad about having me leave." She told me.

I sighed. "I can't wait until tour ends. I get to wake up every morning to you."

"Oh yeah, i'm moving to London when your our ends. I can't wait for that." I heard her say, I could tell she was smiling.

I looked at the time. It was 10:00 pm.

"Bethie, what are you doing up. Its like 4:00 am there." I said.

"I can't sleep. I miss you too much." She told me.

"Bethie, you need to sleep. I would talk to you all night if I could but we both need sleep. Maybe if you finish your album early you can come back on tour with us."

"I suppose." She said.

"I'm going to let you sleep now. I love you so much Bethie I miss you so much." I said.

"Okay. I love you Liam. I miss you. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Goodnight." She said.

"Goodnight. I love you." I said.

"I love you. Forever." She said.

"And always." I said.

The line went dead and I laid back in my pillow. I looked up at the roof of my bunk where I had put a picture of Beth and I. I missed her so much.

***Louis's POV***

As the movie finished we could hear Liam on the phone.

"Hes having another one of his late night calls." I sighed.

"He misses her so much. He's not doing his best in the concerts." Niall said.

"Damn management had to ruin everything." Harry mumbled.

"I have never seen Liam like this before. When him and Dani were still in a relationship and they were apart he never acted like this." El said.

"Well Liam really loves Beth. When she was still here they spent almost every moment together." Perrie said.

"We have been friends with Beth for a while now and we have seen practically every boyfriend she has had. She has never acted so in love with someone until Liam. What they have is something special." Miranda said.

Liam stumbled into the lounge.

"Hey mate. You ok?" I asked him.

He shook his head. "I miss her. Two weeks is too damn long."

"You really love her huh?" Emily asked.

"More than anything." He sighed.

"Had another one of your late night talks with her?" El asked.

"Yeah. She wrote a new song. Its called A Year Without Rain. Its really good." He said.

"Did she sing it over the phone?" Zayn asked.

He nodded.

"You've got it bad Liam." Harry sighed.
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