Liam and Elizabeth had been best friends since the age of five. When Liam leaves for the X Factor for the second time he leaves Elizabeth and completely forgets about her. During the two years that Liam is gone, tragic and horrific events occur in Elizabeth's life. When Liam finally returns back to his hometown of Wolverhampton, will he be prepared for what he discovers? What neither of them know is, since the moment they met, there was love. True love.


53. Ice Skating and Fighting

***Beth's POV***

-3 days later-

Today Liam and I were going to meet up with Harry, Miranda, Niall and Emily. I was wearing this Liam and I walked out the door and got into his car.

"So where did Harry say to meet?" I asked.

"The ice skating rink." He told me. "Then we're all going out to dinner."

"Okay." I smiled

Liam soon pulled into the skating rink and we saw Niall and Emily waiting outside. Liam parked the car and we got out. We walked over to Niall and Emily.

"Harry and Miranda are still not here?" I asked.

They shook their heads. They probably got caught up in the snow." Emily said.

We waited for a while before Miranda and Harry pulled into the parking lot. They got out and walked over to us.

"Sorry. We got stuck in traffic." Miranda said

We walked inside and rented some skates. I slipped on my white skates and waited for Liam to put on his. 

"So I sorta rented out the rink because I didn't want to be bothered by fans." Harry told us.

I raised my eyebrows. "That was thoughtful."

"Yeah. I didn't really feel like skating around a rink with fans chasing me tonight. We'll save that for another night." He smirked.

Once we all had our skates on we walked over to the rink.

"This is amazing." I grinned.

"Not as amazing as you." Liam grinned, taking my hand as we stepped on the ice.

"Oh shut up. We're both amazing." I told him.

"Hey Beth! Did't you used to ice skate?!" Miranda called from the other side of the rink.

"Yeah... kinda." I told her.

"What do you mean kinda? You could do spins and stuff." She said.

"That was when I was 10 Mir. I'm almost 19 now." I told her.

We all skated around the rink for a while, music was playing. Niall and Emily were fooling around on the ice. Miranda and Harry were talking and Liam and I were slowly skating around the ice. A Drop in The Ocean began to play.

"You know this song means a lot to our friendship." Liam smiled.

"Why?" I asked.

"It was the song you were singing the first time I heard you sing. Its also the song that was playing the fist time I danced with you." He smiled.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and I wrapped my arms around his neck. He pressed his lips slowly to mine

"I love you so much. I want this moment to last forever." He whispered in my ears.

Liam and I stood there on the ice, are arms around each other, our lips together. At that moment it felt like we were the only two people on the planet. About half an hour later we all went inside to the lounge and I got everyone hot chocolate. We all sat around a fire. Harry's phone started ringing. He picked up.

"Hey Louis. Whats up?" He asked. "What?!... what happened?...Lou i'm sure everything will be fine...i know you do...give her some space...Louis i've known El for a really long time she loves you... no Louis don't say that... she'll come me later and tell me if she does... okay...bye Louis."

"Whats wrong?"Liam asked.

"Him and El got into a fight and he thinks they might have broken up again. Apparently El needs to go to France for four months for a modeling job and Louis made a big deal out of it. El said that she's sick and tired of his crap and they need a break." Harry sighed.

"What?! But him and El are so perfect for each other!" I said.

"I know! El isn't usually the one to fight." He groaned.

"I feel bad now. Louis is probably back at his flat alone." I sighed.

"Why do you feel bad?" Liam asked.

"Because hes one of my best friends and I care a lot about him. You should too Liam." I told him.

"I care about Louis but isn't this between him and El?" He asked.

I turned to him. "Louis was there for me when we were going through a lot, I want to be there for him." 

"Beth, hes a 21 year old man. He can handle himself." Liam sighed.'

I crossed my arms. "Are you sure thats the only reason?"

He was silent a moment. "Ok seriously, are you actually still hung up on the fact that Louis might replace you?!"

He avoided contact with my eyes. 

"You are unbelievable right now Liam." I said. "I'm going back to your house. Come or stay."

"I'll come with you." Miranda said. "Em, come with us. Lets give the lads some guy time."

Emily got up. "Niall, i'll meet you back at my house."

"Okay. Have fun."Niall smiled.

"I'll miss you Mir." Harry smiled.

Emily, Miranda and I walked out of the room. We put our skates back and put our Uggs on.

"We can take my car." Emily said.

We all walked over to Emily's car and got in.

"So, where to?" She asked.

"Lets go to Beth's house." Miranda said, she turned to me. "Can we?"

"Yeah."I smiled.

"Its nice to spend time with both of you again, you know, just the three of us. Its like before we started dating 3 of the most famous boys on the planet." Miranda grinned.

She looked back at me in the backseat. I had my head rested up against the window.

"Don't worry Beth, you and Liam will work it out. You two are like the most perfect couple on the planet." Emily told me.

I sighed. "Even though we've been together for like seven months, this is our first actual fight."

"Well its actually unusual for couples not to fight." Miranda told me. "Like mine and Harry's first fight, he got jealous over a waiter who winked at me and gave me his number which I did not accept."

"My first fight with Niall was about seriously the stupidest thing ever. We were all at a restaurant, Mir you remember this, we were sitting in a booth and Niall wanted to sit next to me but Zayn slid in first. Niall made a big deal out of it. Thats it." Emily told me.

"This is different though. Even before we were in a relationship Liam had his suspicions about Louis and I. Did you see that photoshopped picture, the one of Louis and I 'snogging'?" I asked.

"Oh yeah. I was shocked when I saw that because we knew how much you liked Liam but we knew it was fake." Miranda told me.

"Yeah well Liam completely freaked about that. Every time I would smile at Louis he would kind of glare at either Louis or me. He even accused Louis of replacing him as my best friend." I told them.

"Wow... ok..."Emily said.

She pulled into the driveway to my house and we got out.

"When was the last time you were here?" Emily asked.

"Three days ago with Liam." I told them.

"Oh. So its nothing new." Miranda said. "When was the last time the three of us were here together?"

"Before my mum died." I said quietly.

I took out my key and unlocked the door. We walked inside and I turned the lights on. We walked into the living room.

"Lets watch a romantic movie. Do you have any ice cream?" Miranda asked.

"Yeah I think so. It might be all freezer burnt thought." I said.

"Who cares. Its ice cream." Emily grinned.

They walked into the kitchen while I picked out a movie. I chose The Notebook. A few minutes later Emily and Miranda came in with bowls of chocolate ice cream covered in sprinkles.

"Whoa. Would you like some ice cream with those sprinkles?" I asked.

They both laughed. "Hey blame Mir. She put them on!"

"The top fell off when I was pouring them!" Miranda protested.

"Its fine. Lets just watch the movie." I said.

I put the movie in and we sat on my couch, eating ice cream, watching The Notebook. It feels like old times and I loved it.

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