Liam and Elizabeth had been best friends since the age of five. When Liam leaves for the X Factor for the second time he leaves Elizabeth and completely forgets about her. During the two years that Liam is gone, tragic and horrific events occur in Elizabeth's life. When Liam finally returns back to his hometown of Wolverhampton, will he be prepared for what he discovers? What neither of them know is, since the moment they met, there was love. True love.


57. Happy Birthday?

***Beth's POV***

-a few days later(Beth's birthday)-

My eyes fluttered open, instantly blinded by the sun shining through the curtains. I rolled over expecting to see Liam but instead found a note.

The lads and I had to go in early this morning to talk to Simon. He wants us to start writing a new album so we might have to be in the studio all day. I love you and I will see you as soon as I can.

Love, Liam

No. Fucking. Way. Liam forgot my birthday. I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of the boys did too! My phone rang on the bed side table and I reached for it and answered it.

"Beth?" Liam's voice asked.

"What?" I asked.

"Well good morning to you too. I just wanted to call and see if you were awake. I'm sorry I had to leave so early." He told me.

I sighed. "Its fine. Whatever. Its not like I have anything planned for today anyway." I lied.

"Let me guess, lazy day for you?" He asked.

"Uh... yeah...I guess." I mumbled.

"Babe, you okay?" He asked.

"Just peachy." I mumbled.

"Are you sure? You can tell me you know." He said.

"Liam just forget it. I'm fine." I said.

He was silent for a moment. "Okay. Just call me if you need anything."

"Kay." I said.

"I love you. I need to go." He said.

"Love you too Liam. Have fun recording your songs." I mumbled.

"Bye." He said.

I hung up and threw my phone on the bed in frustration. My phone buzzed.

From: Miranda

Bethhhhh. Okay so Harry is killing me with this party he wants to go to. I only agreed to go with him if I could bring a friend. PLEASE PLEASE go with me. Its really formal. 

Really? Going to someone elses party... on my birthday... which everyone forgot. Even my own best friends.

To: Miranda

Yeah. I'll come. Its not like I have anything else to do. Aren't the boys recording today?

From: Miranda

THANK YOU. And yeah they are but we  are going right after. Apperently Simon wanted to talk to Liam about something after tho. 

To: Miranda

Oh. Okay... So what time is the party?

From: Miranda

7:00. I will come and pick you up. Harry is going to meet us there. I think Louis will be there too so you two can socialize.

To: Miranda

Okay. See you at 7 then.

I sighed and slipped out of bed. I walked downstairs and went into the kitchen. I grabbed a bowl of cereal and sat at the kitchen counter. After breakfast I went upstairs and quickly changed into this I walked back downstairs and ecided to watch Toy Story 3. I sat down on the couch and began watching the movie.

As I finished watching Aladdin I looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:15. Well, I might as well start getting ready for that party... I walked upstairs and looked through my closet for a while before I found this dress I put it on and it looked perfect. When I was done with my entire outfit I had decided on this for the rest of it I looked at the clock and saw that it was 6:57. I walked downstairs just as the doorbell rang. I opened it revealing Miranda. I gave her a small smile.

"Whats wrong?" She asked.

"Nothing Mir. Lets just go." I sighed.

"Beth, tell me. I know something is wrong." She said.

"Miranda. I said its nothing." I told her.

"Okay. Fine." She said.

We got into her car and she pulled out of my driveway.

"You look amazing by the way. I wish Liam was here to see you. His eyeballs would pop out of his head. I'm serious, you look beautiful." She told me.

"Thank you. You look amazing also." I told her.

"Thanks."She smiled.

We rode in silence for a while before she pulled into a hotel. I raised my eyebrows.

"A hotel? The party is at a hotel?" I asked her.

She nodded. "Its in the ballroom." 

I nodded and stayed silent. We got out of the car after she parked and walked into the hotel. My heels clicking on the granite floor, I followed Miranda. Finally we reached the door she laid her hand on the handle.

"Mir, whos party is this anyway?" I asked.

She opened the door, and I suddenly felt a huge smile spread across my face.

"Yours." She grinned.

I saw all the boys grinning at me, along with the girls. I saw Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson, Cher Lloyd, Cheryl Cole, Simon Cowell,Greyson Chance, Austin Mahone, Justin Bieber as well as all my old friends from school. My hands covered my gaping mouth in surprise as they all yelled happy birthday. Liam walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me.

"You actually bought that recording thing?" He grinned.

I nodded. "I thought all of you forgot my birthday."

"Beth, none of us could forget your birthday." Liam told me. "You look so incredibly beautiful by the way."

I grinned at him. "You look pretty incredible yourself in your tux."

He grinned and pressed his lips softly to mine. Music began to play and Liam pulled me to the dance floor. Liam and I danced for a while before I decided to go socialize. I bumped into Harry.

"Hey old lady."He grinned. "How does it feel to be old?"

I smirked at him. "It doesn't feel like anything. Just because you are getting wrinkles and grey hair doesn't mean I will."

Niall, Louis and Zayn came over.

"Happy birthdayyyyyyy!!!!!" Louis yelled in my ear.

"Wow Louis I don't think you yelled that loud enough." I laughed.

He hugged me. "I'm sorry. I wouldn't want to make you deaf on your birthday now would we?"

I shook my head. "I must say, I actually did buy the recording thing. You lads are amazing."

The four of them hugged me.

"Beth, you are one of our best friends.We wanted to make this day special for you." Zayn smiled.

"You guys are amazing." I told them.

A few minutes later I watched Liam walk up onto the stage.

"Can I have your attention please." Liam smiled.

The room went silent and we all turned to him.

"14 years ago, I met a girl. The moment I laid my eyes on her, I knew we would be best friends. Although I was only five I learned that love at first sight was real because the moment I laid my eyes on this girl, I fell in love. As we grew up we stuck by each others side and created so many childhood memories that to this day, still make me smile when I think about them. This girl is not only my best friend but she is the girl that I am completely and helplessly in love with. This girl is in this room tonight. In fact, all of you are here because of her. Her name is Elizabeth Ashton." Liam grinned at me. "Elizabeth could you please come up here please?"

I started to make my way through the crowd to the stage. As I approached Liam he held my hand.

"Beth, you don't need to live in a castle or wear a big pouffy dress to be a princess. You will always be my princess and for that, my princess deserves a crown."He said.

A man with a tiara on a pillow came out to Liam. The tiara looked like this Liam took it off the pillow and placed it onto my head.

"I love you so much Elizabeth." He grinned.

"I love you too Liam." I told him.

After that the boys did a few speeches. Louis was first.

"Though I may have met Elizabeth only a few months ago, our friendship feels like years. She is the kind of person everyone wants to be friends with because not only is she kind, she cares about others and puts others before herself. Not once but twice, she helped me through rough times and helped put them back together. Elizabeth is an amazing girl and Liam is lucky to have her. I would definitely consider Elizabeth as my best friend though our friendship will never add up to hers and Liam's. The moment I met Beth, she has been like a sister to me. We help eachother through the rough times and I hope that Elizabeth and I are friends for a very long time. Happy birthday Beth." Louis grinned.

Harry went next. "Honestly, the first time I met beth I might have fancied her a little bit. Liam, before you get defensive, I don't feel that way anymore. Whenever I look at Elizabeth, I feel like i'm looking at my sister. Elizabeth means a lot to me and over these months that I have known her, her and I have become great friends. I also think she is one of the strongest people I know. With all the hardships that she has faced and still end up where she is today, its remarkable. Love you Beth. Happy birthday." Harry smiled.

Niall went next. "Elizabeth Ashton. When most people hear that name they think of the girl who's album is at the top of the charts. When I hear Elizabeth Ashton I think of Beth, one of my best friends. Since Beth came into my life I felt like I always have someone there for me who has my back. See, I got to know Beth before she was famous. I got to know her as Beth, Liam's best friend. Thats the Beth that I love. She is a fantastic girl with an empowering voice. I am proud to call her one of my best friends. Happy birthday!" Niall said with a smile on his face.

Finally Zayn began his speech.

"When I look at Elizabeth, I see a girl with a huge heart. Not only has she helped me, she has helped all five of us in some way. With Liam, she helped him say his true feelings, with Niall, she helped him be more confident and encouraged him to ask out his current girlfriend, with Harry, she helped him find the girl of his dreams which happened to be her best friend, with Louis, she helped him get the girl of his dreams back, twice and with me, she is always there to talk to. She is the kind of person that if you talk, she'll listen. Thats what not only I but all of us love about her. Elizabeth, thank you for being there for us. Happy birthday." Zayn smiled.

Zayn handed me the microphone so I could make a speech.

"When I first met the boys I was in a bit of a dilemma. While they barely knew me they didn't think twice to open up their arms and let me into their life. And Being Liam's best friend didn't have any effect on their decision. After only speaking to me a few times, both times I was a bit rude I must say, they helped me patch up my life and start a new one. That says a lot. These boys instantly became some of my best friends and this only brought Liam and I closer. I have a special bond with each of the boys that I hope never breaks. These boys changed my life and I can never thank them enough. Without them, today I would probably be six feet under the ground." I said.

The crowd errupted into applause. I stepped off the stage and walked over to the boys.

"What do you mean you would be six feet under the ground?" Niall asked me.

I sighed. "Without all of you saving me from my old abusive life, I would be dead. And i'm certain of that. If I didn't end up killing myself, my father would have."

Liam took my hands into his. "Please tell me you have never actually hurt yourself."

"We'll talk about this later Liam. Lets just enjoy the party." I whispered in his ear.

He nodded and took my hand. As A Drop In The Ocean came on Liam took me into his arms and we danced slowly.

"Our song." I smiled.

"Our song." He repeated.

And at that moment we were infinite.

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