Liam and Elizabeth had been best friends since the age of five. When Liam leaves for the X Factor for the second time he leaves Elizabeth and completely forgets about her. During the two years that Liam is gone, tragic and horrific events occur in Elizabeth's life. When Liam finally returns back to his hometown of Wolverhampton, will he be prepared for what he discovers? What neither of them know is, since the moment they met, there was love. True love.


7. Daddy Direction

***Beth's POV***

Liam and I walked in the park for a while and finally returned back to his house around 6:00. We walked through the door  and saw the boys sitting on the couch watching Batman.

"You boys better not be watching Batman without Liam."I smirked.

"You are watching Batman?! Without me?!"Liam shrieked.

"Yes Liam, we just started The Dark Knight Rises."Harry said.

Liam and I walked over and sat on the couch. We watched the rest of the movie.

"Lets watch Paranormal Activity 1."Louis suggested.

"Oh my god. No."I said, my eyes wide.

"Why? Are you scared?"Louis smirked.

"N-no."I said.

"Its ok Bethie, I won't let anything hurt you."Liam said.

I saw the boys smirking at Liam. Louis put in the movie and it started. Within the first 10 minutes I was already scared. Liam had his arms around me and I would keep screaming into his chest. I ended up falling asleep in Liam's arms.

***Liam's POV***

Paranormal Activity finally ended.I noticed Beth asleep in my arms. I loved the fact that Beth was cuddled up to me. I noticed the boys smirking at me.

"We know you love her."Harry said.

"Where would you get that idea?"I asked.

"Liam, its obvious."Niall said.

"And your mum told us."Louis said.

"Mum!"I shouted, not loud enough to wake up Beth.

My mum walked into the room.

"Why did you tell them?!"I whisper yelled.

"I told them because they asked."My mum said simply.

"They will be teasing me about it forever."I groaned.

"Don't be too harsh boys."My mum called, walking out of the room.

I turned to the boys, bushing a little.

"So you really do fancy Beth?"Zayn asked.

I sighed. I looked down, making sure she was still asleep.

"I love her. I love her so much but I know she will never love me back."I told them.

"If she doesn't now, she will. What girl wouldn't fall for you Liam?"Niall told me.

I gave him a small smile. "Thanks Niall."

We watched one more movie and when it ended it was around 11:00. Beth woke up about halfway through the movie and watched the rest with us. Beth and I walked upstairs and she grabbed her pajamas our of her bag. She went into the bathroom and changed and came out wearing this

"Are you sure its ok that I stay in here with you?"She asked me.

"Bethie, we used to do this all the time. Of course its ok."I told her.

"Alright."She said.

She laid down next to me on my bed and I rolled over to face her.

"I missed this."She told me.

"I missed everything."I told her.

My bedroom door slowly creaked open. In a creepy way.

"Oh my god. Liam."Beth whisper shouted.

I pulled her close to me and she buried her head into my shoulder. I looked at the door one more time before my 4 incredibly annoying bandmates burt in.

"Hah! We got you!"Louis laughed.

"I hate you guys."Bethie mumbled.

"Oh you know you love us."Harry cooed.

"You almost have me a freaking heart attack and you assume I love you. Your logic is quite off Harry."Bethie smirked.

"Out of my room. Go to bed."I told them.

"Yes daddy."They mumbled.

They left the room and shut the door after turning the lights back off.

"They call you daddy?"Bethie smirked.

"Yeah, they call me Daddy Direction."I told her.

"So Liam, is there any girl in your life you would like to tell me about?"Bethie asked.

"No. I did have a girlfriend Danielle but she was just using me for the fame and money."I told her. (A/N: I know Dani really isn't like that. I actually LOVE Payzer)

"Liam, you deserve a girl who doesn't care about your fame or your money. A girl who just loves you for you."She told me.

Little did she know, I was looking right at her.

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