Liam and Elizabeth had been best friends since the age of five. When Liam leaves for the X Factor for the second time he leaves Elizabeth and completely forgets about her. During the two years that Liam is gone, tragic and horrific events occur in Elizabeth's life. When Liam finally returns back to his hometown of Wolverhampton, will he be prepared for what he discovers? What neither of them know is, since the moment they met, there was love. True love.


25. Baking Cookies

***Beth's POV***
"Bethie." I voice said.
My eyes fluttered open revealing Liam's shining brown eyes. We were on the plane at the moment. He and I had flown back to Wolverhampton for my father's court date.
"We're here. The plane landed. My mum is coming to pick us up." Liam told me.
I yawned and sat up. "Alrighty."
"You're cute when you yawn."He told me.
I rolled my eyes. "You think everything i do is cute Liam."
We walked off the plane and went to baggage claim. After we grabbed our bags Liam took my hand and intertwined our fingers. We walked out of the airport and began looking for Liam's mum.
"Liam! Beth!" A voice said from behind us.
We turned and saw Liam's mum standing there grinned. We rushed over to her and she engulfed us into a hug.
"Oh its so nice to see you two! I knew you would end up together."She smiled.
"Took me long enough right?"Liam grinned.
"Way too long. Why don't we get you two home. I'm sure you're tired from the plane ride."Liam's mum said, hurrying us to the car.
"Well i'm tired, Bethie slept the entire flight." Liam told her.
"Well, Beth, if you're not tired you can help me make cookies if you want."Liam's mum smiled.
"I'd love to help make cookies. As long as Liam doesn't eat them all." I grinned.
"Bethie, do I look like Niall?" He smirked.
We got into the car and Liam's mum pulled out of the airport. We soon arrived at Liam's house and we got out. We walked into the house and Liam brought our bags up to his room.
"I'm going to go change and i'll help you make cookies."I told Liam's mum.
"Alright."She smiled.
I walked upstairs to Liam's room and found him laying on his bed.
"Please lay with me?" He begged.
"Liam, i'm going to help your mum make cookies. You and I can cuddle later."I told him.
"Bethieeee."He whined.
I sat on the edge of the bed and smiled at him.
"Get some sleep."I told him.
I pulled the blanket over him and kissed him softly. He grinned at me.
"At least tell me you love me?"He asked.
I rolled my eyes and grinned. "I love you, you idiot."
"I love you too."He told me.
He closed his eyes and soon was fast asleep, snoring lightly. I walked over to my bag and grabbed some clothes. I put this on I walked downstairs and found Liam's mum in the kitchen. I smiled at her.
"Alright, what kind of cookies will we be making?"I asked her.
She grinned at me. "My famous sugar cookies. The ones you and Liam used to devour when you two were little."
"Oh my god. Those ones? I love them!"I told her.
"I know you do."She smiled.
We began making the cookie dough.
"I'm so glad you and Liam ended up together. Honestly Beth, out of any girl in this world, you are the one I trust most."She told me.
"Wow. Thank you."I smiled.
"Of course. You know, Liam would always tell me how much he loved you. He was worried you didn't feel the same way."She told me.
"I have felt the same way since I laid my eyes on him. I love your son very much. Not only is he the only boy I love, he is my best friend."I told her.
"Thats the best kind of relationship."She told me.
We finished making to cookies and I walked back upstairs and sat in Liam's desk chair and began to think of what I was going to say tomorrow. 
"Bethie."Liam mumbled.
"Yes?"I asked softly.
"Lay with me."He whispered.
I smiled and walked over to his bed. I lay beside him and he pulled me close to him. I buried my head in his shoulder and he had his arms wrapped around me. He kissed the top of my head.
"I love you."He whispered.
"I love you too."I whispered back.
And with that we fell asleep in each others arms.

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