Liam and Elizabeth had been best friends since the age of five. When Liam leaves for the X Factor for the second time he leaves Elizabeth and completely forgets about her. During the two years that Liam is gone, tragic and horrific events occur in Elizabeth's life. When Liam finally returns back to his hometown of Wolverhampton, will he be prepared for what he discovers? What neither of them know is, since the moment they met, there was love. True love.


8. Back To School

***Beth's POV***

"Shh don't wake them!"A voice whispered loudly.

"Just get the picture!"Another voice said.

I heard the sound of a cameras shutter go off.

"Delete the picture or I will shave all of your eyebrows off."I mumbled.

"Wait, you're awake Beth?"Louis asked.

I sat up and opened my eyes. "No i'm just sleep talking right now."

"Sooo... you and Liam huh?"Harry grinned.

I looked down at the sleeping Liam beside me and rolled my eyes. "There is no Liam and I."

"Do you like Liam like that?"Niall asked.

'Yes!I love him!' I wanted to scream. "No. We are just best friends. Thats all." I lied.

"Oh."Niall said.

"Sorry we woke you."Zayn said.

"Its fine. I have school anyway."I said.

"Do you want us to drive you to school?"Louis asked.

"You don't have to."I told them.

"We insist. You go get ready. We'll wake up Liam."Harry said.

I nodded and slid off the bed. I walked over to my bag and grabbed an outfit and walked into the bathroom. I put it on I walked out and found Liam sitting on his bed, already dressed, playing on his phone. He smiled at me when I walked into the room.

"You have no idea how good it feels to have you here."He said, getting up and hugging me.

"I missed you Liam. A lot."I told him.

"I promise Bethie.I will never leave you again. You mean to much to me."He told me.

"Pinkie promise?"I grinned.

We linked our pinkies together. "I promise to never leave you again."

"Just like when we were five. The day we met we made a pinkie promise."I told him.

"That day was the best day of my life because it was the day I met you."He said.

"Awe. You're cute Liam."I cooed.

"I know I am."He grinned. "So Harry said he would make breakfast. I told him to make French toast because thats your favorite. Then we will go to school."

"We? Liam, I am going to school not you."I told him.

"I decided i'm not going to risk loosing you again, since I didn't finish high school, i'm finishing your last week with you."He told me.

My eyes widened. "You don't have to do that Liam."I told him.

"But I want to. Your father could show up at school and take you from me. I will not let that happen."He said.

"Alright. Fine."I smiled.

Liam and I walked downstairs and I froze midway.

"Oh my god. Liam..."I gasped.

"What?"He asked me.

"Maybelle!"I whispered. "Liam, Belle is still at my house! What if my dad hur her?!"

He hugged me tightly. "Shh shh. Don't worry. We will wait until your dad leaves. Then we can go get her."

I gave him a small smile. "I love you Liam. You are the best best friend ever."

"Love you too Bethie."He grinned.

We walked into the kitchen and Louis, Zayn and Niall were sitting at the table and Harry and Liam's mum were making breakfast.

"Good morning!"Everyone said.

"Good morning."I replied.

"So Liam, your first day of high school in two years. Excited?"Liam's mum asked.

"Yes because Bethie will be with me. After school her and I are going to her house so we can pick up Maybelle."Liam said.

"Maybelle? Your dog?"Liam's mum asked me.

I nodded slowly. "That dog means a lot to me because my mum got her for me. It was a few months before Liam left for the X Factor the second time."

"Oh sweetheart, I really am sorry to hear about your mum. Her and I were good friends. It absolutely broke my heart."Liam's mum told me.

I gave he a small smile. "Well, you are like a second mum to me."

After breakfast Liam and I grabbed our bags and left for school. We got into the car and Liam pulled out of the driveway.

"This feels like old times, when we would go to school together."I smiled.

"My favorite part was you were the first person besides my parents and my sisters that I got to see in the morning."He told me.

"Oh yeah, how are Ruth and Nicola?"I asked him.

"They are great. They are both in college right now."Liam told me.

"Thats probably why I haven't seen them around."I said.

Liam and I talked about a bunch of stuff before he pulled into the school.

"I really hope I don't get tackled by fans."He grinned.

"Its ok, i'll protect you from them."I told him.

Liam and I got out of the car andI saw Miranda and Emily walking towards us.

"Liam! What are you doing here?! Did you two make up or something?"Emily asked.

"Yeah we did. Liam is coming with me to school for this last week."I explained.

"I don't mean to sound rude but why?"Miranda asked.

"Um, my father... he uh..."I began.

"Beth, we know. We know what he does to you."Emily sighed.

My eyes widened. "How did you know?"

"Its a small neighborhood. People talk. I swear, I am going to murder that guy for doing what he did to you."Miranda said.

"Do you need a place to stay or anything?"Emily asked.

I shook my head. "No, i'm staying with Liam. when school ends i'm going on tour with him and the boys."

Miranda and Emily's eyes widened. "You are going on tour?! With One Direction?!"

"Yeah I am. But I dont think of them as One Direction. I think of them as my best friend Liam Payne and Louis Niall Harry and Zayn."I told them.

"Well I know. But its still cool."Miranda grinned.

"So Liam, what have you been up to in the past two years?"Emily asked.

"Well, besides becoming world famous, I went on tour with the rest of One Direction. We have one album out and another one on its way. We are currently taking a break from tour right now but we start up again next week."Liam said.

"Thats cool. I bet you missed Beth."Miranda grinned.

"More than you can imagine."Liam smiled at me.

I turned to Liam. "Maybe we should have the principal make an announcement to all those girls who want to stalk you."I said.

"Yeah."He said.

I turned to Emily and Miranda. "I'll see you guys in trig."

They nodded and Liam and I walked off to the office. Today would be a very long day. I could just tell.

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