Unknown Secret

I moved to escape the life I had ,but wherever I go it will always follow me.Even though I was new to town everyone knew me ,but I didn't know them.


4. What Happened?

Vlad's POV
I saw Sky fall to the floor but before she did i caught her.I brought her up to the couch and I put her unconscious body there."What happened to her." I asked. I didn't know what was going on until Victoria spoke "She was poisoned by the chemical fumes that the henchmen of the Crows disposed. Where is the spray bottle that he used." "Here it is!" Zack said. "As I suspected its Witch hazel mixed with other herbs. He was trying to make her weak to take her. It would of worked on us to but it didn't. I wonder why." Victoria said. I was thinking about what she said and processed everything in until I saw Sky moving probably waking up already. "You guys she is waking up. We need to find out what we are going to tell her about us." Amelia said. "Or we don't say nothing and compel her" Demetri said. "WHAT!!! No we can't." I said until Victoria started talking. "But she needs to find out about herself before we tell her its the only way. She needs to find out by herself when her powers come in and everything begins." "Ugh! Fine ,but im not doing it I cant" I said. "I'll do it." said Amelia. "What do I tell her?" she said. "Tell her that she will not remember everything that happen today starting from when the window broke till she fainted.You got it." Victoria said. "Yeah, got you" Amelia went beside Sky and she was starting to wake up already. "Hey Sky!" When Amelia started talking Sky backed away from her as far as she can to the corner of the couch. Trying to get away from us like if we were monsters it broke my heart. "Listen Sky! Sky? calm down everything is fine." Amelia tried to calm her down ,but she didn't  "WHAT?!? CALM DOWN! HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO CALM DOWN. WHEN I DON'T KNOW WHATS GOING ON OR WHAT YOU GUYS ARE." Sky yelled. "Just listen to me. Look at me." Sky finally gave in and looked at Amelia. "You are going to forget what you saw today starting from when we heard the man break in until you fainted. Okay." She said while her eyes dilated and Sky responded back to her. "I will forget what happen today from when the guy broke in until I fainted." She finally snapped out of it and then she said, "What happened?" "You fainted when you won us in Call of Duty."Victoria told her. Sky chuckled "OMG! really im sorry I cant believe that happened." "Well, anyways we were planning to have a party tomorrow want to come." Amelia said. I totally forgot that we were going to have a party. The whole purpose to this party is to find out who is a supernatural and who isn't. We wanted to find out who we need to watch out for to protect Sky. I hope she says yes. "Umm I guess can i bring my cousins?"She asked "Of course you can." Amelia said with a smile. 

Sky's POV 
 I left the Raven house and went inside my aunts house. For some reason I felt like i was missing a part of my life like its blocked. I shook it off and went to think about other things. "Hey you guys im home." I yelled "Where were you at?" my aunt all concerned. "Um next door with Amelia and Victoria" "Oh okay, well go wash up and get ready for dinner." she told me. "Okay" I went upstairs and into my room. I noticed my window was open and i went to go close it. As i closed it I never noticed there was another window across from mine. It was someones room from our neighbors The Ravens. I was trying to find out who it was but for some reason out of nowhere i got a headache. I got ready for dinner and changed into my pj's. I went downstairs and everyone was already at the table eating, great. I sat down and got some food on my plate and just started talking "Hey you guys? The Raven siblings invited us to a party tomorrow. Want to come? Oh wait Aunt Leslie can we go to the party tomorrow?" "Umm i guess if you guys want to go.I mean its just next door so i don't mind" she said. "Yay! thanks aunty!So what do you guys think want to come?" "Sure why not!" Roxy said while Tyler and Lucas nodded their heads. After dinner i went upstairs to my room while everyone was downstairs. While laying down my headache came back. Why does it feel like something in my memory is missing. What is going on with me? I went to go open the window to let in some air and then again the same window across from mine got my attention I was curious whose room is that. I was about to turn around to get in my bed and get ready for tomorrow ,but i got chills sensing some one was staring at me from the window. I turned around ,but nobody was there feeling insecure about the window i closed mine and went to bed.

Aunt Leslie's POV
"Hey Roxy, Tyler, Lucas I want you guys to keep an eye on Sky and protect her. I don't think she knows yet what she is." I said. "Why don't we just tell her,gosh"Lucas said. "NO! We cant she needs to find out by herself. We can guide her through the process ,but not say anything. For now watch out for her just in case The Crows come back for her.She is special she is not like us ,but she is still family and her parents are the blame for what she is. So again no word about nothing. Okay? Understand?" Tyler,Roxy, and Lucas all nodded. "Now im allowing you guys to go to the party because i don't want her to get suspicious and also to keep a close eye on The Ravens. I don't anything happening to Sky. Protect her. Okay, now you guys know i love you ,but Sky needs to come first when she is starting to figure out what she is." "Okay"they all said in unison. Tyler and Lucas left to their rooms and Roxy stayed behind "Mother, I've seen Sky beginning to experience the power of sensing and smelling what or who a person is." I nodded and said "So it begins."

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