Unknown Secret

I moved to escape the life I had ,but wherever I go it will always follow me.Even though I was new to town everyone knew me ,but I didn't know them.


3. The Sisters

Sky's POV
Finally after this weird day of school I can go home. I cant stand being stared at this whole day by some weird person and the Raven brothers. I got to my locker to get my things so i can get home and take a nap.The funny thing is that i been sleeping in all my classes. I took out my jacket, my bag and my bike keys out of my locker. As I closed my locker two girls were coming up to me. "Hi your new right? Well I wanted to welcome you. My name is Amelia and this is my sister Victoria." Oh these are Vlad's sisters. "Umm yea Hi im Sky." "OMG  that's a pretty name. I love it. Didn't you just move in right next to us. In the Blackstone house." "Yea I did. Umm listen I have to go I have to do some things.Okay bye."I left awkwardly away I don't really like talking to people that much. I got to my bike finally I can go home but then I heard laughter from behind me and a gasp.Please let it not be the two sisters again I just want to go home. "Omg!!! I love your bike." Amelia said. "You like riding motorcycles?" "Of course! Victoria and I both have one at home. Our brothers thought us when we were 10.We also love to skate." "Damn really I got to see your bike and your skateboard."I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship. I wouldn't have expected them to like riding bikes and skating. "Alright ill show you if you promise me that you'll try out for cheer." "Umm I'll think about it."I knew there was a reason why they were talking to me. I guess im going to drag Roxy into this. At least ill be trying to live a normal teenage life, right. "Okay well lets go." Victoria said and smiled I think she didn't want to be at school anymore. We finally left thank God i wanted to get out of there. I really wanted to take my nap, don't think i will be getting it anytime soon.

Victoria's POV 
We got in the car to drive back home. Sky is a really nice person has good taste to. "I think she is the one." Amelia told me. I nodded I knew it since she got here yesterday. "I don't think she knows though." "Well I did some research and I found out that she went missing for three years. Do you think The Crows were the ones that kidnapped her?"Amelia was telling me as i was driving. Sky is a special she is not like us. "I think they wanted to get her before anybody else did. She is very pretty and I think that The Crow brothers have fallen in love with her because remember that slave they have?" Amelia looked at me and nodded as i continued. "I ran into her in the market and compelled me to tell me what is going on in the house. Last week I met up with her and she told me that they have been discussing of a way to try to get her back after she escaped and that they were arguing on who was going to keep her." "That means that she is going to be in danger and she needs to know who she really is." Amelia told me. I just nodded and i parked the car. We got out and saw Sky park her bike into her aunts driveway. "Hey Sky! Come on over." Amelia said. She walked towards the gate and went inside. "I think my brothers are inside ,but just try to ignore them" I told her. I open the door and like I had said my three brothers were there playing there new game of Call of Duty. Amelia closed the door and as soon as it was closed the three of them looked up and had wide eyes to see our guest ,but then it was gone from their faces. Im guessing they fancy her figures. "Umm hey guys we will be in the back okay. Bye!" I said quickly. "Wait just a minute!" my brother Zack said with a smile. "You haven't presented your guest to us." "Ugh! whatever! This is Zack my number 1 annoying brother, that one over there is Vladimir we call him Vlad for short he is annoying brother number 2, and the third annoying brother over there is Demetri. There happy." "Not quite yet.Thanks for being rude ,but who is she." Ugh Zack was so annoying he knew who she was everyone knew it wasn't new. "Annoying brothers this is Sky..uhh you never told us your last name." I said. "Oh yea sorry my name is Sky Blackstone."she said. "Nice to meet you Sky." Zack said while grabbing her hand and kissing it. I could feel her feeling uncomfortable as I saw my other two brothers with an angry face one. I pulled Sky and just said "Bye, we are leaving now."

Sky's POV
I felt awkward standing there with Zack kissing my hand. Thank goodness Victoria pulled me out of there and we kept walking to i guess the garage there house was big compared to my aunts. We went inside and Amelia turned on the lights and i saw the bikes covered by a blanket to keep them from getting dirty i noticed the like to keep them clean Victoria finally revealed to me the bikes and i was shocked. Omg i wanted to say but i was speechless. "This blue baby is mine and the pink one with Hello Kitty is Amelia's" "Omg they are badass. I love them now i cant wait to see your skateboards."I felt stupid when i said that but it was true. Victoria chuckled and said "Oh yea. Come on we shall go upstairs they are in our rooms."I nodded and we went upstairs thank goodness we passed through the boys quickly. We went inside a blue and black room i am guessing this is Victoria's room she had a wall covered of posters of her favorite bands. The other wall covered of random stuff and the other wall was full of half pieces of a skateboard stuck to the wall with other random stuff it was cool. "This is my Gir skateboard." she showed it to me. "Omg i love it. As well as your room its awesome."She nodded and said "Thanks" We walked out of her room and we went inside Amelia's room her room was red with black and she also had a wall full of her favorite bands and random papers in the other one but in the other wall she had art she must drawn the pictures on the wall because it was amazing she took out her skateboard and said "My skateboard is Pikachu" I nearly fainted when i saw it omg these girls are not how they seem to be. "I love yours too. We should someday go skating at a skate park."I said "Of course!"Victoria and Amelia said with happy faces. We stayed in Victoria's room for a while playing Call of Duty too. Until we hear a window glass shatter downstairs.I freaked out and scream but i wasn't the only one. We went downstairs to see what happen and we saw a man standing there smiling until he said "I told you,I would find you!"He gave me a devilish smile and out of nowhere I saw a blur and the man gone. What did i just see, then the three brothers came in through the doors covered in blood what just happened. "What is going on?" I whispered. "We can explain.."they said but before they told me I felt blackness consuming me it was a smell that was making me black out and I think it was the creepy guy that released the smell.I ended up falling to ground and blackness filling me in.

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