Unknown Secret

I moved to escape the life I had ,but wherever I go it will always follow me.Even though I was new to town everyone knew me ,but I didn't know them.


2. Sky Blackstone

Hi im Sky. Im 17 everywhere i go i get feelings like someone is watching me. Many people say im no ordinary human and that I am special. Well my  parents died. My dad died when i was 11 and my mom when i was 14.I love my cousin Roxy she is the only one i tell my secrets to. Tyler and Lucas are fun to hang around especially when we go skating. I was always on my own and only had my dad to depend on well here is more about me:

Height: 5'4

Favorite Color: Black,Purple and Blue

Favorite Food: Chinese Food 

What I Like: My baby(Motorcycle), skating with Tyler and Lucas, singing, dancing, playing instruments(knows many),drawing, writing, rock bands, scary movies,hanging out with Roxy, video games with Lucas.

What I Dislike: being controlled, being used, being starred at, bullies, and snobby people

Hobbies: Riding my Bike, Singing, Dancing, Reading, Writing
Well that's pretty much my life i think

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