Unknown Secret

I moved to escape the life I had ,but wherever I go it will always follow me.Even though I was new to town everyone knew me ,but I didn't know them.


5. Im Going Crazy!

Sky's POV
I woke up and checked the time it was 4 in the morning i just woke up because i had a nightmare. I got up and noticed my window was open, wait didn't i close my window before i went to sleep this is getting weird. I closed my window and went to take a shower it was Friday finally and i had school in like 4 hours. Might as well start getting ready. I went to my bathroom and turned on the warm water I needed to relax. I got in my bathtub and just layed there. After a while of being in the water and thinking plus i'm already getting wrinkly from the water ugh. I got out and went to my closet ,but then I got chills like air just went through the window. I turned around and my window was open again "WHAT THE HELL?!?" I yelled. I hope nobody heard me, I went to my window to close it but i saw the other window open to and saw a head pop out. It was just Vlad he saw me and just nodded at me. I said Hi but then i noticed i was still in my towel. I turned around and just closed my window with embarrassment in my face I turned and i felt like my heart was being shattered to pieces of how embarrassed i felt. As i though of my heart being shattered I heard a window being shattered what the hell is going on. I went to check what had happened and then i saw Vlad's window broken huh? that's weird then i saw him look up at me and i just turned and walked into my closet.  As i picked out my outfit for school I had the feeling of a memory being blocked out my head that had to do with a window being shattered. What is happening to me. ugh! Finally after the weird morning I had everyone was awake already and just went to get breakfast and go to school. "Hey Sky!" I heard Roxy say. "Hey Sexy!! What's up?" I said. "Ready for school?" "I guess I mean its same old same old nothing exciting you know. Are you ready for the party tonight?" I asked. "Um yeah, but i don't know what to wear. Want to help me?" "Sure why not? Well ill see you in school i'm leaving early today." I told Roxy. 

Roxy's POV
"Morning Mom!" "Good Morning darling!" my mom told me with a smile."I need to talk to you about Sky." "Okay!" "In the morning like around 5 i think i heard a window shatter outside. I went to the window and saw Vlad cleaning up a shattered window and looking back at Sky's window.Do you think maybe her powers are starting to kick in with her emotions?" I asked her. "It might be that is strange. Well we need to keep an eye out for her. Where is she right now?" "Going to school, she said she wanted to leave early." I told her."You might want to leave now!" She told me. I was confused. "Why?" "Because I don't completely trust the Ravens, that's why now go!" she told me and i left. I got to school and saw Sky by her locker. "Hey!" I said. "Hey aren't you happy its Friday. I know I am." she asked me. "Yea we can spend the weekend at home sleeping!"I laughed. "Oh yea i was gonna ask you do you want to join cheer with me. Victoria and Amelia asked me to try out. I told them the only way I would try out is if they show me their skateboards and motorcycles, which are mega bad ass.  I thought they wouldn't show me but they did so now i need to try out.So what do you say?" she asked me. Ugh cheerleading really don't want to but i have to take care of her. "I guess sure why not" "Yay! Well i'll see you the bell is going to ring." "What? how do you..." I was interrupted by the bell ringing and Sky already walking away ".. know that?" I whispered it out sighing knowing nobody would listen to me. I went to class and dozed off in most of my classes thinking about Sky and how im going to help her. Finally the bell had rang and I left home.

Vlad's POV
After everything that happened in the morning with Sky and the window, I decided to tell Amelia and Victoria about it. "So you are saying that the window just shattered when Sky looked at you and turned around with embarrassment. Hmm i think her powers are starting to kick in and that means she will be more in danger. She needs to be real careful with her emotions." Victoria said while Amelia nodded and said "That's why you guys need to look out for her during class. We will look after her during tryouts and practice." "Okay!" my brother's and i said in unison. We left to school and I had history for first with Sky and I sat next to her. "Hey!" I said. She looked alarmed at me "Umm Hi!" "How is school so far?" small talk should make it better i guess. "Its the same as any other school boring. I been sleeping in all my classes." she told me. "Ahh your one of those lazy people that sleep all day and wished they got paid for sleeping" "What? No though i do wish that is how i earned my money but it wont happen. Im not that lazy though i have my active times." She told me. "Like...?" "Like walking from one class to another." she is so funny. "Uh that is not being active you are just walking to another class and sleeping again in that class" I said with a chuckle. "Well then i am shocked!" she said with a pretend shocked face. "What?!?" "You have just insulted my awesome lazy schedule. How could you? Besides im not that lazy. would a lazy person tryout for cheer with your sisters?" she said. "Touche! I have to agree on that. So umm are you coming to the party after school?" I had to ask her. "Umm yea I guess so." she said. I was about to ask her to be my date ,but the teacher had started to talk so i just never brought it up.

Sky's POV 
Finally school was over, it was a good day had an interesting conversation with Vlad. He was no longer in my awkward people list, he has been changed to the weirdos list the good weirdos. I went to my locker to take out my keys to my bike ,but then i felt a presence behind me and i turned around. There was nobody in the halls, that is weird then I felt someone staring at me. I felt my necklace of wishing stars start to get bright and i looked at it. The necklace was given by my dad as a birthday present when i was 5 years old. He had told me that it will keep me safe. The only time I ever saw it get bright was when i was kidnapped I guess it is telling me something bad is going to happen to me. I closed my locker and ran from the halls and on to my bike before I started my bike my phone rang. It was an unknown caller and i just pressed ignore and left the school grounds scared that i was being followed. I got home and went to my room i shut the door and the window and crawled into my bed as my frighten emotions took over me i felt a sensation of scared and anger. Then out of nowhere my drawers started opening and closing crazy and my papers started going everywhere like if they were feathers. This freaked me out even more because i didn't know what was going on with me. My phone rang again and again it was unknown I decided to answer and stuttered a "He..ll...oo?" then a creepy voice was in the other end of the phone "Hello beautiful! I'm watching you! I will get you back because you are mine! I don't like to share especially with the Raven Brothers!" That  hit a nerve in me and i yelled at the unknown person "GO TO HELL! YOU ARE KNOW ONE TO TELL ME WHAT TO DO SO FUCK OFF!" "Watch your language babe i'm just warning you! You are mine and nobody else!" After he told me that, I yelled "I AM NOBODY'S" and i clicked all my fear and anger almost completely gone. I decided to take a shower to see if it would relax me and it did. It was 5 in the afternoon and decided to get ready for the party.
Roxy's POV
After school I went home hoping Sky will be home already. I went upstairs and knocked her door she wasn't there yet, so i went to my room and decided to take a shower and get ready for the party. I was laying down in my bed as the time went by i decided to wait on picking out my outfit until Sky came so I changed into sweats and t-shirt of Adventure Time. I picked up the book I was reading i was reading the 8th book from the series of the House of Night. I loved the books I was reading Awakened until i heard someone shut the door really hard and then i started to fell weird. I felt like someone was using magic and they were taking it away from me and anybody who was around the source. Then, i heard Sky screaming to someone and i kept feeling weaker as my energy was being drained my magic was being taken away. I almost fainted but i barely got to my bed I got my phone and called my mom. "Mom, I think something is going wrong with Sky I felt her use magic and she drained all of my magic. I almost fainted" I told her trying to catch my breath. "Oh my! Are your brothers home?" she asked. I got up and went to go check I saw Tyler on the floor and went to him "Tyler is here!" When i said his name he looked up and said " What happened? I felt like i was getting my energy drained I got up and i fainted!" mom heard Tyler say what had happened to him and she started talking and i put her on speaker ".. okay where is your other brother?" Tyler answered her "No, he is with his friends." "Okay i want you to contact him and see if anything happened to him. Meanwhile I'll try to see what is happening to her. Okay ill see you guys at home."she told us "Okay bye mom!" I hung up my phone and told Tyler to go call Lucas. After finding out that he also felt like he lost energy and almost fainted I texted my mom and told her. After a while i went to Sky's room to check if she was okay. "Sky?" I called out. "Yea, im inside my closet trying to find out what to wear to the party come in" I went in and saw her she seemed normal. "Okay what do you think i should wear pants, shorts,a skirt, or a dress." she asked "hmm i guess some shorts. Do you want to look cute or sexy?" i asked as a joke but she answered anyways "Sexy of course!" I chuckled at her weirdness ,but we picked out something good for her to wear. She put on her outfit and got ready now it was my turn. We went inside my room and went to my closet and took out a pile of clothes out and said "So I have all of this what do you think i should wear?" I asked her and the unexpected happen she just had to say to me too "Hmm I don't know. Do you want to look cute or Sexy?" She said laughing "Omg! why did i have to say it to you knowing you will find a way to tell me the same thing. " "Its all your fault Rox-Rox!So now answer my question?" she told me "Umm I guess Sexy too." I said chuckling. I ended up wearing shorts as well. I went to my bathroom to change ,but while i was in there i heard Sky's phone ring and her answering it. "Hello?" She said. I lagged it in the restroom to change to hear her conversation. After a while i heard her say "Fuck off" and then a click. I went out already changed to my outfit ,but when i took a step i fell i was drained out of energy. I tried getting up and i succeeded i opened the door and i saw a crying Sky in my bed, my papers all on the floor and my drawers and closet doors open some half open. "What is happening to me? I think i'm going crazy!I have a psycho stalker and mysterious things have been happening to me! Am i crazy?" She said to me crying. Over and Over she kept saying "I'm crazy!" and "What is happening to me" She said that while she cried and it made me want to tell her the whole truth ,but i knew i couldn't or else i would've gotten in trouble. I went to go hug her and soothe her telling her everything will be alright and we will figure it out sooner or later. "Look Sky!" I told her ,but she wouldn't look at me. "Sky look at me!" She finally looked at me and i told her "Right now don't worry about it. We will figure this out ,but right now you need to calm down. What happened to the Sky that said I will live a normal life from now on? There is a party going on tonight and i think it will relieve you from what happen today. You need to just enjoy yourself and forget about this. We are going to this party to dance, have fun, and drink until we are drunk enough. Now. Get. Up. Let's Go." I tried to motivate her until she stood up and said "You know what you are right. We are dressed badass for a reason to have fun and party. I will do my best to forget about what happen today,but right now lets go party because i need a drink." "That's what im talking about!" I told her. We got up from the bed and left my room and went next door not knowing what will happen tonight ,but i think its going to be a long crazy night.

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