Unknown Secret

I moved to escape the life I had ,but wherever I go it will always follow me.Even though I was new to town everyone knew me ,but I didn't know them.


1. A Life in Secret

Dear Diary,
I had to escape my life back in North Carolina the longer I stayed the closer they will get. It wasn't easy escaping The Crows they were vampires after all. My life now is just to run and not get capture, I don't see why I am that darn special im just a human right? During those years they kept me in a cellar and all i could hear from them is that they were going to use me when the time comes. What the hell do they want with me? Anyways when I escaped i found a motorcycle and took it. Pays off for the lessons I got from my dad, I miss him also my mom even though she was a bitch to me. I always went to my dad for everything and I would love to have him here with me now. Why does this have to happen to me why me? Anyways after i got the bike i drove off to Virginia after all my aunt and cousin live there now my uncle died to with my dad. They had moved because they couldn't stand living in North Carolina after what happen to my dad and my uncle. I finally got here and at least I still have them to call them my family. Well ever since I got here I been getting this feeling like the house is being watched and something terrible is going to happen ,but i cant think like that right now. I need to live like a normal person and that's what i will do. - Sky Blackstone 

"Sky! come downstairs please" my aunt said. "Im coming. Im coming"  I went downstairs to see my cousins eating breakfast and getting ready for school. "Get ready because your going to school today" she said "UGHH!! Why?" "Because even though you live here now and we took you under my wing you are still a teen and needs to go to school. Beside your not going to be alone your cousins are going to be with you." uggh I hate going to school. "Fine whatever!" I was stubborn I got to admit that, I think I got that from my mom. I went upstairs and got ready into a turquoise corset,my motorcycle jacket, denim black shorts, my black skull tights, and my Dr. Martens Blue shoes. I went outside to my beautiful bike. I love that bike so much I don't let anybody use it. I drove off to school as I got there all I saw was a Welcome Back banner i guess im starting second semester of my junior year. I met up with my cousin Tyler, Lucas, and Roxy. I guess they were waiting for me. "Hey whats up?" i said. "Mom told us that you need to go to the main office to get your schedule you are already enrolled" Tyler told me. At least they are in their Junior year to or i would of been alone. "Okay i will." Everyone left except Roxy. Her and i are really close we have a lot in common except in guys haha. "Are you ready to start a new life?" she asked me. "Kinda I don't know after what happen I get paranoid sometimes." Roxy was the only person i told about what happened to me when i got kidnapped and about that family that kept me locked in the cellar for almost 3 years. "Have you told anyone else about what happen to you?" "No not yet and i don't plan to. Roxy i really don't want to talk about it i just want to have a normal life. That's if i can have a normal life." "Okay fine let me take you to the main office then." We went inside the school and everyone was talking until the door slammed behind me and suddenly it was quiet and everyone started staring at me.Thank goodness i had my shades on because i felt awkward being stared at. I just started walking to the main office ,but a guy caught my attention because i sensed something weird about him ,but I snapped out of it and just went to ask for my schedule.

Unknown POV
She was so beautiful, I couldn't stop staring at her but i smelled something funky about her and i wanted to find out why she smelled like that. She walked pass by me ,but turned around and looked at me with a weird face. I could tell even if she had her shades on. My brother saw me staring at her but I saw that smile he had an interest for her well guess again she is mine. "Stop staring at her. She is mine" I said "Not for long." he told me with a devious smile.

Sky's POV
I got my schedule and my locker number. I went straight to my locker and Roxy was behind me. "Hey did you see the two guys standing by the main office when we went inside?" I had to ask of course. "Umm yeah why?" she told me. "Who are they? I sensed something weird about them." "They are The Ravens their family owns the house next to us. The two guys you saw are both brothers the one you were staring at was Vladimir Raven and his brother is named Demetri Raven. They have another brother and two sister too but they are somewhere around school. His two sisters are both head cheerleaders ,but they are not snobby like the rest of them." "Really? What are their other siblings names" "Well their brother's name is Zack Raven and their sisters names are Amelia Raven and Victoria Raven." "Wow! Such a big family! Anyways can we get to class i just want to sit down and put my head down" "Is that why you came to school today?" "Pretty much!" We left and I was trying to find out why The Raven siblings sound so familiar and why i sensed something weird about them. We finally got to class great history class I gave my paper to the teacher and sat in the back. Roxy was sitting in front me and when I turned to my left I saw the guy i was staring at this morning what was his name. Oh yeah Vladimir im just gonna call him Vlad and then i turned to my right and i saw his brother Demetri. Darn it why did I have to sit next to these mysterious people ugh. I sat there quietly until i sensed both brothers staring at me it was so weird I didn't know what to do ,but just text Roxy maybe she can help me with this problem. It wasn't really a problem it was just weird. The bell finally rang and i took Roxy's hand and pulled her out of the class.As we walked out for some reason i sensed someone else beside the brothers was staring at me like i was a freak. What was it with all this staring is it stair at Sky day or something. As we went to go to our other class i got a new message it was unknown. I opened it and it said *I know your secret!* I had a weirded out look and just turned off my phone. What is this person talking about I have no secret so i thought.

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