Once upon the seas

A series of poems related to the sea


8. MIllions of fish


Millions of millions, neverending streams of fish,

smooth-scales, sleek-bodied serpents swishing by,

into the wild, the unknown sea.


They go in groups, never stopping, leaving the weak behind.

It seems to be a race, a race where no one wins, competition for it's own sake.

It's lost its purpose, the schools of fish swim around in circles, endlessly.

There is but on end: a shark's jaw.


Well, not really, in this sea of circles, being caught, is a blessing,

allowed to stop swimming until you go belly up.



Those are the great schools of fish. 

There are others, rarer, but as good as those, that go alone,

alone in their journey, into the wild, unknown sea.

they are the brave ones, who still do so to know the sea better,

and aboid being caught in a fish race

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