What happens when 17 year old Cassie Williams goes to a school party one night with her friends without telling her parents and gets kidnapped while returning to her house? find out... (Harry Styles love story)


4. Chapter 4

Here's another chappy, hope you like it too :)


We were already at the party, many people had gotten there already and it was quite full, the house, well, mansion, was big, and literally the WHOLE school could fit in there.

Lace, Chris and I started walking towards the front door which was open. While we were walking I felt like somebody was watching us, I didn't know why I had gotten that feeling, but as soon as I felt that I began looking on my surroundings, to see if what I felt was actually true or I was just imagining things. I looked everywhere, but there was no sign of anything or anybody, "c'mon Cassie, stop imagining things" I said to myself, maybe I was just a bit nervous about the party, so I continued walking with the girls, we were already inside. Wow! Amy's house was huge! my jaw literally dropped when I entered the house, well, all of our jaws dropped when we got inside until we heard a voice say:

"Haha, erm, I think you guys should close your mouth, we don't want a fly to get in there right?" 

"Amy!, oh, yeah, sorry" I said

"No worries, I'm glad you could make it, I thought you guys weren't coming"

"We were so NOT going to miss this party, besides, we are young, we have to have some fun right?" Lace said

"Of course, well, I have to go, enjoy the party!" Amy said and then left

"Hey guys, I'll go get some drinks, what something?" I asked them

"Yeah, I want coke please" Lace said

"Ok, and you Chris?"

"I'll just have punch please" she answered

"Oki doki, be right back, don't get lost ok?"

"Haha, yeah right" Lacey said in a sarcastic tone

I just smiled at them and started walking towards the drinks, which was outside in the front door, so I basically had to exit the complete house to get drinks, anyhow, when I got to the drinks and searched for cups, I felt that strange feeling again, that someone was watching me, so I lifted my gaze an began searching trough the bushes and trees of the house that surrounded me, there was no sign of anything so I continued with the drinks, when I was finished, a noise that was like a "crack" came from on of the bushes, I got scared and began looking to the noise's direction, it was a bit lonely, almost everybody was inside, so it was only me actually outside. I moved my head a bit to the side to see if something was there, still nothing, I wasn't that convinced of that so I walked a little towards the bushes, both of the drinks were in my hands, I was almost there when someone screamed my name, it scared the hell out of me, I turned around to see who it was an it was Lacey she was with Chris, I guess they were looking for me, it had been a while since I had left, so maybe they thought that something bad had happened to me

"Lace! you scared me!" I told her in a scream-whisper tone

"Casse! what took you so long, I thought something bad had happened to you!?" Chris said in a worried tone and a the same time angry, she sometimes could act like a mother with us, Lace and I were a bit immature sometimes, and she was the only who civilized us a bit

"No, it's just that- wait, why did you think something bad could have happened to me?" I asked her worriedly

"I don't know, remember that I told you that I had a bad feeling that something bad might happened to us?"

"Yeah, I remember"

"Well, I had that same feeling again"

I stayed quiet for a minute, could Chris be actually right about this whole "bad feeling" thing?

"Ok, now, you just got insane babe, nothing bad is happening to us or Casse, we're in a party with school classmates and nothing else ok?, we're safe" Lacey said, well, at least she's positive right now "Now, why don't we go back inside, find somewhere to sit, and enjoy the party?" she continued, taking both of the cups off my hands one giving it to Chris

"Yeah, guess you're right, let's go inside" Chris said

"Yeah, let's go" I said

"Ok" Lacey said while she began walking toward the house again, followed by Chris, I stayed last, I was still curious about what that noise was so before I got any far, I turned my head around to where the bushes were and what I saw freaked me out...I saw 3 figures hiding in between the bushes, they were dressed in black with a mask covering their ace, apparently they saw that I had caught them, so they started running somewhere else, and disappeared. I knew somebody was watching me, well, in this case, us because there were 3 of them and we were the only girls in that place at the moment, I got scared, and what made me a lot more scared was the "bad feeling" thing Chris had told us about earlier, if the feeling that I had felt of someone watching me was true, could Chris's feeling of something bad happening to us also be true?, maybe something bad really might happen to us later, oh no, this is not good, we have to get out of this party NOW. 

I started running back inside the house, Chris and Lace were sitting on a couch, I went in their direction, breathing fast, I was now really scared

"Oh, finally, you're here" Lace said in a sarcastic tone

"Not now Lace" I said trying to catch my breath and not really wanting to here one of Lacey's "funny tones" right now

"What? is something wrong" Lace asked

"Are you ok?" Chris added

"I think Chris is right, something bad might happen to us, we have to go" 

"What? you too!?" Lace said a bit annoyed "Girls, nothing bad is going to happen, get over it"

"No Lace, we have to go, I just saw 3 men in black clothes and masks watching us, they were hiding in the bushes, and when I saw them the ran away"

"What? are you serious" Chris said standing up from the couch

"Well, maybe they were just having a walk, and decided to hide, to make a prank or something, because there are some guys who do that for fun" she said in an obvious tone which annoyed me

"No Lace, I'm telling you they were not those type of guys, they were different, and making a prank wasn't in their plans, that's for sure, we were the only one there, and if they had wanted to do a prank if would have been to a lot more people not only us three"

"And what do you think they were planning on doing" she said

"I don't know ok? I just don't have a good feeling about this, please, let's go"

"I'll go" Chris said

"What?" Lace said

"Lace, there are two of us that are having the same feelings about this" Chris answered

"Ok, why is it that ONLY you two are the ones having this "feeling" and not me?" she said quoting the word "feeling" with her fingers "I'm with you guys too, and honestly I don't have a bad feeling about anything" Lace said crossing her arms on her chest

"I don't know, maybe because you're the only one who wanted to come to this party? we just came because you asked us to, besides I had already told you what I was feeling" Chris said

"Ugh...ok, fine, let's go, BUT just because you guys THINK something bad can happen to us, you're the psychos here, so I'll just play along with you" she said starting to walk towards the front door, Chris and I followed, giving each other glaces of "it's no use, she's like that"

"Oh, are you guys leaving already?" we heard Amy ask, while we were going out the door

"Yeah, Chris and I are feeling a bit sick" I answered

"Oww, well, hope you guys get better, too bad you couldn't stay, but thanks for coming anyways" she said giving each one of us a hug

"Thanks" Chris and I said in unison

"Welcome, byee" she said

"Bye" we all answered, and with that we completely go out of the house

*Walk towards my house*

"You guys, honestly, are such big party poopers, you see, nothing has happened to us, which means you guys are officially crazy" she said while walking with her arms crossed on her chest

"We're not crazy, besides I still have the same feeling, and this dark and lonely streets are not helping" Chris said, it was quite dark an lonely it was about 10:30pm streets start getting lonely at that hour specially the one we were walking on

"Haha" was the only thing Lace said

We stayed quiet, the sound of Lacey's and my heels were the only thing you could hear, we continued walking, suddenly I hear far away a sound of a car that was going really fast, I stopped walking

"Did you guys hear that?" I asked turning around

"Here we go" Lace said

"No, seriously, did you hear that"

"What?" Chris and Lace said

Suddenly the sound of the car started to get a lot more audible, we all just looked to where the sound came from. Then we saw two light approaching, every time in got closer and closer, the car was coming fast. The car was just a few meter away from us, it stopped, and it stayed there for a while, the light were still on, I noticed it was a van, black one, it was quite luxurious. The lights turned off, and then I saw three of the door opens, the two front ones and the back one, three figures appeared, I half-closed both of my eyes and I saw they were three guys with black clothes and masks, they were the same guys I had seen in the bushes staring at us, I freaked, they were coming towards us, 

"Y-you guys, what's going on?" Lace asked as she saw the approaching, worry and fear was the only thing you could hear in her voice

"Girls" I said swallowing a bit of saliva "T-those are the guys that were spying at us in the party" I finished without moving my gaze off them 

"Run" was the only thing Chris said 

We all began running as fast as we could to the opposite direction, our heels still the only ones sounding in the street. I turned around and saw that the guys were already running too, I screamed, making the other girl turn around and do the same thing while increasing their speed. Lace and I were the ones having a lot more difficulty on running, we had heels, Chris didn't, so it was a lot more easier for her to run. I looked back again and they wear getting closer. I tried to increase my speed but I couldn't anymore, in one of the steps I made my foot bend, I didn't fall but it did hurt...badly...I kept running, like everyone else, we were tired, suddenly two strong arms grabbed me and lift me up, the next thing I felt was a handkerchief placed on my nose, with a strange smell on it, I began struggling with his arms, but he was just too strong, every time my body was getting weaker and weaker, my eyes became drowsy, I turned my head towards my best friends and saw them being caught by two other guys, I looked away and felt the same arms lift me up in bridal style, the last thing I saw was a pair of green eyes looking my way, then everything went dark.


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