What happens when 17 year old Cassie Williams goes to a school party one night with her friends without telling her parents and gets kidnapped while returning to her house? find out... (Harry Styles love story)


3. Chapter 3

It was already lunch time, Chris, Lace and I went to the court and sat on the benches

"So, you're not planning to tell your parents about the party" Chris asked 

"Nope, I mean, in other cases I would, but this time...nah, they're not going to find out anyway so, why tell them?"

"Buahaha the evil Casse has awoken" Lace said making be laugh, she always came up with something funny

"Haha, very funny Lace"

"I know" she said

"Casse, I know, that I might sound a bit boring, but I think you should tell them, no matter what they're doing, well, in this case your mom because she's the only one who's here, you don't know if something bad can happen to us"

"Yeah, I know I should tell her Chris, but I just don't want her to get mad at me because I asked her permission to go to a school party" 

"Yeah, besides it's just a school party, nothing bad is going to happen Chris, don't worry" Lace said

"I don't know you guys, I have this bad feeling about tonight, but maybe I'm just a bit hungry and that's making me go crazy haha ignore me" Chris said

"Haha, don't worry, nothing bad is going to happen" I told her

"I hope so" she answered back, she really looked sort of worried, but she shouldn't be...right? it's just a school party, nobody or nothing should hurt us...right?

While we were talking, Amy came over to us

"Hey girls, are you coming to my party tonight?" she asked

"Yes, we are, thanks for inviting us" Lace said

"No prob, see you there" and with that said she went back to her group of friends"


It was 6:30pm, and the party started at 7:30pm, so we could say we had enough time to get ready. Chris and Lace were laying down on my bed while I looked for something to wear, they already had chosen what the were going to use, Lacey's mom did the favor of bringing their outfits to my house when school was over, so, it was only me missing. I didn't know what to wear, it's not that I didn't have any clothes, It's just that I didn't know what to choose

"Casse, just pick anything, you have really nice clothes" Lace said in an annoyed tone, she was already bored of waiting for me, and we had to get dressed

"Lace, I don't know what to wear, you know I'm not good at choosing outfits for parties" I answered back also with an annoyed tone

"Ugh, let me see" she said, standing up from my bed and coming towards my closet, I gave her space and sat down on my bed, Chris was still laying down checking her phone

"Bingo!" I hear Lace say

"Found something" I asked her

"Yup" she said popping out the "p", "here use this"

Lace started throwing me the outfit she had chosen, she didn't have a good aim when throwing the clothes so I was jumping and running back and forth trying not to let them fall

"There, now let's get dressed babes!" she said in an excited tone

We began to take our clothes off, we didn't mind being in the same room, we were only girls, and we had seen each other only with our underclothes before

"I take your bathroom!" Lace announced racing her hand with her outfit hanging on her arm and waling toward my bathroom, I just shook my head, I couldn't even use my own bathroom! but she always did that, so, it wasn't new to me

"I'll take the visitors bathroom" Chris whispered, while grabbing her things and leaving the room

Well, guess I'll have to dress in my mom's room, I grabbed my outfit and headed to my mother's room, it was quite big so I had enough space to get dressed calmly

*1 hour later*

"C'mon guys we're late!" I heard Lacey said from my room

"I'm ready!" I heard Chris said a few seconds later

"Casse! are you almost done?" Chris asked from outside my mom's door

"Yeap, ready" I said opening the door

"Oh yeah! this girls are on fire tonight" Lacey said, Chris and I just laughed, she always had something funny to say, ALWAYS!

"Let's go then" I told them

"Let's go" both Chris and Lace replied


Hiiiii, I am so sorry I hadn't update trough all this months but I kinda forgot my I had a little bit of a problem in there hehe, but anyway I already solved it and will be updating a lot sooner now :) sorry again, thank you for the comments and reads :* hope you like the chappy!

~ endlesslove_1D

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