What happens when 17 year old Cassie Williams goes to a school party one night with her friends without telling her parents and gets kidnapped while returning to her house? find out... (Harry Styles love story)


2. Chapter 2

We were walking towards school, Lacey was talking about this school party that Amy (one of my classmates known as the "popular one") was doing int her house. I didn't get along with her but we weren't enemies either, I just stayed away from her and only talked to her when needed, like in projects, or school stuff, she did the same too, she wasn't mean with me, she just treated me like her classmate. 

So, Lacey was asking us (me and Chris) if we wanted to go, I wasn't sure at first, I hadn't gone to a party for a while now and I felt weird, so I was a bit undecided as well as Chris, she's a bit shy around people and it's not involved much in party things or stuff like that, so we both didn't know if we should go.

"C'mon girlsss, pleeasee do it for meee, your best friend that loves you with all her heart!please" Lace said with her "puppy face", she was good at it by the ways, I just couldn't resist it when she did it, I think she already has one, but when she gives it the "final touch" it's death for me, she's just adorable. 

Chris and I stood there looking at her, she still had he "puppy eyes" and was beginning to fake cry, she was so good a it, Chris couldn't take it anymore, she's a lot more sensitive that I am when it come to that

"OK! fine, I'll go but please Lace stop doing that face, really" Chris said in her defeated tone

"Yayy! you see Casse, she already said yes, SHE'S a good friend, not like you, that hates me...why Casse? why?" Lace said placing her head on Chris shoulder while hugging her pretending to cry

"Ugh, fine, I'll go, BUT just because of you"

"Yesss! thank you babeee! did I tell you I love you?" she said while giving me a bone crushing hug

"Mhm...a million times, did I already tell you're such a drama queen?" I said 

"Nope, but I know you love me that way" 

"Haha yeah, you're right" the three of us laughed, I don;t imagine my life without this girls, we're crazy, but that's what made us best friends, and I'm glad

"Let's go darlings, school is waiting" Chris said wrapping both Lace and I by the shoulder an putting us on each side of her arms, we grabbed her by the waist.

We were almost at school, Lace, Chris and I were laughing all the way because we almost fell in one of the stairs for walking together, we looked like if we where drunk or something, it was really funny. A lady stared at us while we were walking, we just felt so dumb and I think the poor lady thought we were retards, but we didn't care we continued doing our thing, until finally we got to school, it was still quite empty, we were early, it was about 7:30am and classes start at 8:00am, so I guess we were the first ones to arrive from our grade, which was great because we could calmly get our things ready for the first two hours of class

"What do we have first?" Lace asked trying to look at the schedule which was a bit away from us while heading out the door to the lockers

"Umm, we have..." Chris said, also trying to read the schedule "Literature, then Math" she finished saying, and went to the lockers

great the two subjects I dislike having in the morning, but oh well, it's Friday, beside we only have those to classes this day at that hour. I didn't disliked literature because of what they showed us, I just didn't like to have it in the morning, now Math, well, Math is a different story haha, I dislike what they show us and I also dislike it when we have it no matter the hour or day, I don't like it...AT ALL

"Tanks!" Lace said, opening her locker and getting her books, Chris and I did the same thing. When we finished getting our things we went back to our class, it was already full, we were surprised, it was like a magician had suddenly placed them in there. We headed to our desks, they had put us in a group, so our desks where in the same location. I placed my books in the desk and sat down, Chris and Lace did the same thing, and we began talking about the party tonight

"So watcha planning to wear?" Chris said

"I don't know yet, I'll see what I have and I'll decide from there" I answered

"Me too...Hey! what about if we go to your house Casse and dress there, so we can go together to the party"

"Yeah sure, my mom is not coming til tomorrow so...I guess it's okay" I told her, I am not going to tell her that I'll go to a party, she'll be in an important meeting, and if I called her, she'd probably get mad at me for interrupting her, so, I won't tell her, besides she's not going to know that I went to one, because I'll be back before she gets home, so everything's okay. My dad is on a trip, my mom called me on my way to school and told me, so he won't know either.

"Great!" Lace said and we continued talking about different things until the Literature teacher came, and class started.

Here's chapter 2, well, it might seem boring right know but I promise that next chapter will be interesting, if you wan't to know what happens just leave your comment telling me to continue or to stop, and telling me if you liked the chapter or you hated it (I hope you didn't) byeee xx


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