What happens when 17 year old Cassie Williams goes to a school party one night with her friends without telling her parents and gets kidnapped while returning to her house? find out... (Harry Styles love story)


1. Chapter 1

It was Friday morning, I woke up at the sound of my alarm,great, school time *note the sarcasm*. 


I sat on the corner of my bed and began stretching, ahh it felt so good, I stood up and went to the bathroom, took my clothes off and showered, the water is so cold in the morning so I practically die of hypothermia  I do have warm water but that would make me get all sleepy again and lazy, so I preferred to suffer for a few minutes.


I got dressed [polyvore] and went downstairs to have some breakfast, my mom always leaves me something in the microwave because she leaves early to work, she runs an important company of modeling and fashion, and she has to be early at work to prepare projects and stuff.


Surprisingly she hadn't left yet this time, she was in the kitchen making me the breakfast. My dad had already left to work, he never is in the house, actually, I never see him, but I guess that's what you have to deal with when you have an important business man that owns almost all the important companies of the country as a father.


I sat in the table and waited for my breakfast. In the mean while I started checking my cellphone to see if I had any messages from Lacey or Chris, guess not.

"Good Morning sweety" my mom said in a really nice tone


"Hi mom" I answered without taking my eyes out of the phone


"Here's your breakfast" she said placing the plate with bacon and eggs in front of me


"Thanks" I said, my eyes still glued on the device


"Cassie, I already told you that I don't like you to be with your phone at the table, please put it away and eat"


"Sorry" I placed the phone besides my plate and started eating


"Well I have to go, bye honey see you later" she said while grabbing her bag and keys


"Bye mom,take care, love you" I told her


"Love you too baby" and with that said she left


I finished eating my breakfast and went upstairs to get my bag. I got my house keys and left. While I was closing the door, someone called my name, it was Lacey and Chris, we went to school together every morning, and they both live near my house, so we decide not to take the school bus or let our parents take us and walk


"Hi babe" Lacey said giving me a hug


" Hi Lace" I said back


"Hello there hun" Chris said while also giving me a hug


"Hey Chris"


"Ready to go?" Lace said


"Yeap, let's go"


And with that said we headed to school


Hellow! hope you guys liked the chappy. Please comment telling me if I should continue it or stop it, I don't want to write something for no reason, so comment, heart, and follow...if you want...please?. Thanks for reading byeee :)


Stay Beautiful!

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