Secrets I can't tell

Alex is just and ordinary girl with an extraordinary life. She's had a rough life and still does. One day she gets a job that would change her life and the people around her as well. Read the story to find out more about Alex.


9. Too late for love, but early for danger

Alex's POV

 I laid in Niall's arms, thinking about Liam and Zayn. I now know who I truly do like. Liam. Yeah Niall is sweet and all but, I just...I don't know. I've just got this feeling towards Liam that I don't have towards Niall. Zayn is just a guy who randomly decided to kiss me. I will admit that the kiss was good and sweet, but not compared to Liam's. I wish I could be kissing him right now.

 I looked up at Niall who was starring down at me. He leaned towards me, and pressed his lips against mine. Again I only kissed back so I wouldn't hurt his feelings. He bit my bottom lip begging for entrance. I laughed, and don't let him. He pulled away and gave me a cute hurt look. I kissed him gently, Turing his frown upside down! Haha. He leaned against his chest. Then my phone started to vibrate. I sat up, it was Harry. Hmmm, I wonder what he wants.

 "Hey Harry what's up?" I asked while standing up off Niall's body. Then Niall got up as well, and put his hands on my hips.

 "Um.....something happened, something bad," he said nervously.

 "What happened? Where are you calling from? Please tell me Brandon is ok. Are ma and pa ok? Are you ok?" I shot Harry questions at once.

 "Im calling from my phone, im at the hopsital. Some masked men burst into the house, they started shooting bullets. I tried to protect ma, pa, and Brandon. But Brandon got shot! Ma and pa got a few cuts and bruises. I'm really sorry Alex! This is all my fault!" My baby got shot!

 "Harry it's not your fault ok! You tried. Atleast i know your ok. But my baby! Is he still alive! Please tell me he's alive!" Now I was scared.

 "I really don't know if any of them are ok. I called the hospital and they took them away. I was taken as well, but I was in a different car. I'm sorry babe, I really am," I could here him start to cry on the other side of the line.

 "Harry please don't cry, it's ok. But I need to go to my baby! He has to be alive! I'll see you at the hospital ok?" He said yes. Then I hung up the phone.

 "What happened babe?" Niall asked. I started to cry. He wrapped his arms around me.

 "My baby and grandparents got Hurt. my baby got shot, I need to get to the hospital now!"  I yelled back.

 "I'm sorry babe, I'll take you to the hospital," he offered.

 "Thank you Niall," he nodded and we made our way to his car. He speed off to the hospital. I hope my baby is ok.

 A few minutes later we arrived at the hospital. I ran out of Niall's car and sprinted into the hospital. I ran up to a women.

 "Excuse me ma'am, where is Brandon, Maria, and Ernest Mendoza's rooms!?" I said kind of yelling.

 "Please calm done miss, um....." She looked at the computer screen in front of her," Ernest and Maria Mendoza are in room104, and Brandon Mendoza is in room 101," I gave her a small smile and a thank you. I walked ran up to Niall.

 "Come on Ni!" He got up, while Niall walked I sprinted to my baby's room. I thought to myself 'I hope I'm not too late'. 

 I looked at the numbers on the hospital rooms, 98,99, 100, 101! I ran into the room. Where a little surprise sat next to my baby. My uncle Roy, also Brandon's father. What was he doing here!?

 "What the hell do you think your doing here!?"

 "Nice to see you too, the hospital called me. I am the brats father arn't I?" He said while laughing.

 "He is no brat! Get out of here! Get away from my baby!" He chuckled and made his way towards me. He leaned towards me to kiss me, but I slapped right across the face! He looked at me anger spreading on his face. He grabbed my wrist an doubled me closer towards him.

 "Let her go!" I turned around and saw Niall making his way to Roy. He then pushed Roy off me. I took this chance to run to my baby. He was covered from head to toe with a long blue blanket. I ran to hug Niall.

 "I can't believe he's dead!" Then I felt arms pull me away from Niall.

 "This is all your fault bitch! You let my son die! Ay and  who is blonde?" He said the last part amused.more tears ran down my cheek.

 "You don't need to know! Now let me the fuck go!" I scwermed in his arms trying to get free. I looked over to Niall. He looked at me then ran out of the room! What!. Why would he leave me alone!?

 Roy started to kiss my neck. 

 "Put your hands up!" I looked over to where the comment had come from. There was a security guard with a gun held high in his arms, pointed at Roy. Roy let go of me and I ran towards the c

security guard. Niall was also there. He had gone to get help! Thank you Niall!" I've been bustin' my ass looking for you all over this building! I can't believe someone let you in! Your mine now bitch!" Nail and I couldn't help but giggle a bit. So Roy was a wanted man. Ha. The cop handcuffed Roy and took him away, but before leaving he said,"all hail justice!" Then he took Roy away. I looked over at a laughing Niall.

 "Thank you Niall," I pulled his face down to mine and crashed my lips onto his. Then we both pulled away.

 "Your welcome," I gave him a weak smile, then I looked over at my baby.

 "My baby, he's dead...." I started crying. I ran to him. The only thing that wasn't covered by the blanket was his hhead. I grabbed his tiny hand in mine. I kissed it one last time. Niall came up to me and pulled me up into a hug. 

 "I'm sorry babe, he's in a better place now. Come on let's go see your grandparents, yeah?" I nodded. I looked at my baby one last time. Then I turned around quickly burrying my head in Niall's chest. Then we walked out of my Brandon's room and made our way to my grandparents room. 

 I still can't believ my baby is gone. I hope my grandparents are ok...

 Hey guys sorry it took me so long to update I've just been really busy and I really only have time for reading stories but not updating hehe. Hope you guys liked the chapter!


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