Secrets I can't tell

Alex is just and ordinary girl with an extraordinary life. She's had a rough life and still does. One day she gets a job that would change her life and the people around her as well. Read the story to find out more about Alex.


10. The secret that changed my life

Alex's POV

 Niall and I walked into my grandparents room. I hope they're ok. I can't bare to lose another one of my family members. My grandparents are the only family I have left. Well the only family I actually love.

 After walking a short distance we arrived to our destination. I opened the door slowly. I walked in, but Niall pulled my hand.

 "I'll wait for you here," I just nodded.

 "Come in boy, no Ned to stay outside," my ma (grandma) said. Niall walked in with me. I looked over to the other side where there was an empty bed.

 "Where's pa? (Grandpa)" I asked ma. Tears started to form in her eyes.

 "He had a heart attach and died," I ran up to ma and hugged her. I began to cry again. She pulled away and wiped my tears away,"it's ok sweetie, so how's Brandon?" I sighed sadly.

 "He died due to the shot he received," I didn't even tell her about Roy, he's gone now.

 "Oh, I'm so sorry sweetie, he was so young," she responded.

 "I know ma, I know." 

 "S how's Harry?" She asked. Shoot I haven't even checked if he was ok!

 "I haven't seen him yet, I will after I'm done seeing you," I responded.

 "Oh alright sweetie. Alex I need to tell you something. Something very important," her expressions became very serious. I leaned in a bit closer towards her to hear her better,"this is going to explain to you why I never like to take your money, you see your grandfather, may he rest in peace, and I were rich, and still are," she said.

 "What!?" I was shocked ande a bit mad at the same time.

 "Your grandfather and I were going to leave our money to your parents, know. So your now the rightful ow poner of 4.5 million dollars," I was shocked and I heard a gasp escape Niall's mouth.

 "So why if you had so much money and knew you were struggling with economical problems, why didn't you use the money!! All this time I felt bad because I felt like a freeloader, because you wouldn't accept the money I would give you," I responded/yelled.

 "Your grandpa and I wanted all the money to be there. Besides all we neede was love and family no money. We liked to work for what we had. We wanted you to live a good life. I'm sorry sweetie," I looked at her shocked then hugged her.

 "I'm sorry ma," she pulled away from the hug and cupped my face.

 "Ok, now promise me something."

 "Anything ma."

 "I want you to burry your grandfather and I at the top of a beautiful green hill, covered in white flowers," she said.

 "Of corse ma, with the money I'll cover the whole hill with flowers," I responded.

 "As for you young man," Niall looked yo from his phone, put it away, and walked up to my ma," even if you are just her friend please take care of her,a nd don't let anyone or anything hurt her. Please," Niall nodded, and looked at me. Then he smiled,"now I want my last words to be..." 

 "Be what? Wait. No! You can't leave now! I need you!" My ma is not going to die on me, not now! I grabbed her hand in mine and squeezed it tight.

 "I love you Alex," she said in a weak low voice, then her heart rate machine (or I think that's what you call it, you know the one that beeps ) started to beep like crazy, then the line turned into a straight one *beeeeeeeeeeeep...* her hand fell out of mine and fat on her side. I yelled for nurses and doctors, but it was too late now. She's gone. Niall hugged me tight in his arms, now the only person I have left is Harry. Before leaving, I watched as doctors put a blue blanket over my ma's body, then she was taken away. I started to cry softly. 

 We started making our way to Harry's room, when I realize, I don't know what room he's in. I saw a nurse pass by and I asked her. He was just three rooms away from where we were standing.

 We made our way to his room. I opened the door a crack. Then I walked in followed by Niall.

 "Harry?" I asked.

 "Alex! Babe!" I ran up to him. I hugged him tight. I looked at his face, he had a split lip, and a black eye. I ran my thumb over his lip, and I sighed.

 "I'm sorry this had to happen to you, and thank you for protecting them," he looked down.

 "But Brandon got shot! I'm sorry babe," he let tears flow down his cheek. I wiped them away, and cupped his face.

 "It's ok Harry," I hugged him tight.

 "We'll how's ma, pa, and Brandon?" He asked.

 "They all died," he pulled away from the hug.

 "What!? I'm so sorry Alex this is all my damn fault!" I sat down on the hospital bed and covered his face with his hands. I sat on his lap and pulled his hands out of his face.

 "This is none of your fault Harry. I'm just glad that your still ok," he hugged me close to his chest. Then we both stood up.

 "Who's your friend?" Harry asked while nodding towards Niall.

 "He's my friend, Niall," did I just say Friend? He looked a bit hurt. Well he hasn't asked me to be his girlfriend anyway, that surprises me too because we've kissed a few times. Harry and Niall shook hands.

 "We if you too ever become and item I hope you don't hurt her, because if you do I swear that's the day you die," I slapped Harry lightly on the chest.

 "Harry!" He looked down at me.

 "What?" He said back, I just rolled my eyes playfully at him, and I started to laugh. Soon Niall and Harry were laughing too.

 "Hey I'm getting tired can we leave the hospital now? My doc said I coulda leave today when I felt better," I just nodded. I wrapped my arms around Harry's torso. I just really feel safe in his arms, he like my brother. I love him to bits even though he sometimes annoys the shit pit of me! 

 We walked outside , Harry began to make his way to his car.

 "I'll see you tomorrow babe," I just nodded and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then he made his way to his car.

 "Alex, babe, do you want to go back to the mansion and stay for the night? Just to be sure that if those men show up to your house again you'll be safe," I nodded. We got into his car. He took his phone out, and rung up Mrs.Payne. She said it was alright if I slept over.

 ******skip boring car ride******

 We arrived at the mansion. Niall walked me to the mansion and gave me a kiss on the cheek good night, then I walked in.

 "Hello Alex, why did you what to move in so soon?" I sighed a bit.

 "My house was robbed, and I'm scared to go back," I didn't bother to tell her about my losses.

 "Oh, we'll what about your son?" Shoot.

 "He died to day along with my grandparents. It all happened when my house was robbed," she gave me a sympathy look,"I'm sorry, well you vpcan take the room next to Liam's," oh snap my room is going to be right next to his, Liam. I said thank you to Mrs.Payne and made my way to my new room. I walked in and inspected the room. It was beautiful! Also much bigger than my old one. The room was a light purple with a teal color. The bed sheets were white, and so was the furniture. There was a computer, and a boom shelf with books already in it! Sweet! There was a flat screen. 

 I took one of the books off the shelf and made my way to my new bed. I laid down on it while kicking off my shoes. Then I got lost the book.

 Hey guys hope u guys liked the chapter :)



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