Secrets I can't tell

Alex is just and ordinary girl with an extraordinary life. She's had a rough life and still does. One day she gets a job that would change her life and the people around her as well. Read the story to find out more about Alex.


8. The reason why

 Alex's POV

 So Zayn is the reason why Liam is in a wheelchair?

 "Wait so your saying that, that guy Zayn is the reason why Liam is in a wheelchair? Please explain further cuz I'm pretty confused right now," I looked at Niall, there was a lot or anger spread across his face. I grabbed his hand and squeezed it. I gave him a quick kiss on the lips, I need him to relax he's really tense right now," Niall why are you so mad and tense?" This wasn't about Zayn being the reason why Liam is in a wheelchair there's something else bothering him.

 "He kissed you! No one kisses my girl and gets away with it!" Wait hold up since when am I his girl? So he's jealous. That explains it. I kissed him gently on the lips and laid my hands on the back of his neck, then my hands went to his hair. He put his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him. I think I'm actually feeling something for Niall. He does care about me, he cares enough to be jealous. I find jealousy in a guy cute, but only to a limit. On Niall it was cute. Then I parted from his lips. He looked down at me and smiled. 

 "I didn't feel a thing when he kissed me Niall please don't be jealous of him," he looked at me for a while and just nodded,"now I believe you were going to tell me about Zayn being the whole reason why Liam is in a wheelchair," he nodded. He walked me over to a tree. He sat down leaning against it. I sat between his legs with my back on his chest and his arms wrapped around my waist.

 "We'll one night we were coming back from a party and Zayn had gotten really drunk. Liam was the one drinking with his girlfriend Danielle in the front with him, and Zayn and I in the back. He kept on distracting Liam while he was trying to drive and kept on covering his eyes. Liam began to swerve I tried to stop Zayn but I was too late and a car hit us. The car hit from Liam's side, where he was driving, and Danielle got a piece of glass down her neck. She died due to that. Liam got a sharp piece of glass down his spine casing him to lose feeling on his legs. I mean he still has hope of walking. The doctor said that with practice and therapy he would walk again. But he's just been pretty depressed lately and he's just giving up completely on himself. He really need someone. But he just keeps on pushing people away. As for I only got a few minor cuts and bruises," he lifted up his shirt to show me a scar on his tummy. I ran my fingers over the scar. It wasn't really that noticeable," after that night Liam got a restraining order and Zayn is not allowed near the mansion or his friend and family. Now you know why I got really pissed when I saw Zayn here. Please stay as far away from him as possible," I looked at him and nodded.

 "So Zayn's the reason why huh."

 "Yup," Niall and I just sat there for a while just talking and laughing. I do love how Niall can make me laugh at the smallest of things. He's just really sweet, and just adorable!

 Niall's POV

 what I told led about Zayn and Liam is partially true...she can't know the truth. She must never find out the truth. Zayn ans i are the only ones who remembers what happened that night. But they believed me. I just put a little twist in the story. It's better this way though. I just need to keep Alex away from Zayn as music ha s possible. I can't have her knowing the truth.

 Hey guys! Hope you like the chapter! Well now you know how Danielle died and why Liam is in a wheelchair. Hmmm what do you think is the truth? What is nail hiding? Why is he hiding it? Wait and read! Lol also sorry if it took me so long to update! I've just been really busy lately! Well I'm blowing off homework to update so... Eh I don't care! I'll just do my homework at school or something :) well hope you like the chapter! Sorry if it was too short!


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