Secrets I can't tell

Alex is just and ordinary girl with an extraordinary life. She's had a rough life and still does. One day she gets a job that would change her life and the people around her as well. Read the story to find out more about Alex.


11. That voice

Alex's POV

 I started to hum. I always do when I'm resting. Then I heard a knock at the door. I checked the page I was on, and then closed the book. 

 I walked up to the door and opened it.

 "Hey babe," it was Niall.

 "Hey, what are you doing? Aren't you tired?" I asked a bit curious.

 "I couldn't stop thinking about you, I came here to say good night," he gave me a kiss on the lips, then pulled away.

 "Good night Niall," I laughed then he left. I closed the door, and walked up to my bed. I don't have anything to wear to sleep in, but the clothes on my back, which aren't very comfortable to sleep in. I sure wish I had something to wear. Oh well. 

 I sat on the chair next to my new desk. I started to spin around while humming. Then I started to softly sing. I was getting kind of thirsty. I stood up and walked outside to look for the kitchen.

 Liam's POV

 I can't stop thinking about Alex and the kiss. Wow she's just so amazing. I was wondering as to how I was going to get into bed. 

 Then I heard the most beautiful and angelic voice. None of the maids sing, neither does my mom. I wonder who it is. I rolled out my room in search of the beautiful voice. On my way out I bumped into Alex, causing the glass of water in her hand to spill all over her clothes and mine.

 "I'm really sorry! I didn't see you," I apologized.

 "It's ok, no big deal. It's not like it was coffee, now then I'd be mad," she started to laugh. I think it's cute how her nose scrunches up when she laughs,"so what are you doing up still?" She asked.

 "We'll I heard so,done singing, and it sounded really pretty, I wanted to see if I could find out who the beautiful voice belonged to," her eyes widened, and she started to blush.

 "You heard that?" She asked a bit shocked.

 "Yeah, wait was that you singing?" She nodded yes,"well I think you have the most beautiful voice, I hope to hear it more often," she blushed even more.

 "Thank you," she responded while blushing.

 "Hey um one question not to be rude but, what are you doing here? I thought you weren't moving in until Monday?" I saw a small tear leak out of her eye. I grabbed her hand in mine. She looked at me and smiled. 

 "Well long story short pretty much my whole family died but my cousin, I just don't want to go back to my home, too many memories," she said. I pulled her down, and sat her on my lap. I snaked my arms around her waist and held her tight.

 "Im sorry Alex," I rubbed small circles on her back, then I realized she has no clothes to sleep in, well she does but they're wet," hey would you like to borrow Soren of my clothes to sleep in?" She nodded yes. I rolled into my room. She sat at the edge of my bed, while I pulled out some clothes for her. I handed her some sweatpants and a purple shirt. I handed them to her, she walked into my bathroom to change. I took my wet shirt off, and pulled off my pants, I'll just sleep in my boxers. She walked out of the bathroom. Wow she looks really cute in my clothes, my clothes fit her pretty big, but she looks cute. She glanced at my body, and then blushed. I couldn't help bit laugh.

 "Thanks for the clothes, do you need anything before I leave?" I nodded yes.

 "Yeah, I kinda need help getting onto my bed," she giggled a bit, causing me to blush.

 She helped me onto my bed, once I landed on my bed I pulled her down with me, she fell on top of my half naked body. She looked at me shocked, then she started laughing. I looked into her beautiful eyes, I started to lean closer to her. She did the same, until our lips collided together moving in sync. It felt so right. Then she pulled away, I gave her a pouty face. I didn't want to stop kissing her. She sat next to me and hugged her knees up to her chest. I used my elbows to sit up.

 "This is wrong I can't do this to Niall," what does she mean?

 "What? Your no doing anything to Niall," she looked at me, confusion spread across her face.

 "I thought I liked Niall, but I actually like someone else. But he likes me. I'm not sure though if I'm his girlfriend or not, we've kissed but I don't feel a thing, I used to until I kissed..."

 "Me?" I asked. She nodded,"I'm sorry if I'm making things hard for you. But I really like you, your nothing like all the other wanna be Barbies out there in the world. Your amazing. I really like you Ally, can I call you that?" She nodded while scooting closer to me. I wrapped and arm around her small figure. 

 "I'm just a bit confused right now, ill figure things out soon, can we just change the subject please?" I nodded, I didn't want to stress her out more than she already was.

 "Let's get to know each other yeah?" She nodded,"I'll go first, what's your favorite color?"

 "Easy purple it's cool and relaxing," she responded.

 "I too love purple, your turn."

 "Um, what's your favorite thing to do?" She asked.

 "Well I like to sing, but I'm not good," she looked at me then smiled.

 "Can you sing for me pleeeeeeeease," she begged stretching out the "e" in please.

 After a few seconds of arguing I agreed to sing only a little bit. I began to sing, then I finished. She was clapping, then she hugged me.

 "Your voice is amazing! I love it, it's so soft and just beautiful! Have you ever sang for people?" She said.

 "Actually your then only one he knows I like to sing, I'm not a good singer, and I just can't bare to have people make fun of my singing, my voice doesn't compare to yours," I looked down. I've always been extremely shy and reserved when it came to me singing. She grabbed day chin and made me face her.

 "You have an amazing voice Liam, no one would ever make fun of your singing. I know I wouldn't , your really talented don't you forget that," I gave her a small smile,"it's getting kinda late, and we both need to rest, good night Liam," she gave me a kiss on the cheek, she was about to leave when I pulled her close to me and have her a small quick kiss on the lips.

 "I know kissing you is not making things easy for you, but I just can't help myself form wanting to kiss your soft lips," she blushed at my comment. She kissed me passionately on the lips, then she smiled as she pulled away. Then she left,"good night my Ally," she smiled then left.

 It's official I love Ally.

 Alex's POV

 Liam is an amazing guy, with an amazing personality. Aaaaahhhhh why if its obvious that I like Liam I still feel confused!? 

 Hey guys sorry if the update was late, hope you guys liked the chapter, sorry for any mistakes


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