Secrets I can't tell

Alex is just and ordinary girl with an extraordinary life. She's had a rough life and still does. One day she gets a job that would change her life and the people around her as well. Read the story to find out more about Alex.


4. Niall

 I turned around to see a gorgeous boy with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. His cute puffy pink cheeks that make you just want to kiss them! He was wearing black overalls over a blue shirt and a pair of labor boots. He was dirty but he still looked really cute. He was still holding me in his arms. I felt...a bit weird and awkward. I was still shocked and didn't move away out of his grip.

 "Are you ok?" He asked in a beautiful strong Irish accent. I just nodded,"hi I'm Niall Horan! I'm the gardener here at the Payne mansion, I also live here. What's your name cutie?" I blushed a bit at his comment, cutie. If anything he's the cutie here.

 "Hi, I'm Alex Mendoza."

 "Nice to meet you Alex! So what brings you here?"

 "I'm here for the job interview for a nurse."

 "Ah you're going to be taking care of Mrs.Payne's son, Liam. *sigh* he hasn't been himself since the accident..." Now I'm really curious. Who's Liam? What accident? He's changed? Is he nice or is he bad? I pulled him onto a hug, then I pulled away. I don't know why, he just looked a bit bummed so i hugged him. He had a huge smile from ear to ear. Then he looked down and his eyes widened. He saw my bleeding knee,"oh no you're bleeding! Here come with me." He grabbed my hand in his and started making his way to who knows where. But my knee hurt pretty bad. I let out an 'ouch'. Niall stopped walking and asked,"does your knee hurt?"

 "To be honest yes it does."

 "Can you walk?" 

 "Not really..." I looked down a bit embarrassed. He cupped my face and lifted my face up, making me face him. 

 "It's ok that's not something to be embarrassed about. So you can't walk right now. Ok," he swept me off my feet,"I'll just have to carry you then!" We both laughed. Wow he sure is pretty darn strong.

 He started walking towards a red shack that was surrounded by a bunch of beautiful rainbows in form of flowers. I was curious and asked

 "Did you plant all of these beautiful flowers?" He is a gardener so I was guessing he planted all of the flowers.

 "Every single plant, tree, and flower was planted by me." He sat me down for a while and picked a white rose, and gave it to me.

 "How did you know I like white roses?" I love white roses, they attract me more than red roses.

 "I just had a hunch." He gave me a cheeky yet cute smile.

 He opened the door to the shack, picked me up again, and walked into the shack. He sat me on a black wooden stool.

 "Now, This may hurt a bit," he had a bottle of alcohol and a wet cloth. He grabbed my hand and said,"ready?" I just nodded. He slowly poured some onto my bleeding knee. My grip on his hand grew stronger, It stung pretty bad. Then he cleaned my cut, and but covered it with a bandage. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and said,"now was that so bad?" We both laughed. Once I let go of his hand it was white where I had squeezed and around it was red.

 "Sorry if I hurt your hand."

 "Naw it didn't hurt, but you sure are strong!"  We talked for a while and got to know each other more. I had totally forgotten about my interview!

 "Niall I think I gotta go now to my interview. I had totally forgotten!"

 "Oh ok! I'll take you."



 "For wha-" before I could finish my sentence or even ask he picked me up and carried me on his back. I wrapped my arms around his neck. His hand under my thighs.

 "Sorry if I'm heavy! But you're the one who wants to carry me!" 

 "I never said you were heavy! I've had to carry tons of bags of dirt on my back."

 "That explains why you're so strong," did I just say that out loud? Oops. He put me down and looked at my with an eyebrow raised and a cheeky smile smeared on his face.

 "So you think I'm strong?" He started flexing his muscle like a tough guy would. I pretended to faint and fanned my face. We both laughed. He has the cutest laugh ever!.

 "Well bye Alex good luck!" 

 "Bye Niall," he was about to leave but quickly turned around and smacked his lips right onto mine! I can't believe I kissed back. He then pulled away and just smiled. I turned cherry red. He started laughing and said

 "Theres more where that came from." Then he walked away. Oh my gosh. Do I? No I don't . Wait I do. I do have a crush. A crush on the new Irish hunk I just met. Oh lord if I get the job I'm going to be seeing a lot of him, and boy does he have a lot to offer and admire. Haha I'm making him sound like some sort if god! Well he kinda is. Well to me. 

 Hope I can concentrate on my interview!

 Hey guys hope you guys like the chapter! I made this one a bit longer for y'all.

 Xoxoxo- joselyn

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