Secrets I can't tell

Alex is just and ordinary girl with an extraordinary life. She's had a rough life and still does. One day she gets a job that would change her life and the people around her as well. Read the story to find out more about Alex.


13. Him again

 Alex's POV

 "Hi I'm Louis," I thought I would never hear that name again. Now he's back. I don't think he remembers me.

 "So now that you two have met each other shall we start heading to your house Alex?" I nodded keeping my eyes on Louis' face. He hasn't really changed. Only his hair do, but he still looks great. You see Lou and I used to date, but it was just not working out between us two. So I broke up with him...I wanted to be friends but he didn't want to he said he couldn't just be friends, that was about what, like three or four years ago. I will admit that I'm happy to see him, but he doesn't seem to even remember me, which does kinda hurt. How could he have forgotten sooner than me?

 Louis' POV

 It's her. It's really her. I haven't seen her in exactly four years. She's changed a lot. She seems thinner and much more mature. I'm glad to see her. I have this giant urge to grab her in my arms and kiss her soft plump lips. Oh those five months we dated were the best months of my life. I was furious when she broke things up between us two. She wanted to be friends, but I couldn't...I just couldn't just be her friend. But maybe I can win her heart all over again. I need also in my life. I need her love, I need to know that she's mine. Just mine.

 We started making our way to Alex's house. I decided since Niall was ahead of us to take this as an opportunity to catch up with her, well if she even still remembers me.

 "Hey Ally," her head snapped in my direction and she smiled a bit.

 "Hi Lou, so you remember me?" I nodded.

 "How could I forget you? How could I forget your beautiful face and personality? By the way you look great," she just giggled.

 "Thank you Lou. So how do you know Niall?" I shrugged my shoulders.

 "Well we met at a bar, and we started talking, and I guess we became friends from there on, how do you know Niall?"

 "I work in the same place as him," I looked over at him and looked at his outfit. He was wearing black shorts, white t-shirt, and a pair of red converse,"I see your taste in clothes hasn't changed," he looked down at his outfit and just laughed.

 "Your sure have, you seem girlier. Which is really cute," she bit her lower lip and looked up at me. I find that a major turn on. I always loved when she did that. I found myself pulling my body, but mostly my face, closer to her. Soon my lips crashed onto hers. She kissed me back. But then she pulled away, and slapped me across the face.

 "How dare you!" I put my hand up to my stinging cheek, damn she can hit.

 "I-I don't know, I thought you still liked me..." She looked to her side and shook her head.

 "You left me for three years-"

 "four years actually," I interrupted her.

 "Shut Lou I don't care! Four years whatever's, point is you never contacted me in any sort of way! You think that you could just wallnce on back in my life after four years, and then think I would get back together with you, that I would still like you! Your wrong Louis! Your wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!" I felt ashamed.

 "I'm sorry Ally, your don't have to forgive me. I'll just leave you alone," so much for getting her back.ahe looked at me. How hasn't Niall noticed any of this? I spoke too soon. I looked ahead and there stood an angry Niall.

 "Ay! Why is Alex yelling at you? What did you do to her!" I looked at her scared out of my mind.

 "We were playing and he accidentally hit me, I got mad at him but it's no big deal ok Niall. Please calm down," she totally lied to Niall. I looked at her and gave her a thank you look. She just sighed and rolled her eyes. She walked on over to Niall and wrapped her arms around his torso, huh? Are! She's dating Niall!? Oh great! Just great!

 I felt weird, disappointed, mad, sad, lonely. How could I have been so stupid and leave Ally? I just walked behind Niall and Ally the rest of the way to Ally's house. They looked happy together. I miss her way too much. But for her sake and mine, I have to let her go and move on. That's going to be too hard. But I guess if I really loved her I would leave her alone. You know what they say, if you love something set it free. I love Ally, but I have to set her free. But can I really? Ally is the love of my life, I wanted her to be the mother of my children, but now I know that's not going to happen. How could I have been so stupid? I felt a warm small tear roll down my cheek, I just stared down at the ground.

 "Go on ahead, it's the Josie at the way end of the street," I head Ally say calmly to Niall. 

 I just kept lay eyes closed slightly and my head down. But then I felt small arms wrapped around my body. I opened my watery eyes a litte more to see Ally hugging me. I pulled away form the hug and stepped a bit away form her.

 "I'm sorry Ally, but I just can't..." I started walking away form her.

 "What do you mean?" Now Ally stood next to me.

 "I can't hug you without wnting to kiss you, I can't be near you without wanting to wrap you in my arms, I can't be near you without wanting to hold your hand, I can't talk to you without wanting to cuddle with you," I looked t her and her eyes were watery.

 "I didn't know you felt that way Lou," I looked down at her.

 "All these years I couldn't stop thinking about you, I just didn't know how you'd react if I called you...I truly am sorry Ally. I understand we well never be an item, but I'm willing to just be friends. If you want to..." I stared down into her beautiful round eyes. She smiled widely and hugged my torso.

 "I love you Lou," I hugged her back. I know when she said I love you, she meant it as in friends, I'm cool with it. As long as I can be near her. I love her to bits.

 "I love you too," we pulled away from the hug and I wiped her tears away with one hand, while my other wiped my own.

 "Well Niall must already be at my house lets hurry up and catch up with him," I nodded. She grabbed my big hand in her small one and gave it a squeeze. She leaned her head on the side of my arm since she's not tall enough to reach my shoulder. I always liked how she was shorter than me. 

 We started walking and once we were near her house, we let go of each other and walked in.

 Ok hi guys, I'm sorry if this chapter is really short or sucks, it's just I need some ideas, what should happen next? Sorry it took me so firkin long to update, I'm a bad person -.- sorry but I'll try to update more often.

 Oh and I saw this and thought it was really cute


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