Secrets I can't tell

Alex is just and ordinary girl with an extraordinary life. She's had a rough life and still does. One day she gets a job that would change her life and the people around her as well. Read the story to find out more about Alex.


2. Getting ready

 I again got woken up by the loud sound of my alarm clock, yet Brandon was still fast asleep! Oh how I wish I could be a deep sleeper like him.

 Before I can even go to my interview I need to get a babysitter for Brandon, so I rung up Harry, my cousin. I slowly slid Brandon's small body off of me and gently settled him on a pillow, I put the covers over him. All he did was sigh and turn on his side. I  grabbed my phone off the bedside table and walked out into the hallway to call Harry. I held the phone up to my ear for a while.

 "Hello?" A husky voice asked on the other side of the phone line.

 "Hey Harry it's Alex, I wanted to ask if you could babysit Brandon while I go to a job interview," I heard him yawn loudly,"is that a no?" I asked.

 "Oh no I'm just tired, and yeah I'll babysit Brandon for you. So you found a job?"

 "Yeah as a nurse, I'm going to go for a job interview right now so I have to hurry!"

 "Why right now it's really early, It's 6:30 am!" He says sounding a bit more awake.

 "Yeah well I have to walk to my job interview pa needs the car today."

 "Well if you want I can take you Ally! Just wait a few minutes and I'll be on my way. Get Brandon ready I'm taking him with me, after I drop you off I'm taking him to go get ice cream and get ice cream wasted!" I couldn't help but laugh.

 "Someone's been watching Grown ups lately, Just don't give him too much, well unless you want to take care of a energetic crazy little monkey!" He started laughing soon his contagious laugh started to rub off on me and soon we were both laughing, the comment wasn't even that funny. 

 "Babe, I am an energetic crazy HOT little monkey!" Yeah he calls me babe, but he calls all the girls he knows babe Ex. His mom and sister, he calls them babe,"well start getting ready Babe I'm on my way ok?"

 "Ok bye love ya!"

 "Bye! Love ya tooooo!" I hung up. Harry and I have this brotherly sisterly love. Yeah he's my cousin but he's my best friend and my metaphorical brother.

 I walked into my room to check on Brandon. He wasn't there! 

 "Buddy where are you?" I was starting to get concerned because he wasn't answering. I heard a loud crash come form the  kitchen.                                                                                                                                                                                                   

  "Mommy help!" I sprinted to the kitchen.

 "Brandon are you ok?! What happened?!" 

 "I wanted to make you cereal but I drop bowl on ground. I'm sorry," Awww my baby wanted to make me breakfast! I grabbed him in my arms and kissed him in the cheek,"you not mad mommy?" He asks looking at me with his beautiful green big orbs.

 "No I'm not buddy I'm just glad you're safe, oh and cousin Harry is going to babysit you today ok? Mommy has to go somewhere I promise I'll be back soon ok?" He just nodded,"ok now lets go get you ready," I carried him to his room, he had taken a shower yesterday so I dressed him in a pair of shorts and a orange shirt with the words 'hardcore cutie' written across the shirt. I served him a bowl of cereal and told him to go watch the cartoons while I got ready.

 "Don't open the door to anyone sweetie!" I say out loud to Brandon. 

 "Ok," he replies.

 I walked into my room and shut the door. I walked into my bathroom, and stripped of my clothes. I took a warm shower. By the time I got out of the shower it was 7:00 am,  I still have a long time to get dressed, I have to be at my interview at 8:30 am.

 I let my curly brown hair dangle past my shoulders. I dried it and put it in a braid to the side. Now to see what I'm going to wear . Nothing too fancy, so I went with casual. I put on a purple and black dress that hovered just a bit over my knees. I then put on my black TOMS. 

 I walked into the living room where Brandon was watching cartoons. I sat down next to him. Seconds later Harry walled in through the door.

 "Harry!" Brandon and I said at the same time.

 "Hey Brandon! Hey babe!" He gave Brandon a kiss on the head and gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug,"ready to go?" Harry asked.

 "Yup! Ma! Pa! I'm going to be gone for a while so don't worry about me! Harry is going to babysit Brandon so if you guys need anything Harry is here to help!" I was yelling pretty loud since they're old.

 "Ok sweetie have a nice day!" Pa responded back mocking my yelling. I heard Harry laugh. I playfully hit him on the chest. 

 "Ouch! Ally! That really hurt!" I couldn't help bit laugh. We all waked up to Harry's car. I put Brandon in his chair in the back while I sat in the front with Harry. I told him the way to the house my interview was going to take place. We arrived at 8:23 am. Wow...I couldn't believe my eyes.

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