Secrets I can't tell

Alex is just and ordinary girl with an extraordinary life. She's had a rough life and still does. One day she gets a job that would change her life and the people around her as well. Read the story to find out more about Alex.


5. Finally the interview

 Alex's POV

 I walked into the mansion, and looked around. It's huge! The walls painted brown, brown and black furniture everywhere. Pictures of a family everywhere, although one did catch my eye, it was a boy and a beautiful girl hugging. But next to the girl said R.I.P. is she dead? I'm guessing yeah. 

 "I see you have arrived Miss?" She startled me a bit and made me jump. I turned around to see a women, that may I add was quite elegant. She was still expecting and answer.

 "Oh I'm sorry! My name is Alex Mendoza, nice to meet you. I'm guessing you're Mrs.Payne?"

 "You guessed right, and nice to meet you too. Come sit down love," she pointed to a chair in front of her's, I sat down,"may I ask why you are late Alex?"

 "Right, I'm sorry it's just I fell on my way here and scraped my knee I started bleeding, and your gardener Niall helped me and then brought me here. I'm sorry." 

 "It's alright. So I see you've met Niall. Nice boy very hard worker."

 "And cute," I mumbled.

 "What was that Alex?"


 "Alright so you want this job. But first I need to ask you a few questions alright, so how old are you?"

 "I'm 17 turning 18. Yes I know young age but I'm mature enough to have a job I promise you that."

 "Alright well my son is a bit older than you he's 20. But it's alright. So how about you tell me about your family," I stayed quiet for a while not really wanting to answer that question.

 "Well I live with my two grandparents and son. My parents died two years ago," I was trying so hard not to cry. I need to stay strong right now.

 "I'm truly sorry Alex."

 "It's ok. Thank you."

 "Ok well then if you take on the responsibility of this job you will be living here, work five days a week more if needed, you will be payed 16 dollars an hour, if I see you're doing a good job I will give you a raise."

 "That sounds great but I can't just leave my son alone with my grandparents," I will not leave my baby alone, not like his dad did.  

 "Well he can also live here with you in your room, aslong as he behaves and doesn't cause ruckus around here ok?" 

 "Yes ma'm thank you!" 

 "Now you have my approval and I'd give you the job but it's up to my son to be the judge of that, let me call  him so you can meet him and then see what he says alright?" I just nodded. Mrs.Payne called for Liam, I'm guessing that's her son's name. I saw a boy come roll towards us.

 "Liam this is Alex." 

 "Hi nice to meet you!" I held out my hand for him to shake but he just stared at my hand and then glared at me.

 "What is she doing here?" Liam asked, nodding his head towards me when he said she.

 "She's here for the nurse job interview, she's going to be your new nurse, that is if you approve," Liam looked at his mom and then looked at me, he stopped at my bleeding knee, but then quickly looked up. He started getting red a bit. Oh no this isn't going to be good.

 "Mom I don't need a nurse! I don't need her! I don't need her help! I don't need anybody!" Wow so I'm getting the job! Not! He looked at me one last time before storming away to a room. He opened the door, walked in, and slammed it shut! I jumped a bit, man I get startled easily.

 "I'm sorry you had to see and hear that, he'll eventually come around," Mrs.Payne assured.

 "So does this mean..."

 "You've got the job." 

 "I understand- wait? I got the job! Oh thank you Mrs.Payne! I won't let you down I promise!"

 "I hope so. Since its Friday you start on Monday at 8:30 am sharp you understand?"

 "Yes I got it. Excuse me Mrs.Payne before I leave can I talk to your son Liam?" I really want to know what Liam thinks about me, what was his problem? 

 "Yes you may, just go strait and take a left at a dark purple door. That's Liam's room."

 "Thank you," I made my way to the door. I stood outside of it. I took a deep breath and knocked.

 Niall's POV

 As I was plowing out some weeds with my hands I thought of Alex. I smiled stupidly to myself, bitting my lip. I can't believe I kissed her! What I can't believe more is that she kissed me back! She is amazing, I know I just met her but its like love at first sight. She's just breathtaking! 

 She's not like other girls, and I like that. 



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