Secrets I can't tell

Alex is just and ordinary girl with an extraordinary life. She's had a rough life and still does. One day she gets a job that would change her life and the people around her as well. Read the story to find out more about Alex.


15. Chapter 15

 Niall's POV

 I can't stand to see my precious Alex with that son of a b-I just can't stand Louis! I thought he was my friend but seems to me as though he wants to take Alex away from me! I mean he can have her right after what I have time to think about the plan right now. All I need now is to have Alex by my side, I really do like her but not all reasons are about her. There's two reasons why I can't let anyone take her away from me. One is being that I want her to be mine  In all ways possible and two well....I'm planning on getting married with her and taking advantage of the money her grandma and grandpa left her. Genius right? 

 I think I better change my attitude towards her though, I mean I did have a crush on her then I found out about the money...but just seeing her with someone else just pisses me off! She's mine and only mine! I take back what I said about Louis being able to have her!

 Alex's POV

 I felt a cold hand rub against my stomach. I looked behind me and there laid a sleeping Liam. He looks so peaceful and calm. This Liam has nothing to do with the Liam I had met the first time. He was a bit rude and mean, but really he was just scared and lonely. I mean he lost his girlfriend to a car crash which also took his walking ability away, well until he regains full strength. I'm supposed to be helping him exercise but he begged me we start next week.

 I stared at him. I guess if it weren't for the accident he was in I wouldn't be laying her in bed with him. Then I remembered him, Zayn. He sure is mysterious and just so...*sigh* I don't even know anymore. I mean I can't believe he's the cause for all of Liam's losses. What really left me pulled was the look on Zayn's face when he saw Niall. He seemed scared, betrayed and mad. But why? I mean he's the reason why right? Well that's what Niall told me...

 I should stop thinking about this and just enjoy being here with Liam. I huddled closer to his body to warm him up. He's pretty cold.

 "Thank you," I looked up at Liam curious.

 "Thanks for what?" I ask.

 "For making me warm," he replies and looks down at me. I just giggled and blush.

 "Well then you are very welcome," I reply smiling big. He chuckles and bends down a little and pecks my nose.

 "You're so cute," he tells me. I blush and just smile. He rests his forehead on mine and he just stares at me.

 "What?" I ask.

 "I really wish you'd break up with Niall so that I know you're completely mine and I wouldn't feel so guilty about kissing my friends girlfriend," he says while sighing. I completely understand and I also do feel guilty myself. I mean Niall doesn't deserve what I'm doing to him behind his back. It's just I don't know how to break up with him, how to break up with him, when to break up with him.

 "Well I mean Niall's a sweet guy and all but my heart belongs to someone else..." I say and look at Liam. He smiles and presses his lips against mine. Liam's hand pulls my shirt up a but from my waist and runs his now warm hands up and down my hips. My hands find their way up to Liam's short soft hair then down to his neck. The stubbles on his chin tickled my cheeks. I pulled away form his face and bit my lower lip. He pouted not wanting me to stop the kissing.

 "I'll be back," I say while getting up. I was going to my room and change.

 "Ok," he replies. I love how he domestic ask me where I'm going exactly Niall would of been questioning me where I was going and why.

 I walked into my room. I walked over to one of the boxes and opened it hoping it contained all my clothes. I bent down trying to pry open the box. I felt someone touch my waist.

 "Hey beautiful," the person whispers on my ear.

 I quickly turn around to be face to face with Zayn.

 "How did you get in here!?" I whisper yell.

 "Please don't tell anyone I'm here! Please," he whisper yells back.

 "How did you even get in?" I ask wondering as to how much skill he really has. He must have a lot to not have set off the alarms or be caught my the security guards. Or worse...Niall.

 "That doesn't matter," he replies. He walks over to the door and closes and locks it. Now I'm getting really nervous.

 "W-why are you here?" I ask him backing slowly into my bed as he got closer to me.

 "I just really needed to see you," he says sitting down besides me on the bed. 

 "What are you going to do to me?" I'm really scared right now. 

 "Nothing I just need to tell you the truth," he said. What truth?

 "What truth?" I ask curious.

 "Can I get a hug first?" He ask. He seems on the verge of crying.

 "Um..." He doesn't even wait for me to respond when he pulls me close to him and hugs me. He starts to cry. Um...not what I was expecting. I thought he was all tough. That's how Niall described him and that's how he looks. I rubbed his back with one hand while my other one played with his hair. He sat his head on my lap.

 "I'm sorry it's just..I wish things would go back to the way they were! I miss hanging out with Liam. I miss my family and friends, most of all, I miss the old Niall," he says between sniffles. What did he mean my the old Niall? Had Niall changed over the years?

 Zayn st up and took my hands in his.

 "Ok the truth about-"

 "Alex are ya there?" Niall says on the other side of my door interrupting Zayn. I looked at him and his eyes went wide. I quickly rushed him into my closet.

 "Stay in here and don't make a sound," I whisper to him.

 "Alex is everything ok in there?" He says sounding impatient.

 "Um, hold on! I'm changing!" I yell quickly getting random clothes out of the box. I stripped of my clothes and tossed them into the box and put on the clean clothes. I looked over to the closet, Zayn's head was peeking out from the closet door. I turned crimson red and rushed over to the closet. He smirked at me. I slapped him on his chest and shut the door. I ran over to the door and opened it. Niall ran in and looked around the room.

 "Why'd you take so long?" He asks.

 "Well I'm a girl, a-and girls take long to change," I reply quickly. He raises his eyebrows.

 "Well I could have sworn I heard you talking to someone," he walks around my room and looks at the closet. I run over to him and put my hands on his chest.

 "No it was just me," he looked at me like I was crazy then he looked at the closet. He opened. He door and I quickly turned him around and smashed my lips onto his. I turned us around making his back face the closet. Soon Niall gave into the kiss and started to kiss me back. I peeked over his shoulder and saw that Zayn looking at Niall in total anger and disgust. I tilted my head towards the door signaling him to get out. He tip toed out of the closet and blew me a kiss and winked. He slowly made his way to the door. I then started moving Niall and I so his back would now face the door. Zayn swiftly opened the door and ran out.

 I pulled away from Niall who looked totally shocked.

 "What was that for? I mean not that I liked it," he smirks and leans down to kiss me.

 "Um Niall well as you can see there's no one here. So how about you go get breakfast? I'll wait her and help Liam out with some exercising?" I suggest.

 "Why do you want to stay here with him? Why don't you want to come with me and we can eat breakfast together out?" He says. 

 "Well one its my job to take care of Liam, and what do ya say you bring back breakfast for you Liam and I and the three of us have breakfast together here?" I say hoping he's agree.

 "But I just want it to be you and I!" He replies clearly upset.

 "You and I can have breakfast together some other time. Now please go please?" I say and give him puppy dog eyes. He still looks mad,"please," I kiss his cheek,"please," I kiss his nose,"please," I kiss him softy on the lips.

 "Ok ok fine just this one time!" He said. I grin and kiss him once more before he leaves.

 I rush out of my room and into Liam's.

 "Wow you took a pretty long time cutie," he says still laying in bed with his arms behind his neck.

 "Sorry, do you need help with changing?" He nods.

 "Yes please," he says.

 "Ok, can I pick your outfit?" I ask.

 "Sure if you want," he says. I smile and rush to his closet. I pick out a nice black long sleeve shirt that would look great on his toned abs, chest and biceps. Next I picked out a pair of white skinny jeans and his black converse. I walked to where his undergarments were and picked out a pair of white boxers.

 "Like the outfit?" I ask laying all the clothes on his bed.

 "Yup," he says smiling. 

 I pull down his pants and then grab a hold of the elastic of the boxers he was wearing.

 "Um baby, I can take them off and put them on myself," he says while chuckling. I quickly remove my hands and turn around so he wouldn't see me blushing like crazy from embarrassment.

 "I um..." I couldn't find the words to apologize I was too embarrassed to turn around and face him.

 "I mean you can take them off you want," he said in a sexy low voice. I felt a pair of hands grab a hold of my hips. I turn around and look at him biting my lower lip. I look to my side and smile really wanting to just kiss his body.

 "Liam just change already!" I yell at him playfully.

 "Ok ok geeze babe you're the one that wanted to," he replies.

 "Oh shut up!" I jump onto his bed face down,"tell me when you need me to help you," I say through the pillow my face was buried in.

 I felt a tap on my shoulder.

 "Care to help me pull up my pants?" He says. Wait if he can put on his boxers, how come he can't put on his pants. Whatever I ain't passing by on this opportunity!

 I stand up grab the pants and kneel down in front of him. I help him put his legs through the jeans then pull them up just a little below his waist. Wow his body is smoken hot!

 I hand him his shirt and he puts it on.

 "Thanks for the help," he thanks me. He grabs me by my hands and pulls me onto his lap.

 "Well what about your shoes?" I ask looking down at his big foot compared to mine.

 "Oh yeah, help me?" I get up and help him put on his shoes. I then stand up and smile at him.

 "Done!" I say. I stare at his body and look at his outfit I so perfectly chose for his toned muscles. I love how the shirt is loose but still shows off his body.

 "I should let you pick out my outfits all the time," he says pleased with the clothes.

 I walked over to him and kissed his lips. It just felt so natural, so right. I mean when I kiss Niall it's ok and all but when I kiss Liam, wow just wow.

 "Niall went to go get the three of us breakfast so ya wanna start making our way to the kitchen?" I ask him.

 "Um what do ya say we go outside for a while, get some fresh air. Then when Niall comes we'll all come in and eat," I agree with his idea and we start making our way outside.

 It's a bit chilly outside but it was still better than being inside. 

 I lead us over to a tree and I sit down on the floor while Liam stays sat on his wheelchair. I leaned my head on the wheel of his chair not caring that it was dirty from the roll from the house to outside. We stayed quiet for a while. But then I heard Liam sniffle. I looked up at him, his eyes were watery and red. His right hand covered his mouth. 

 "What's wrong?" I say kneeing in front of him with my hands on his knees.

 "I-I just miss my old friend is all," he replies his voice creaking due to the tears he was holding back.

 "And who would that friend be?" I ask. I have a feeling it's Zayn but of coarse I'm not going to say anything or that I even know Zayn.

 "His name is Zayn, he's the reason of the accident I was and the loss of my girlfriend Daniele," he says letting a tear roll down his cheek. I raise my hand up to his cheek and rub it with my thumb trying to comfort and soothe him.

 "Well why dont you call him?" I ask. I mean he might hate him for what he did but it seems as though he's kinda willing to let it go and forgive him.

 "I don't know where he is anymore. Well I mean as I said earlier he's the reason of the accident, well that's what Niall told me. I don't really remeber anything from the accident, all I rembee is us coming back from a party and then a car hitting mine. Niall said Zayn was distracting me and I couldn't see so I ended up hitting another car. Actually I'm not sure if it was my fault or the other person driving the car," well seems that Niall was the only one who rembembered what happens that day. 

 "I'm sorry Liam."

 "I was so mad at the moment that I got a restraining order so Zayn couldn't come anywhere near me or my friends and family. I regret it now. I would take the restraining order nck ifu knew where he was. He escaped prison lord knows how. If only I could take all of that back. That whole day back, my girlfriend and friend back," he finishes. I couldn't believe what he said, the last part. That...that hurt. He wants his girlfriend back...but I thought he liked me? Well I gues wrong! I feel upset, sad, hurt but most of all heart broken. 

 I stood up and began to walk away from him.

 "We're are you going?" Liam's ask.

 "Anywhere where you're not!" I snap back. I've never been so broken in my life, well not ever since my whole family's deaths. 

 "Why? What did I do?" He asks confused. I turn around to face him and I furrow my eyes.

 "Are you serious? You told me you loved me, but right now you just said you wished you could have your girlfriend back! That hurts Liam! How can you say you love me when clearly you're not over your girlfriend and her death!?" I yell at him angered. I just wanted to slap him for being such and inconsiderate idiot!

 "I-I'm sorry! I really am! It's just so hard...but I do love you! I will get over her but not the love we had. She was the love of my life...but now I know that's not true, you're the love of my life. That accident happened for a reason, tha reason being I'd meet you and fall in love with my actual would mate," he replies in tears. I slowly walk up to him and slap him for upsetting me so much not considering how I would react to that comment, but then I smashed my lip onto his our lips moving in sync for the beautiful sweet words he just said. Now I believe that he loves me and there's not question about it. I love him too ith all my heart. There's just one thing keeping us apart, Niall. I need to break up with him now.

 "I love you soo much Liam. But I really do need to break up up with Niall. But thing is I'm going to hurt him if he finds out that I left him for his best friend. I mean he's going to fund out because he'll see us hugging and kissing. Now I don't want to hide our relation ship from no one, I don't believe in those kind of relationships the never end well or work out," I tell him. He nods in agreement. This is going to be hard.

 I stand up strait wipe my face from the tears and smile at Liam. I wipe his tears away too and I hug him tight. He wraps his arms around my waist. We pull apart just in time, Niall was pulling in on the driveway. He's back with food! Yeah! I'm starving.

 Liam and I made our way over to Niall to see if he needed any help. Niall opens the door and smiles at both of us.

 "Hey Liam," he waves at Liam as does Liam,"hey baby," he says leaning in to kiss me. His lips touch mine. I can feel Liam's eyes burn through Niall. I opened an eye and looked at him, he looks super mad and jealous. I gave him one of those 'do something please' looks. Lim clears his throat.

 "Um Niall do you need help with taking the food into the mansion?" Liam says. Niall sighs closes his eyes and looks down. He looks over my head which I'm guessing annoyed at the fact that Liam interrupted the kiss. He smiles at Liam which looks really fake and says.

 "Um no I got it, why don't you guys go inside and I'll bring in the food," Niall replies back. Liam and I nod and we walk into the mansion.

 Once we're inside I sigh of relief.

 "Thank you," I tell him.

 "Well I can't let anyone kiss my girl," he says smirking.

 "I'm not your girl yet," I say not looking at hima nd picking up my pace, once I was ahead of him I smiled at mysoef. This I can use to not Liam, nah just kidding I'm not like that. But I'm still not sure how I'm going to break up with Niall. I'll come up with something later I suppose.

 Liam caught up to me and smiled, right after Niall caught up aswell. The three of us walk into the kitchen and dig in! 

 Niall bought iHop, mmmmmm.

 Everything was great, I had one pancake left and some egg. 

 I walked over to the trash but someone had already taken it out, I guess it must have been one of the maids. I don't want to just throw the trash in the trash can I mean that's messed up.

 "I'll be back guys, oh and give your trash," I walked over to them and gathered their trash and staked mine on top.

 I walked outside to the trash can, I open the kid . I feel someone's presence near me. I look around, no one. 

 I continue with what I was doing when I feel a set of eyes on me, I quickly turn around and come face to face with Zayn, well more like face to chest because he's way taller than me.

 "Zayn what are you doing here, again!?" I say.

 "You don't want to know," he replies.

 "Well now I do," I respond.

 "You're going to think I'm nasty but I come here and look through the trash cans to see if there's any food, I'm starving. I don't have the money to buy food," he says. He looks down. Aw I feel bad for him

 "Well I have a pancake and some egg left over from my breakfast, want it?" I ask. He bungs me which surprised me since I wasn't expecting it.

 "Thank you," he says. I hand him my plate of food and starts waiting off of it. I throw the trash away and start making my way back inside.

 "Can you stay with me? Please," he ask reaching out for my hand, I sigh and take his hand.

 "But only for a little while!" I warn him.

 "Ok fine by me," he says smiling big. He really does have the most gorgeous smile, well actually Harry does. I mean I love Liam's smile and Lou's and Niall's but Harry's smile is wow. Shocker how he's single. 

 He sat down under a tree, as you can see there's a lot of trees here. I sat down next to him and watched him as he ate the food quickly. I guess he felt me starring at him because he looked at me. He wiped some egg off of his lower lip and he smiled at me.

 "Thank you Alex, for you know listening to me and feeding me haha," he says. I laugh a little. No wonder Liam misses his best friend. You know I would think Niall misses him too, but Niall seems to hate Zayn's guts. There are times where when Zayn and I meet he creeps me out but he's really sensitive and gentle.

 "You are very welcome. You know you're not what you seem," I tell him smiling at him. He blushes.

 "Well once tyou get to know me I'm not that bad," he smirks back biting his lower lip. He looks into my eyes and I feel myself get nervous and red at the cheeks.

 "What?" I ask looking down at my hands feeling shy.

 "You're just so pretty. I'd really like to just kiss you when ever I want, be able to call you mine whenever. But I know that's not going to happen. Can we like....just be you know friends? I could use one. I mean I would never hurt you in any kind of way, you're too kind to hurt."

 "Thank you. You'll find the right girl soon, any girl would be lucky to have you, well if you know you weren't a prisoner who escaped. Well Liam said that he wishes he would have never sent you to prison and got a restraining order. He misses you Zayn, he misses his friend," I grab his hand in mine. He smiles,"I would love for us to be BEST friends," I tell him. He grins big and hugs me. I hug him back.

 "Well before you have to leave I really need to tell you what I was going to tell you earlier about the truth, the truth about Niall. He's not who he seems," he pauses looking around.

 "Is it good or bad?" I ask. Before he can respond we hear someone call for someone.

 "Alex! Are you still outside!?" Niall yells. Shoot! Well he hasn't seen Zayn. I look at him and he looks annoyed. Every time he tries to tell me Niall is always interrupting. 

 "I'll be back, again thank you," he whispers. He hugs me once last time before he disappears.

 I stand up and make my way to where Niall's voice is coming from. We finnaly find each other.

 "Hey why did you take so long?" He asks looking around then at me.

 "I just wanted to stay out here for a while, it's so nice outside."

 "Oh well come on, we're going to watch a movie," he says. I nod and we start making our way back. He wrap his arm around me. He keeps kissing my neck while we walk.

 "Niall can you stop please," it makes me feel uncomfortable.

 "Oh come one babe," he says not stopping. He begins to suck on my neck. I push him off of me.

 "Niall I asked you to stop," I tell him calmly.

 "Fine whatever, sorry. Forgive me?" He kisses my cheek and hugs me. Damn it why does he have to be sweet sometimes!? Wow I sound mean now.

 "Fine I forgive you," I tell him hugging his torso.

 We walk inside and make our way to the living room.

 Liam rolls his wheelchair over to the side of the couch.

 "Everything is ready now just sit back and enjoy the movie!" Liam says all excited. How cute!

 Niall and I sat on the couch and he wrapped his arm around me. Toy story 3 was on. I love this movie!

 "Not this movie! Liam why?" Niall says in a whiney tone.

 "What? I love this movie!" I say defending Liam. I really do.

 "Thank you ally," Liam says.

 "Whatever," Niall says rolling his eyes.

 Niall kept nibbling at my ear and kissing me cheek. Now I regret saying we should watch this movie that Niall clearly didn't want to watch. I can see Liam glare at Niall. I would just mouth Liam sorry. 

 I watched the movie until I ended up falling asleep on Niall's chest.

 Hey guys sorry if you didn't like the chapter. Sorry if it's not long enough. What do you think Niall's secret is? You already found out some, and they're not good. Tune in fit the next chapter!





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