Secrets I can't tell

Alex is just and ordinary girl with an extraordinary life. She's had a rough life and still does. One day she gets a job that would change her life and the people around her as well. Read the story to find out more about Alex.


14. Chapter 14

 Alex's POV

 Louis and I walked in my house. Niall had already started moving furniture, well actually whatever was let of the furniture. 

 Things were scattered all around the ground,  a few shattered picture frames. I walked over to one and picked it up careful not to get cut with the glass. It was of Louis and I when we were younger. I studied it carefully and remembered the good times he and I had together.

 I felt a light tap,on my shoulder and I turned around.

 "Do you remember the day we took that picture?" I looked back at the picture seeing if looking at it would jog my memory and help me remember. After a while I looked back at Louis and said.

 "No," he looked down at the picture and smiled.

 "It was when we went on our first date, I took you to the park and we had a picnic," I blushed feeling bad that I couldn't remember when the picture was taken. I looked down at the picture once more and remembered that had caught me by surprise and took the picture.

 "Now I remember! You had taken it when I wasn't even ready! That's why I look a bit surprised," I laughed a bit," well at least I was smiling," I looked up at him he was smiling. But his eyes were a bit watery.

 "That was the best day of my life," I bit my bottom lip and hugged him tight around his waist. Hiding my face in his chest.

 "Louis please don't cry," I mumbled in his chest. He hugged my shoulders.

 "Ok I won't," we stayed like that until we heard someone clear their throat. 

 We quickly pulled away and looked over at Niall who had one eyebrow raised.

 "Um are you guys going to help or not?" He asked walking over to us and wrapping an arm around my waist looking Louis up and down.

 Louis just rolled his eyes and he started making his way to some boxes and started packing stuff into them. I was about to go help him when Niall pulled me back by my arm.

 "Can I help you Niall?" I asked. 

 "Why were you two hugging?" He asked a little annoyed.

 "Um...I-I saw a picture of Brandon and I started feeling bad so he tried comforting e by hugging me..." I lied. I couldn't tell him the real reason why we were hugging.

 "Oh well I don't want him touching you alright. If a hug is what you needed then why didn't you ask me," he pulled my close to his body wrapping his arms around me. 

 "Next time," I said and pulled away from the hug. I didn't even look at him and just walked on over to some small boxes I was going to use for my clothes and personal stuff.

 I picked up three small boxes and walked to my room.

 Before reaching my room I passed Brandon's room. I opened the door slightly and looked around. I can't believe my baby is gone. 

 I left the room before I would start crying my eyes out. I proceeded walking to my room.

 I walked in and looked around. It doesn't seem as though I got things stolen, everything was just scattered around the room. A few of the wardrobes open clothes sticking out form the sides. 

 I began packing my undergarments in the smallest box I had. Once I was done I started packing my clothes in one of the biggest boxes. I didn't have a lot of clothes so it wasn't really a hassle to pack my things.

 Finally the last box I packed all my books and notebooks.  I also put my only three pairs of shoes and the heart shaped clay box Brandon made for me with some help from pa. Last but not least I packed the watch (which I never wear) my mom and dad bought me for my 16th birthday, it's not the most glamorous watch in the world but that's not what matters. Well not to me. What matters is the personal meaning behind it. 

 I sat on my messy bed, the mattress half on the bed base and the other half on the ground. I started down at the watch remembering my parents. A tear rolled freely down my face curving around my nose then down my chin then onto the watch. 

 I closed my eyes trying to stop the tears from shooting down my face. I felt a warm body wrap me in a hug.

 "Babe what's wrong?" It was Niall. I stayed quiet for a while and just enjoyed his company and his warm hug. 

 After a while I pulled away from him.

 "I'm fine, just got a bit emotional with all that's happening. That's all really," he arched his eyebrows but the smiled.

 "If you say so babe," he kissed me gently on the lips. His lips attested like...bacon? Haha he had been eating. I couldn't help but giggle.

 "What?" He asked. I just smiled.

 "Nothing, can you help me bring these boxes down. I'm just going to donate all the furniture and Brandon's things. I mean that's all I can do with the things," I said.

 "Why don't you sell them?" He asked.

 "Well I don't need the money remember what my ma and pa left me?" I responded.

 "Well yeah but why donate the things I mean you should sell them," I shook my head at Niall's idea. 

 "Niall I don't need the money besides I'd be helping someone out by donating the things," I told him.

 "Whatever you say," he said with a slight sigh.

 He helped me carry down the boxes. Louis was packing all my pictures into boxes.

 "Thank you Louis," I was about to hug him when I remembered what Niall said, so I just smiled at Louis and took the box full of pictures. We walked outside with the boxes.

 "Hey Niall um how are we going to get my things to the mansion?" He looked at me confused the he made a face as if thinking 'I knew I forgot something!'

 "Crap I forgot to get a truck!" Niall exclaimed.

 "Smart ass," Louis mumbled. I think I was the only one who heard him. I giggled a bit.

 "What did you say?" Nail asked getting closer to Louis.

 "Nothing, nothing at all," Niall raised an eyebrow and started walking away towards me,"I only said the truth," Louis mumbled a bit loud.

 "That's it!" Niall dropped the box he was holding and charged at Louis. Louis dogged Niall and gently put the box down.

 "You little!" Niall ran towards Louis once more planting a good punch on Louis' face.

 "Niall stop!" I yelled trying to stop him. He doesn't know what he's getting himself into. Louis took boxing, Louis could kick Niall's ass!

 "No Alex let him," Louis said. Louis threw a left punch at Niall's face then a right punch at Niall's stomach. 

 Niall bent over hugging his stomach. I ran to Niall and rubbed his back.

 "Are you ok? Niall I warned you!" Well I did. Niall shook me off.

 "I'm fine, that pussy didn't do shit to me," I looked over at Louis who now looked mad. I ran to Louis before he could beat Niall even more.

 "Louis don't please," I looked up at him. Ouch Niall did hit Louis pretty hard. His cheek was red and puffy.

 "Fine I won't," I smiled at him, a wave of relief running through me.

 "Well then lets just carry the boxes, at least it isn't a really long of a walk from here to the mansion right?" They both looked at me.

 "Alex it's 33 blocks away," Niall exclaimed. I don't know my he's complaining! He's the one who forgot to get a truck to carry all the things! Of coarse I kept that thought to myself. But I could tell Louis was thinking the same thing as me by the look in his face,"well then we better start walking now," I said with a smile. 

 They both sighed and started carrying the boxes. Niall wanting to be the macho man he thinks he is, is carrying four boxes, Louis is carrying three and I'm carrying two well three but one old them is really small.

 ********3 hours later********

 We finally arrived at the mansion. My feet are killing me! I dropped the boxes on the ground and sat on the ground. 

 "Come on Alex we need to put the boxes in your room," Niall said. 

 I reached my hand up thinking Niall was going to help me up but he was already on his way to my room still carrying the five boxes. Instead Louis helped me up.

 "Thanks," he smiled at me and we started making our way to my room.

 We walked in and sat all the boxes on the ground.

 "Thank you guys so much for the help,"I sat down on my bed.

 "Well I'll be on my way now, bye Niall," Louis held his hand out for Niall to shake but Niall just brushed past him and walked out. Man I thought they were friends! 

 Louis looked shocked but shook it off and made his way to me.

 "Bye Alex," he leaned in to hug me the he kissed me on the cheek.

 "Bye Lou," he was about to leave when he turned around and walked to me.

 "Hey Alex can I have your number?" I nodded and asked for his phone.

 I typed my number in his phone.

 "Come here Lou," he sat next to me,"smile!" I smashed my lips onto his cheek and took a picture.

 "What was that for?" He asked blushing.

 "That's my picture so every time I call you you'll know who it is," I said.

 "That's why I have caller ID Alex," he laughed.

 "Well I wanted where to be a picture alright, do you want me to detect it?" He looked at me.

 "No no! No need for that," we both started laughing. 

 "I thought you were leaving," Lou's head and mine snapped in Niall's direction. He was standing outside the door with his arms crossed.

 "Bye Alex," he said, he gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked past Niall. Niall's face reddened in anger. He was about to go after Louis but I stopped him by pulling him by his shirt .

 "Niall no!" He turned around and walked into my room.

 "I don't want you ever hanging out with him ever again you hear me!?" He said in his Irish voice in a low loud tone.

 "You can't tell me what to do!" I snapped back. What makes him think he came controls me! 

 "Well I just did!" He left before I could even argue any further with him.

 I flopped onto my bed and hugged a pillow close to my face and yelled into it in frustration. It was more of a muffled sound. But I guess it was still pretty loud because Liam walked into my room.

 "Is everything alright Alex?" He asked concerned.

 "Um yeah yeah," I sat up on my bed and looked down at my hands.

 "I know you're lying Alex," he rolled his wheelchair over to me. He motioned for me to sit on hi lap. I did and leaned against his chest. He started rubbing my shoulders, it felt amazing.

 "Now what's wrong baby?" Liam asked . 

 "It's Niall, he's just *sigh* can we just leave it alone please. I'd rather not talk about it please," I turned around to face him. He nodded understanding I really didn't want to talk about it at the moment.

 He stared into my eyes and I did the same. He looked down at my lips and he bit down on his.

 "Can I?" He asked. I didn't even say a thing, I just smashed my lips onto his. I ran my hand up and down the back of his neck. The stubbles of hair on his chin and cheeks tickled my face.

 I pulled away and looked at him. He looked extremely attractive right now. Until now I noticed he wasn't wearing a shirt, only sweatpants.

 "Oh my..." I trailed off as I looked at his bare toned chest. I ran my hand over his chest then his biceps.

 "Haha like what you see?" He asked amused.

 "Yes-I mean um..." He just laughed and pulled my face close to his rubbing his nose over mine.

 "You know my mom isn't going to be back for two days she's on vacation, want to sleep with me? It's pretty cold and lonely in my room," he said. I smiled big. 

 "I don't see why not," I had completely forgotten about Niall. I know what I have to do. I'm going to have to do,I have to break up with him.

 "I'll meet you in your room let me just change into some sleeping clothes," he nodded and rolled out my room closing the door behind him. 

 I opened one of the boxes with my clothes on it. I took some shorts and a tank top out. I slipped everything off but my undergarments and put the other clothes on. I folded the clothes and set them on my bed. I walked out of my room and into Liam's.

 "Hey!" I said a bit too happy. 

 "Hey cutie, um can you help me onto my bed?" He asked sheepishly.

 "Sure," I helped him onto this bed then I climbed in right after him.

 "Good night beautiful," Liam said kissing me once more on my lips. Then he pulled away.

 "Good night handsome," I responded back.

 I laid on his chest and rested my head under his chin. I wrapped my arms around his body cuddling closer to him. He wrapped his arms around me and we fell asleep in each others arms.

 Hey guys I am soooooo sorry for taking forever to update! I didn't really know what I wanted to write next . Sorry if the chapter sucked or was short or both. If you liked it then yes!, lol



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