she's broken, relying on her silence. very shy, Rosie runs into Niall Horan who sets out to change her. He is relentless. will she give in or will he give up???
***its my first movella:) i hope you like it***


1. running

rosie's p.o.v

once again, he hit me. again and again and again. waiting for me to bleed, then laughing in my face. i watched as he stumbled out the door, doing something different this time. he left the door open. stumbling down the stairs to his room, locking his door. its my chance! to get away, to leave! i grabbed a few shirts, pants, my converse, and my beanie, shoving them into a bag along  with my life savings. i darted out the door and the front door. i continued running, slowing down after a while. i was stopped when i ran into someone. "i'm so so sorry!!" i cried. "it's okay. are you okay? your face is bleeding and you have been running..." he siad sweetly in an irish accent. "im fine..." i said, lying. "no no come with me please i insist" he said, leading me inside a massive home. thats when i heard, boys. screaming. loudly. very loudly.

*** A/N sorry it is so short. it is my first movella and it is just a starting chapter. i will update as much as possible!!!!!!***

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