she's broken, relying on her silence. very shy, Rosie runs into Niall Horan who sets out to change her. He is relentless. will she give in or will he give up???
***its my first movella:) i hope you like it***


3. happiness

rosie's p.o.v


this is by far the first time i've ever felt true happiness. after everything i've been through meeting this boy has made me happy. everything about him. his smile, his laugh, his eyes, his teeth. everything about him is amazing. he is just... perfect. and im just... broken. maybe i can find a way to let myself and my story be heard beyond just telling on person or the police. as i look around the room while Niall is sleeping, it begins to storm. as the lightening lights up the house, and thunder shakes it, i get up and walk to a room labeled MUSIC ROOM. as my curiousity takes over my thoughts to not enter a room that wasn't introduced to me, i opened the door. i saw tons of instruments and a recording booth. i grabbed one of the many guitars, and sat down. i started to play never say never by Justin Beiber. as the verses came i sang along in my head. when i finished, a huge clap of thunder hit. i smiled, and walked over to the piano. i played and sung my immortal by Evanescene. as the storm settled down and i went through looking at all the instruments, i finally walked out of the room, shutting the door quietly behind me, walking back to Niall's bedroom, laying down. i fell asleep tiredly.


niall's p.o.v


i woke up in the morning to see her laying there sleepily.  Liam walked in tiredly. "hey Nialler" he whispered. he walked up to us and looked at her. "she's beautiful.." he whispered. "yea. i think so too" she obviously heard us and rolled over, squishing her face into my chest. "Zayn wanted me to let you know that he is inviting Little Mix over. Louis is having El over, i'm having Dani over." he said. "alright Liam. thanks" i said. after Liam shut the door, she woke up. "hey Nialler" she said. "hey Rosie" i answered. she relaxed and looked at the ceiling. "how are you?" i asked. "for the first time i can truly say, happy"

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