she's broken, relying on her silence. very shy, Rosie runs into Niall Horan who sets out to change her. He is relentless. will she give in or will he give up???
***its my first movella:) i hope you like it***


2. beauty

niall's p.o.v

she is so gorgeous. standing there nervously playing with her hair. i noticed her body. she stood, quite small. she has long blonde hair framing her flawless face. her teeth gorgeously imperfect teeth forming a light smile, her bright blue eyes shining bright in the midday light shining through the window of the flat the boys and i share.she smiled at me lightly, blushing a light pink. "im Niall, what is your name?" i asked her politely. "im Rosie" she said. "are you now?" Louis asked stepping into the room along with the other boys. "love, your face is bleeding..." Liam said pointing out the obvious. she just simply lifted her hand touching the cut. she brought her hand down and looked at it for a few moments. "oh. i guess i am" she said quietly. Haryy jumped up and started flirting with her. Zayn eyed the two of us and asked with his eyes, are you two together? in response, i shook my head no.

rosie's p.o.v

"Niall a word? in the kitchen?" the one with black hair that was all spikey said. "okay...." he said. they walked away to the kitchen, talking quietly. "hi im liam and your name is Rosie... its very nice to meet you. come with me to the restroom and let me clean your face off." he said kindly. "okay...." i said quietly. he smiled and grabbed my hand, leading me back to this huge bathroom. "can i lift you onto the counter or no...?" he asked respectfully.i just shyly nodded. he lifted me up and set me on the counter. he wet a paper towel and started to wipe the blood off my face. "who did this to you?" he asked quietly. "my dad..." i said. "on accident im sure..." he said. "no. not on accident. he abuses me." i siad shyly. "but your beautiful. how could he do that to you?" he said. i blushed and could feel it. after he was finished, he helped me down and led me to the living room.  i walked in to find all of the boys laying on a couch. Liam sat down  and Niall walked up to me. "can i pick you up please?" he asked quietly. "sure..." i said confused and yawned. he lifted me up and carried me to a bedroom, setting me down on the bed and quietly sitting beside me.

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