A Night to Remeber!

My cousin and I stayed in to watch our favorite show from my DVD collection once it was in the darn thing wouldnt work until flash,sparks ,and lightening happen . We woke up somewhere else when it all happened.


7. Welcome Back Party

Nahabit's  POV
It was finally the day of the party that meant i get to see Stefan! As well see the part where Vicki gets "injured". Last night Tims and I were talking about everything that has been going on and what happens in this episode practically recapping everything. We had decided that we will try to save Vicki from getting bitten ,but I don't want to change the story that's wrong. Anyways after school finally came and Tamara came to pick me up thank goodness because i couldn't take any more words from Mr. Tanner he expects us to know everything. I barely moved her, well practically magically appeared here and expects me to know the history of this town. Thank goodness Stefan answered for me dang was he smart and cute. We finally got home and i went upstairs to pick out my outfit for the party. I took a shower and felt fresh and relieved. I put on my outfit for the party and fixed my hair and went inside Tamara's room. "HEY!" i screamed when i saw her coming out of her bathroom. "OMG! NAHABIT! you freaken scared me. Don't do that to me you know i hate being scared. Gosh!" "Im sorry im just really excited for today! Im going to see Stefan today." I said in my excited voice. "I know lucky bitch you get to see your man I haven't seen mine ,but anyways don't forget about Vicki. We need to keep an eye out for her. Okay! so are you going to just sit there or are you going to help me pick out something to wear?" "Fine I'll help you!" After almost an hour of picking something for her to wear she found something cute. We got in her car and drove off. Tims parked the car and went to find Bonnie. "Oh there she is!" I heard Tims say. "Hey you guys, cute outfits!" Bonnie said "Thanks" we said in unison. "Hey!" Elena said to us with a drink in her hand. "Hey girl!" I said and Tims just said Hi. We started talking about random stuff and then Bonnie and I started talking about Stefan. While Elena and Tims went to go get drinks. "So, Where is he?" Bonnie asked me as Elena and Tims come back. "Um I don't know. . ." I said "You tell us your the psychic one." Elena added. Tims and I had a What face and Elena explained to us that Bonnie says that her Grams says that she is a psychic and then it hit me oh yea that is what she tells Elena i forgot. "That's right I forgot" Bonnie says as she smiles and says "Give me a second Grams tells me I have to concentrate" "Wait! you need a crystal ball." I said while picking up a beer and saying "TAA-DAA!" Bonnie grabs the bottle ,but then had this face that i couldn't tell and I looked at Tamara and thought oh uh something is going to happen. Bonnie finally let go of the bottle and looked concerned at me "What?" I said almost a whisper. "It was weird, when I touched you, I saw a crow." she told me. Then it hit me oh shit I did see one when i was in the cemetery. "What!" I heard Tims say. "A crow, there was fog, a man" Bonnie told me and Tamara and i had concerned faces "Im drunk, its the drinking, nothing psychic about it. Yea, okay, im going to get a refill"Bonnie says as she walks away "okay" I whispered and heard Tamara call out"BONNIE!!" as Bonnie keeps walking away. Stefan finally shows up "Hi" I laughed "Hi!" "I did it again didn't I?" Stefan tells me "Yea, its fine" "Im sorry.You are upset about something?" Stefan tells me "Oh! um no its Bonnie she is just.." i stutter and just say "You know what, never mind you are here!" I tell him "Im here"he says as we smile at each other. We started walking to the bridge and just left Tamara there like nothing, I might get in trouble for that oh well."You are the talk of the town"I tell him "Am i?"Stefan says "Yea" I pause and say "Mysterious new guy, oh yea!" "well you have the mysterious disappointed look too." he tells me. "What makes me look mysterious?"I asked "Well, we did meet in a graveyard" "Right ,but technically we met by the girls restroom at school" I added "Well um you don't want to know i mean like its not something to talk bout in a party" "Well i never really been good at party chit chat." he told me "Well my parents really never cared about me. They only cared about my sister, so i went to that depressing stage were i will cut myself to unconsciousness. I almost died once. After my parents died, my sister practically took care of me and became like my mom. Cemeteries are the only place i can feel comfortable and good you know" I told him my almost not so true story "Well you wont always feel that way forever you know that." Stefan told me "I know" I told him. After a while of just by the bridge we started talking about different stuff we actually have a lot in common. Then Stefan took me away from my thoughts and said  "Elena and Caroline are looking over here. Are they like your best friend looking after you?" "I don't know I guess. I don't know why they are looking over here."I said. "Maybe they are just jealous." he said and made me smile "Maybe!" I said while looking at Stefan smiling and then I  notice Stefan's eyes are changing and then ask "Are you okay?" "Oh! um its nothing um ill go and get a us a drink"  he told me and left. I went back to the party and thought about this episode and then remember he is a vampire.I go look for Tamara ,but then see Elena and Matt talking and see what is going on between them. Stefan looks at Nahabit and tries to walk to her ,but Caroline intervene.I turned around and saw Stefan talking to Caroline. I looked at them and see Stefan saying "you and me is never going to happen" pays off for learning how to read lips something Tims and I do a lot He comes up to me and I say "I was wondering who abducted you but now i know."I say while swinging my legs and smiling "Those she um flirt like that with other guys?" Stefan asks me "No your fresh meat she'll back off eventually!"I said, "oh god! What does she want know" I said out loud "what is it??" Stefan asks me "My cousin she is calling me but she seems drunk." I lied she is obviously not drunk "want help?"he is so sweet "Nah its fine i got this" i walk away and see her go to the forest and I follow.

Tamara's POV 
As Stefan and Nahabit walk away from me i should of had expected that. They are like in there own little world just the two of them. I left to go get a drink i decided free beer = me getting drunk but then remembered that i needed to keep an eye out for Vicki.Which i did ,but i was still drinking. I saw Vicki and Tyler walk away as Jeremy looks with concerned eyes. I see Jeremy walk away and follow.I had seen everything that Tyler, Vicki and Jeremy arguing ,but then Tyler walks away. Poor Jeremy i felt sorry for him because then I saw Vicki walking away from Jeremy. She never did care about him. I decide to follow Vicki but then I see  her stop i heard noises probably that's why she stopped I hid behind a bush and i hear her call out "Jeremy" and then something happens.I didn't see anything because i had ran out of there to look for Nahabit. I called Nahabit and she sees me and makes this weird face and I read her lips she was saying something stupid about me to Stefan.Oh hell no! I was planning on making Stefan my new Vampire buddy she is going to ruin that NO! anyways back to serious stuff. I told her that i  had just seen Elena go after Jeremy and we decide to follow them. Then as Elena was screaming at Jeremy I see him fall and say with and afraid expression on his face "Vicki!" Abby and I run towards Elena and say "what happened?" "Omg! its Vicki"  we here Jeremy say in panic. "Omg!" Elena says. Then Vicki wakes up with a gasp and Jeremy carries her back to the party. We stayed behind them and start yelling "Get out of the way! Someone call the ambulance!"Abby said with me included then i went back to Vicki and started yelling to anybody who was paying attention "She is loosing a lot of blood! Get me a piece of cloth we need to keep the blood from running down NOW!" Elena heard me and ripped some type of cloth and gave it to me. Then I heard  Matt say "Omg what happened to her?"with concerned eyes looking at me. Then I looked up and see Stefan staring and walking away. Oh no as it all made sense now. Someone is back in town.


Stefan POV  I ran up to the boarding house and hear Zack say "Whats wrong?" "Somebody else was attacked and it wasn't me" i said while going up the stairs to my room I closed my door and walked in to my room. I stopped and then I hear a crow flying in to my room.  I turned around and see the person i least wanted to see in my life time "Damon!" ,"Hello Brother!" he said. "Crows a bit much, isn't it?" i told him. "Wait until you see what i can do with the fog!" he says "Why did you come here?" "Well i couldn't miss your first day of school. Your hair is different!, I like it!"he says "Its been fifteen years, Damon " "Thank God! couldn't take another day of the 90s that horrible look you had, did not suit you." "Why are you here!" I asked him once again. "I missed my little brother." "You hate small towns its boring to you, there is nothing for you to do." I told him maybe he would go away. "Well, I managed to keep myself.., busy!" "You do know you left that girl alive tonight.That is very clumsy of you." I told him. "Eh that can be a problem... for you!" he said. "Why are you here, now?" "I could ask you the same question, however, im fairly certain it could all be summed up into one little word... Nahabit!"
  Tamara's POV  I saw Matt looking at his sister Vicki as they put her inside the ambulance. I had managed to keep the blood in and i was for sure she will be fine. I had tried everything to prevent from her getting hurt ,but we cant prevent stuff from happening. Nahabit came beside me and then Bonnie came towards us and said "We are going to go to the grill for some coffee and wait for some news" "Okay um we are going to go home instead" I told her. Then she turned to Nahabit and said "Abby there is no way i can be a psychic ,but whatever i saw or think i saw, I have this feeling.." "Bonnie,what? I heard Nahabit say as a whisper. ".. That its just the beginning... for both of you!"
  Stefan's POV I was still with Damon trying to get some answers from him "Took my breath away ,Nahabit,she is a dead ringer for Genesis... is it working Stefan being around her, being in her world, those it make you feel alive." "She is not Genesis!" I told him. "Well lets hope not we both know how that ended. Tell me something when was the last time you had something stronger than a squirrel?" "I know what you are doing Damon and its not going to work"  "Come on don't you grave it a little.." "Stop!" I told him "Lets do it together,lets get some girls.. or lets just cut to the chase lets go straight to Nahabit or better yet, you get Nahabit and i get her sister Tamara." that hit my nerves nobody touches Nahabit "I SAID STOP IT!" I yelled at him "IMAGINE,HOW THEY'RE BLOOD TASTE LIKE!" I was utterly pissed off and threw him across the room out the window and yelled "I SAID STOP IT!" I was in the floor and Damon no where to be seen i got up and heard Damon say "I was impressed.. I give it a 6 missing some style but still was surprised  very good with the whole face grawr thing, it was good" he is above pissing me "Its all fun and games Damon ,huh, but wherever you go people die" I told him "That is given" "Not here, I wont allow it" I gave him a warning "I take that as an Invitation" "Damon,please, after all these years can we just give it a rest" I pleaded "I promised you and eternity of misery, so im just keeping my word" "Just stay away from Nahabit especially Tamara I know she looks like..." I was interrupted by Damon asking me "Where is your ring?" I looked down and noticed i didn't have it "Eh the sun is going to come up in a couple of hours then poof, ashes to ashes" I looked at him and he just laughed at me and said "Relax!, its right here" he stood out his hand and he had my ring. I looked at it and took it from him . I put it on relieved that it was back in my finger. Then Damon grasped my neck and threw me against the garage wall and told me "You should think better than to think you are stronger than me. You lost that fight when you stopped feeding on people, I wouldn't try it again. Oh look at that you woke Zack up" I stayed laying in the ground as he told me that and then just walked back to the boarding house.

Tamara's POV
We left home after saying our goodbyes to everyone. I opened the door and went to the living room with Nahabit behind me. "So do you have anything to say about today?"I asked Abby. "Umm something terrible is going to happened and im afraid to find out what it is." "Well, yea but i remembered something when i saw Stefan backing away from the crowd and leaving i remembered that their is someone new in town care to find out who?" I said excitedly but afraid. "Umm?" she said while nodding her head trying to find out who it was "He has dark hair, a sexy body, and beautiful attractive eyes!" her eyes widen as i said that and she finally figured it out. "OMG! DAMON!?!" "No duh! things are going to change and we are the center of that something going as of what Bonnie had said something terrible is going to happen to us and everything will change. We are going to have to stay and find out." "Yea this is going to be one crazy adventure." Abby said "Tell me about!" I said.



Finally updated after so many years :p
Anyways Enjoy!
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