A Night to Remeber!

My cousin and I stayed in to watch our favorite show from my DVD collection once it was in the darn thing wouldnt work until flash,sparks ,and lightening happen . We woke up somewhere else when it all happened.


6. The Grill

Nahabit's POV
After that encounter with Stefan, I left the cemetery and went back to school. I saw Tamara waiting for me in her new car. Damn that girl really loves blue. "I love the car. I cant wait to see the house." I told her."Omg you are going to love the house. By the way i found a job with Officer Forbes and i don't start till we have everything together so first thing is first shopping time. We need to buy clothes if we are staying here, so get in we have shopping to do." We left to the mall not that far from Mystic Grill as we were shopping I reminded myself that Elena invited us to the grill later. "Hey Tamara?" "Yea, Abby.Whats up?" "Um Elena invited us to go to the grill later. Do you want to come?"I asked her. "Sure why not. It could be fun." We finally finished shopping after going to Hot Topic, Hollister , Sidecca, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters  we left and went home. I was anxious to see the new house. We finally got to the house and my mouth literally dropped. Damn this girl really knows how to pick houses. "You like it?" She asked me. "Like it?I love it." I said. "I do get my own room and get to decorate it right?" I had to ask. "Of course, you can do whatever you want to your room we own this house." "Really YAY!!!" I was so excited I can finally decorate my own room. Well after checking out everything in the house and picking a room I left to go get ready for the grill. I finished getting ready and I saw Tamara coming downstairs she was wearing something pretty ,but simple. "Are you ready?" she asked me. Before I could answer her the doorbell rang. I looked at Tamara with a confused face nobody knows where we live yet. What the hell. I was wondering it rang again and I went to open the door. It was Stefan. "Hey!" "Hi, umm how did you find out where I live?" I said. "I asked Ms Forbes if she knew. Knowing she is the sheriff in town." he said looking nervous. "Oh." its all i could say we stayed quiet for a while till he said "Your going out?" "Oh yea, Elena invited my sister and I to the grill."I told him "Oh well I came to drop off your journal you dropped it when you were in the cemetery." He told me. I had totally forgotten about my notebook. "Oh thanks.Umm do you want to go to the grill with us?" "Um sure." he said. "Okay let me just get my things. You don't have to stay outside you know." I said while looking for my things until i saw Stefan still standing outside. I saw Tamara look at me as to say remember he can't come in unless invited. Omg i totally forgot he can't come inside so I went out and said "You can come in you know." "Umm okay" he said and came inside. After finding my purse Tamara drove us to the grill and there we saw Elena,Caroline, Bonnie, and Matt we haven't actually met him yet ,but im happy i will right now. We went up to them and said hello. I saw Elena starring at Stefan and then looking away. That was weird.

Tamara's POV
We sat down on a table with Elena and everyone else ,but one thing that didn't go unnoticed was that Elena was starring at Stefan and I think Nahabit was jealous. We started talking and then Caroline asked "Why did you guys move from awesome California to boring old Mystic Falls?"  "We left because we were practically on our own. After both of our parents died we stayed there for a few months ,but memories of our mom were all around the house. We still own the house ,but we moved because we wanted to not have other people feel sorry for us. Since we have each other we will be fine I hope." "Oh interesting! Don't you have a job though." she asked "Yea i just got one with your mom actually." "Wait how you are to young to be working in at an old person job." she chuckled why telling me this. Then Bonnie answered for me "Actually Caroline, Tamara is 21 and has been working as an FBI agent." "Really now, when did you graduate high school and college?" she asked. When Bonnie said practically everything i saw Stefan with and eyebrow up.Hope he doesn't think im a vampire ,but of course i answered Caroline "I graduated high school at the age of 14 and college at the age of 18." Everyone was so fascinated with my life story until finally Caroline stopped asking questions and started questioning Stefan with flirtatious eyes. What I have learned about Stefan was that his parents were dead, he doesn't have a brother(I know that's a lie) and that he lives with his "uncle" in the Salvatore Boarding house. I already knew all that just had to pretend i didn't. When Caroline stopped asking him questions as well she said "Well since you guys are new. You guys don't know about the Welcome Back Party." "Its a big thing in the falls." Bonnie said. "Ill go if Nahabit goes." Stefan said and i saw Nahabit blushing while Elena and Caroline had jealous eyes. Nahabit started stuttering and I said "She'll be there I mean we will be there." Nahabit looked at me and i just ignored her. "Um yea we will be there." Abby said. "Well we shall see you guys later its getting late and i need to talk with Nahabit.Bye you guys." I really needed to talk with Abby about all this and what is happening. We said goodbye and we left. We got home and the first thing i said was "Have you noticed how Elena has been acting?" "Um yea why?" she said. "Well first of all isn't Stefan suppose to fall for Elena not you?" "Yea that's what happens in the first episode." "Well i think the story is changing and its going to be different with us here." I saw realization going through Nahabit and she finally understood me. Something bad is going to happen and we don't know what.

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