A Night to Remeber!

My cousin and I stayed in to watch our favorite show from my DVD collection once it was in the darn thing wouldnt work until flash,sparks ,and lightening happen . We woke up somewhere else when it all happened.


5. Stefan Salvatore

Tamara's POV
 As i kept looking at Nahabit she looked away and ran to the restroom. Hmm i wonder why,probably fixing her self.As she ran to the restroom i saw Elena looking at someone,it was her brother Jeremy looking suspicious and going to the restroom as well. Elena went to follow him ahh (sigh*)  this episode and the stoner talk ,but i do feel bad for Jeremy. Well Bonnie and i stayed there staring at the new guy and all i hear Bonnie say "Please be hot, please be hot!!" She is so funny he finally turned around and i immediately turned around i don't want to be a freak that stares at any guy. He passed by Bonnie and then pass by me ,but while he was walking he looked at me with this weird curious eye it was weird. Anyways the funny part was that as he kept walking Nahabit came out of the bathroom and bumped into him and all her stuff fell. As they were picking up the stuff that were on the floor they ended up hitting their heads too. I wanted to laugh so hard it was too funny ,but i hold it in because i saw Nahabit give me the evil eye haha.

Nahabit's POV
I ran to the restroom because i knew who that guy was and i didn't want to meet him yet i was panicking so i went to the restroom.Beside in this episode Elena is supposed to meet him so it will never happen. I kept thinking things over of how it will never happen and how probably Elena is already meeting him i got over it and got out of the restroom. As i got out i bumped into someone else, "Is this seriously happening to me again, damn it im not going to keep meeting people by bumping into them." Then as the person was helping me gather my stuff he chuckled at what i said but before i could see who it was we hit our heads "oww omg im sorry!" As i was in pain i saw Tamara wanting to laugh and i just gave her my evil eye. I got up looked at the guy with wide eyes and said why did it have to be him. I smiled and said "Sorry, that usually doesn't happen to me, you know bumping into people." i didn't know what to say but he smile and i just walked away. I went up to Tamara and told her "This cant be happening to me right now." "Well it happened and u screwed it up.Well the bell is about to ring i shall be leaving know and look for a job and a house for us. Bye have fun and try not to bump into anymore people, Bye Bonnie! Have fun!"she told me. I looked at her and just said "Bye now leave!" she left and i was left there with Bonnie and then Elena came out of the guys restroom. We started walking to class since we had the same classes together. What a coincidence, as i went inside i saw the new guy in the same class with us. Omg don't panic Nahabit its fine just sit down in a seat. I sat down and as Mr. Tanner kept talking, yes i know i have him as a teacher awful, anyways i turned around and sure enough he was staring at me i just smiled and turned around. The bell finally rang and i left ,but i was stopped by Caroline and Elena. "Hey you should try out for cheerleading" Caroline asked me. "Don't worry i was dragged into it to." Elena told me."umm I don't know maybe i will. I just need to like help my sister find a house right now and stuff but i will consider it."i said "okay" they both said. Caroline had left and Elena stood there and asked "Do you want to come to the Grill later with us" "Umm sure why not ill see you there" I told her "Oh can i bring my sister with me" I almost forgot about Tamara. "Oh sure of course she can come"she told me.After that talk we had, I left and I decided to take a walk in the cemetery.Its my comfort place to just think about stuff and write in my journal. I bought the journal when we went to buy our clothes. I got it because i may one day want to come back to the day my cousin and i got trapped here for some reason. You may never know when you need it.

Tamara's POV
I left the school and decided to look for a job first. I went to Sherrif's office and i met Caroline's mom, Ms. Forbes. I went up to her and ask "Hi im Tamara Lopez im looking for a job right now and was wondering if i can work here. I came from California and i am an FBI agent so yes i am experienced ." "Umm you seem young to be working here. How old are you?" she asked me. "Im 21. I have my credentials if you want to see them."I said. I knew she wasn't going to believe me nobody ever did or took me seriously when it came to my work. "Okay do you have your paper work" she asked me. "Umm not at the moment not with me. You see i barely moved here with my sister and we don't have anything with us right now." i had to come up with a quick lie.  "Its fine so you guys haven't settled in yet. Have you found a house yet?" she told me. "No not yet I was gonna go house hunting after this." i said."Ohh i know this house that is by the woods that's on sale you can go check it out. And oh almost forgot Welcome to the force! We are in need of an agent like you here in town."she told me and i knew what she was talking about. "Omg thank you! Well ill see you around im going to go check out that house."I left and went to go get a car first because i am not walking through the forest looking for the house. I went to a car dealership and bought a turquoise Lamborghini murcielago  and then i left to find the house. I was passing through the woods and saw the sale sign i went inside and found the most beautiful house ever in the forest.  I had to buy it and I did. I signed all the necessary paperwork and left to go look for Nahabit.

Nahabit's  POV
As i sat by some graves and i was writing in my journal a mysterious fog started to form ,but i didn't really payed attention i was used to it. After a while i started to here a crow cawing at me then i started to panic i was like "What the Hell! shoo go away you stupid bird!" It flew away thank God that bird was scary. As i was walking back to where i was sitting that stupid bird came back and scared me because it started cawing at me again. I got my bag and started walking away until the bird started following me i started running and as i ran i looked back an I saw a shadow. I ended up falling and i as i got up i saw the new guy ,but he had startled me. "How.. what are you doing here?" i asked "I saw you fall and wanted to see if you are okay"he said. Aww how nice he came to see if im okay. "Umm yea im good i think anyways. I didn't get to tell you my name at school. Im Nahabit." i told him. "That's a pretty name im Stefan."  he told me. "I know." did i just said that "Everyone at school was talking about you. Your new here?" I felt stupid. "Umm yea. You are to huh?" "yes." Then out of the ordinary he said "Are you bleeding " "Umm i don't know let me check. Oh look at that I am ill clean it later. Its not that ba..." as i looked up and was about to finish my sentence he was gone.


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