A Night to Remeber!

My cousin and I stayed in to watch our favorite show from my DVD collection once it was in the darn thing wouldnt work until flash,sparks ,and lightening happen . We woke up somewhere else when it all happened.


1. Nahabit Lopez

Hey you guys my name is Nahabit. I am 17 and i am a Junior,i barely see my parents due to the fact that i live with my cousin Tamara. My parents barely pay attention to me so i left and moved in with her she practically is my second mom. She took me under her wing when i couldn't stand living in that house anymore. I just love spending time with her, she is the best. I love going to places with her especially going to Six Flags together we have a blast anywhere we go well here is more information about me:

Height ; 5'3

Favorite Color ; Red and black

Favorite Food ; My mom’s famous popusas . (When i see her)

What I Like ; Going To The Beach and hanging out with my friends , and rock bands .

What I dislike ; my room . its pink -.-

My Hobbies ; Drawing , Singing , Playing Piano , & Guitar 

Bye my lovelies for now

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