A Night to Remeber!

My cousin and I stayed in to watch our favorite show from my DVD collection once it was in the darn thing wouldnt work until flash,sparks ,and lightening happen . We woke up somewhere else when it all happened.


9. Meeting Him!

Nahabit's Pov

 Dear Diary,
  These past days have been amazing, I will say. I finally met him and every night before i go to bed i pinch myself to see if this is a dream. I am finally happy for once is it because i wake up every morning knowing i will see him. Probably it is. I know longer have to wake up knowing that im not loved because i am. I have a wonderful cousin that cares for me and gives me everything i want and maybe possibly Stefan the one I love. Hopefully being here doesnt change who we are but i totally doubt it. Today for some reason feels different like there is someone lurking around the house ,but who cares im happy and that is all it matters. Well this is going to be one crazy adventure and i dont really want to miss out on everything. ~Abby~

I closed my diary and hid it in a secret compartment i had under my bed. You can never be to safe were you put your belongings. I changed into my outfit for today and went downstairs to see if Tims was there. "Hey Abby!" she said. "Hello Tims!!" I yelled all happy and a smile on my face. "Well you look very happy. What did you do or plan to do? or im scared to ask What did you take?" she said while laughing. I laughed and said "What im not planning or doing anything and no im not taking anything remember i stopped a long time ago." I saw her relax and i kept talking still smiling "I am happy because i feel good about today. I get to see Stefan again and i know this isnt a dream." I said. "Well I am very happy for you ,but i need to tell you something. When you went to sleep i went to the grill to meet up with Bonnie and Caroline and guess who I saw?" she told me.I started to ponder and then it hit me "You saw..." I said with a shocked expression in my face. "Yes!! I saw him I literally wanted to like melt ,but i kept it together. I went over to Bonnie's table sat down ordered a coffee and then just talked with them ,but i finish drinking my coffee and then I left and I dont know what happen after that."she told me. "Omg!! Thats crazy!" I told her. "Yea it was i wanted to go over there and be like fan girling over him but i stayed calmed. Anyways dont you have school to go to?" she told me. "Oh yea I forgot. Let's go im ready already so you can drop me off."I told her. We got to school and I went to history excited to see Stefan, I sat down and started to 'pay attention' in class. While Mr. Tanner kept talking about some comet i dont even know what he is talking about. I turned around and i saw Stefan he was staring at me too he smiled at me and i just smiled back. Then Mr. Tanner had to come and ruin everything " Are we bothering you Mr. Salvatore?" I looked up to see this stupid teacher while he said "Ms. Lopez?" and I just nod and thank goodness the bell rang because that was embarrasing. I got up from my chair to walk out and I saw Elena with a jealous expression on her face. I just left and went to go talk to Matt. "Hey hows your sister doing?" I asked of course i was concerned and also just in case Tamara asks "They are keeping her overnight to make sure there's no infection, but she should be able to come home tomorrow." he told me. I felt bad for her ,but we cant prevent things from happening. "That's good news" i told him. "Did you get in touch with your mom?" yes i know his mom isnt living with them. "I called and left a message. She's in Virginia Beach with her boyfriend, so... we'll see how long it takes her to come rushing home" he told me. "Well Vicki's lucky that she is okay." I told him while we stopped walking. "I know, and now there's talk of some missing campers. he told me while thinking in my head oh my i know who it was and i need to tell Tims everything he is telling me. "Well did Vicki tell you what kind of animal attacked her?" I asked. "She said it was a vampire." he told me. "What?" i said surprised. "Yeah, she wakes up last night and mutters "Vampire" and then passes out" he told me. I am definatly telling her all of this "Okay, that is weird." I told him. "I think she was drunk... So what's up with you and the new guy?" he asked me. I turn around to see my cute, fine, ass Stefan sitting down reading something. "I dont know,.. yet he is really sweet though." I told him. "Well thats great. Do you know how Elena is?" he asked me. "Umm I dont know i think she has been avoiding me for some reason" i told him. "Hmm that is unsual of her. Anyways I'm gonna go back to the hospital to check up on Vicki and besides i want to be there when she wakes up, get the real story about last night." I nodded and he walked away from me. I turned around to go talk to Stefan ,but he was no longer there so i just left to find Tims.

Tamara's POV
I picked up Abby from school and we went to the grill there we saw Bonnie, Elena, and Caroline. They saw us and waved for us to go and sit down with them. They had some brouchers i guess its for tomorrow's comet they asked us if we wanted to help fold them and pass them out. We said sure and started folding them then Bonnie started talking. "Well, I was talking to Grams, and she said the comet is a sign of impending doom.The last time it passed through Mystic Falls there was lots of death. So much blood and carnage, it created a bed of paranormal activity." I got so interested in what she was saying and thinking everything that she is saying will be true and i was scared. "Yeah, and then you poured Grams another shot and she told you about the aliens."  Caroline said while i looked at her surprised. "So then what?" she asked Nahabit. "So then nothing." Abby said. "You and Stefan talked all night?" she said. Oh, I know they were talking all night I kept hearing her laugh, I wanted to yell at her to shut up ,but that will be rude so i tried to fall asleep. Which did not happen at all. "There was no sloppy first kiss or touchy feely of any kind?" Caroline asked. Damn does she want to know everything or is she just jealous like Elena. Which reminds me she is being really quiet hmm. "Nope. We didnt go there." Abby said. "Not even a handshake? I mean, Nahabit, we are your friends. Ok? You are supposed to share the smut" Caroline said. I just kept folding papers while listening to this. "We just talked for hours." Abby said. "Ok, what is with the blockage? Just jump his bones already! Ok, it's easy. Boy likes Girl, Girl likes Boy, Sex." Caroline said with a grin. Of course she would know all this my goodness. "Profound" Abby said with a 'wow' voice. Then i noticed her face she is gonna say something she is going to regret. She grabbed her pursed and started to get up, "Where are you going?" Bonnie and I asked at the same time. "Caroline's right. It is easy. If I sit here long enough, I'll end up talking myself out of it. Instead of doing what i started the day  saying i was going to do" Abby said while grabbing my hand and pulling me to follow. We got in the car and i started driving. "Where are we going?" I asked her. "We are going to meet someone and I want to talk to Stefan. So we are going to the Salvatore Boarding house. Now drive!" she told me. "My goodness, Ms. Bossy. You are lucky I am driving and cant punch you, as well as, knowing where they live." I told her. We finally got to the house and may i say it looked huge in real life I was amazed by its beauty. We finally got to the front entrance and i pulled on the bell hanging in the side of the door. Then i saw Nahabit using the door knocker to see if anybody was home ,but the door was opened. That was weird. We went inside and i heard Abby call out Stefan's name we went inside and into the hallway. I noticed his bag was on the chair and Nahabit called out his name again. I was just looking around at how amazing the house looked from inside too. Then out of nowhere we heard a screech and we turned around we started walking towards the noise and then I heard a nasty sound coming from outside and a crow flew inside and we ducked from it. I turned around and came face to face with a gorgeous good looking guy. My goodness i almost fainted ,but i held my ground. I saw him just stare at me and i started to stutter "I..I'm sorry for barging in well, we. The door was.." I turned around to see the door closed and i just finished my sentence "Open." I turned around to see him all confused and then he started talking to me. " You must be Tamara." he said. While i was saying inside my head 'omg he knows my name' yes i was practically fan girling over him in my head like crazy."I'm Damon, Stefan's brother." he told me. "He didnt tell me he had a brother." Nahabit said. "Well, Stefan's not one to brag." he told us. "Oh, um this is my sister..."i was telling him when he interrupting me. "Nahabit, Right? Well its nice meeting you two. Please, come. I'm sure Stefan will be along any second." he told us while we followed him to the living room. "Wow. This is your living room, its amazing."I said. " Living room,parlor, Sotheby's auction.Its a little bit kitschy for my taste. I see why my brother's so smitten." I was so confused, what was he talking about. But then i noticed he was talking to Nahabit while looking at me. Why does he keep doing that? Do i have something on my face? "It's about time. For a while there, I never thought he'd get over the last one. Nearly destroyed him." he continued telling us well mostly to Nahabit, I just listened. Hmm now i wonder, why is he trying to make Abby feel disappointed or jealous. "The last one?" I heard Abby say. "Yeah, Veronica, his girlfriend?"Nahabit looked at Damon weirdly,uncomfortable and regretful for what she was about to hear. But then again she should know, i dont know why she is acting like this we seen this episode so many times.Damon started talking again with a fake sorry tone getting me out of my thoughts. "Oh, you two haven't had the awkward exes conversation yet." Nahabit nodded a no and he continued speaking while i just listened staring at him like such a girl. "OOPS. Well, i'm sure it'll come up now. Or maybe he didn't want to tell you because he didn't want you to think he was on the rebound." he kept speaking to Nahabit while she looked disappointed. I got over my fan girling moment and wanted to tell him off because he was making Abby sad, freaking punk. He may be hot but he always pissed me off when he was a jerk in the first season. "We all know how those relationships end." he said. "Excuse me, Hi, umm why are you telling us this? You say it like every relationship is doomed to end." I told him all mad now. "I'm a fatalist....Hello, Stefan!" Damon said while i stared at him about to tell him something again ,but was stopped by Stefan's presence and Nahabit turning to see him just standing there. "Nahabit....Tamara. I didn't know you guys were coming over." Stefan told us, still looking at Damon with hatred eyes on him. "I know. We should of called. I just..." Nahabit was telling him while going to Stefan ,but was interrupted by Damon. I was still staring at him he had a secret i could tell, I wanted to find out so badly. "Oh, dont be silly. You're both welcomed anytime. Right, Stefan?" Damon said looking at both of us and then at Stefan. Damn Stefan did not break eye contact with Damon he really hates him or maybe he is just curious of what Damon is hiding or trying to do. I was interrupted from my thoughts by Damon, "You know,I should break out the family photo albums, or some home movies. But... I have to warn you. He wasn't always such a looker." He told Nahabit and i let out a small chuckle at the last comment he made. "Sorry!" I said as Damon looked at me and gave me his sexy smirk. I almost fainted ,but then Stefan started talking with his serious tone, " Thank you for stopping by, Nahabit. Nice to see you." I looked at him with a what the hell look and said "hey, what about me?" Damon looked at me after having a 'are you serious' stare with Stefan.I still got ignored so i stayed quiet, Nahabit looked at Stefan with a surprised face still on her, "Yeah, I think we should probably go. It was nice to meet you, Damon." Nahabit said. "It was nice meeting you Tamara" Damon told me grabbing my hand and kissing it while smirking at me.I seriously wanted to scream and yell but i stayed serious. He went to Abby and said "It was great meeting you,too, Nahabit" he told her. Nahabit walked up to Stefan and i was behind her, "Stefan?" she said while he still kept staring at Damon. "Stefan?" I heard Nahabit say again, he finally looked at her ,but he didn't say anything he just stepped aside for us to pass and he went back to stare at Damon with an evil stare. Damn he has really bad tension with him ,but he was looking like a jerk. We walked out of the house and into the car to go home.

Damon's Pov

I got to admit Tamara is hot and feisty, she reminds me of... No i told myself i will not go back on that. She can go rot in hell for all I care. Both of them take us back and time, I saw them walk out through the door and I whistled to Stefan. Know i can get my mission 'Keep making Stefan's life a living hell' to begin "Great gals. Whoo Nahabit's got spunk ,but Tamara she is feisty and she is also a cop. I like it. You on the other hand looked pooped. Did you over-exert yourself today? Let me guess...Hospital." I told him. "Someone had to clean up your mess." Stefan told me besides it was his job anyways I no longer cared. "Well, were you successful? Did the powers of persuasion work? Remember, if you dont feed properly, none of those little tricks work right." I told him treating him like a little kid."How long was Nahabit and Tamara her for? He asked me, is that  all    he cares about he didnt even tell me a hello what a brother I have ,but then again i am making his life miserable so why not continue tormenting him. "Were you worried, Stefan? Scared we may be doomed to repeat the past? Isn't that why you play your little game, 'Im a high school human'?" I scoffed at him. "Im not playing any games." he told me. "Of course you are.We both know the closest you'll ever get to humanity is when you rip it open and feed on it." I told him whispering it in his ear so he can understand that feeding on a human is fun and better than feeding on his little animal friends."What kind of game are you playing...Damon?" he asked me. "Guess you'll just have to wait and see, won't you?" I said walking a way with a smile of success on my face.
Tamara's Pov We finally got home and i went to the kitchen to make some coffee while having a smile on my face. Abby noticed me and she knew why i was smiling, "I see you are happy" she told me. "Of course i am happy,I literally wanted to melt everytime he stared at me. Especially when he smiled at me and kissed my hand my goodness. I was fan girling over him in my head i swear i dont even want to wash my hand because i can still feel it here, my goodness. Okay i need to get it together" I was saying that and Nahabit just looked at me like if i was a crazy, over dramatic person on one guy. "What?" I told her. She started laughing at me "You are so funny the way you just reacted damn well at least you enjoyed the trip over there. I mean at least Damon was paying attention to you. Did you see how Stefan was acting all strange he did not look at me at all." She told me and i got serious. "Look I know that what Damon said was painful to hear ,but..." I stopped myself because i had realized something that Damon had said. "But what?" I heard Abby said. "I just thought about something ill tell you right now. Umm oh yea ,but remember that everything he told you happened a long time ago so dont worry about it, okay." she nodded at me and i continued talking."Okay, you know how in this episode Damon says Stefan had an ex named Katherine to Elena."i told her."Yeah why you bringing it up?" she told me. "Because he didnt say Stefan had an ex named Katherine. He said he had an ex named Veronica." I told her while i started thinking of a way to find out who she is. "Wait what?Are you sure?" she asked me. "Yes im sure i am going to make some research and see what is going on because it is all confusing." I told her and it was true im going to find out what i want, one way or another."Hey tomorrow is the night of the comet do you want to go?" I asked Abby. "Yeah sure. I guess, I am still processing this is in. I am going to go to my room and sleep see you in the morning. Goodnight." she told me still surprised. "Alrigth, night." I told her while thinking about what i had said. I wonder if i look her up on the computer I will find something. I went to my secret room I have full of stuff to protect ourselves from anything. I got it while Nahabit was in school its like a secret office too. I turned on my laptop and went on google a good source may i say. I looked up Veronica 1864 ,but nothing came up I wasnt going to give up though. I looked up Katherine Pierce 1864 just in case and there i found her on a picture ,but she wasnt alone in the picture there were two other girls next to her. On the page it said The Pierce Sisters and the names were on the bottom of the picture the one on the left was Veronica Pierce she looked just like Nahabit. The one in the middle was Katherine Pierce and she looked just like Elena, but the one in the right surprised me it said Vanessa Pierce  and it looked just like... I was interrupted by a noise upstairs. I grabbed my gun, closed my secret room, and went upstairs ,you can never be too safe, I moved slowely and i saw the curtains move. The window was open that was strange i got closer to the open window and closed it. I shrugged off the feeling that someone was watching my every move and i went upstairs to go to sleep i will continue my research tomorrow. I changed to my Pj's and went to bed. I looked towards my window to see the trees moving from the wind and there i noticed a crow looking at me. I just stared at it as it looked at me curiously I smiled at it and went to sleep.  

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