A Night to Remeber!

My cousin and I stayed in to watch our favorite show from my DVD collection once it was in the darn thing wouldnt work until flash,sparks ,and lightening happen . We woke up somewhere else when it all happened.


4. Many Questions,So Little Answers

Nahabit's POV
I was literally panicking i thought it was one of Tamara's pranks, but then i noticed it wasn't raining.I asked myself what the hell is going on where are we at. I got up from the floor and looked at Tamara i noticed that look she had it was her thinking and figuring out whats happening look. I didn't interrupt until i saw her eyes get wide and a look of shocked was in her face i called her "Tims?" She just ignored me i guessed i whispered it out so I yelled "TIMS!!!!?" Damn she still didn't listen i guess she was shocked probably think how is this possible did we get send through a different alternative universe or something haha it would be funny if she was thinking that. i went up to her shook her and yelled her name again she finally snapped out of it. She started to stutter thought "We....ar...r...are.... i..in...l...looo...look...o...over..there." I turned around and i couldn't believe where we were at no wonder she was in state of shock.

Tamara's POV
I heard Nahabit call me and yell at me but no words came out of my mouth. So after she shook me and yelled at me again the only thing i could do is  stutter. I was panicking inside, how is this even possible I kept asking myself question but i didn't not have those answers. As I saw Abby turn around   I told her "This is impossible, how can we be in Mystic Falls. I mean this place isn't real its all fake its part of the show.Its made up and i know that cause I always wanted to come here but i found out its actually a water fall, anyways back to what I was saying. How?" Nahabit just stared at me and said "Calm down lets just go in and explore. It might be the best day of your life, you can come with me and you can meet Damon." She got my attention when she said his name i told her "Okay. Lets go but we got to come with a story lets see. We moved from California because our parents died and we are sisters got it." "Of course I do, I am a master at lying.", she chuckled. We walked passed the sign and the first placed we thought of going was of course The Mystic Grill.We went inside to see what was going and who was in there as we went inside the place was packed. As we went inside more a blonde chick came up to us and said with a cheery voice"Hi im Caroline you guys are new to town,right" I answered "How did you know that?" "Well it is a small town and everyone talks so yea" she said. I was gonna say something until Nahabit interrupted and said "Hello im Nahabit its nice meeting you and this is...." I interrupted and said "Im Tamara nice meeting you, so whats going on right now" "Well its a new school year so right now im getting breakfast then heading to school. You guys should come and meet everyone else, but i do suggest to some other type of clothes than your pj's."she said. I looked at her confused of course i was screaming inside because i was meeting Caroline and i did have to act like i didn't know anyone, but when she mentioned pj's i looked down at what we were wearing. I guess its shopping time again, I looked at Caroline and told her "yeah sure we'll be there in a bit I have to enroll this munchkin in school anyways but we are gonna go change first see you around bye."

Nahabit's POV
"Okay what was that? What to you think your doing? Why are you enrolling me in school?"i kept asking question, but i didn't get any answers she just said "Don't you get it, its their new year at school its the first episode of season one. We some how got transported into the show I think i don't know, we have so many questions , but if you think about there wont be no answers to them and besides i know you want to meet Stefan wink wink" she was right I did "Well how are we going to buy clothes and a house and stuff" "You leave that to me as of clothes, remember when i told you i hate purses." i said "yeah" "Well i keep all my stuff with me in my pockets and since these pj's have pockets i put everything in them just in case i had an emergency call from work."she said "So let me guess you have your credit card with you don't you" i said. she chuckled "of course i do know its shopping time." We left and went to a clothes store for right now we just bought clothes to wear today after school. Once she finds a house and everything we are going to shop for more clothes. I ended up getting some red ripped jeans with a white plain galaxy cross shirt with a denim vest and combat folded boots. Tamara got a floral dress with a black studded jacket and brownish studded combat ankle boots.We went to the school grounds and were on our way to the main office. Until out of no where I bumped into someone I rubbed my head and helped whoever I bumped into get her stuff i got up and then i noticed it was, omg Elena i finally get to meet her. As it was silent i said "Sorry for bumping into you."she said "its okay it was an accident,hey aren't you new here?" i answered with a simple "yes. My name is Nahabit.Nice to meet you." "Im Elena and this is Bonnie."she said. I almost had forgotten to present my cousin wow im slow, but she got this because she said "Hi im Tamara, Nahabit's sister. Nice to meet you two. Umm can I go enroll her in and then you guys can be friendly friends again." "Of course we'll wait for you guys here." she said. "Okay Thanks" my cousin said. We went inside the main office and the stupid desk lady was asking for so many paper work , but i guess my cousin has it under control. She practically lied and said, "We just moved from California, I don't have all her paper work with me due to the fact that we travel a lot especially because of my job. I am an FBI agent and we travel around to investigate different crimes and during those times I kept losing her stuff" "How are you an FBI agent your to young that is totally impossible, and if you don't have her papers she wont be getting into this school"the desk lady said. I noticed that Tamara was getting impatient.

Tamara's Pov 
This stupid desk lady was getting in my last nerves "Look if you don't believe me ill show you my credentials" I said while taking them out. She looked surprised when i took them out and said "How do I know they are not fake?"Is she kidding me right now do i have to give her an explanation or something."These are real i graduated college when i was 18 and got a job in the FBI due to something i will not get into" She finally believed and we finally left from her desk. Thank God because if we didn't leave from there i swear i was going to strangle her. Nahabit got her classes and her locker number and we went back to Elena and Bonnie. "Hey you guys we are back!" I said, Elena looked at me and smiled and asked me "You didn't enroll into school?" Nahabit answered for me by first laughing and saying "Good one Elena, but Tamara hasn't been in high school since she graduated when she was 14 " I saw Elena's reaction she was shocked, "How is that possible you look so young, you look like  your 17?" i answered this time and said "Well I was a nerd back in my days i skipped middle school because I was gifted. At the moment i am 21 and i work as an FBI agent. I graduated college when i was 18 " Elena and Bonnie both had a "What the hell" expression i wanted to laugh but Elena ended up saying "Damn that is awe.." "Omg hottie, nine o'clock" Bonnie had interrupted. We all turned to see who this mysterious hottie was and I automatically knew who it was I just had to look at Nahabit. I looked at her and she had a smile spread wide on her face and I saw her checking him out I knew that face very well.

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