A Night to Remeber!

My cousin and I stayed in to watch our favorite show from my DVD collection once it was in the darn thing wouldnt work until flash,sparks ,and lightening happen . We woke up somewhere else when it all happened.


3. Lightning, Sparks, and Flashes

Nahabit's POV
Today was the day that Tamara got a day off of work, man she works a lot but i do get the house to myself. Anyways today we were spending the day shopping, then going to six flags, and later on go home and watch our favorite show The Vampire Diaries. She had gotten the collection of all the season for her 18th birthday man was she lucky,she had such loving parents. I sometimes envied her , but she did buy me everything i wanted she treated me like if i was her daughter, she will always be a mother figure to me. She finally came from getting the food we were having pizza today, Yay.  "Tims?!?" i said it was my nickname for her, "yes Abby?" she said, she always called me that and i loved it when she did. I asked her "Do you need help setting up for our little party for two?", "haha you mean our party bet?"she said. I was confused what bet was she talking about. She chuckled and said, "oh Abby did you forget our bet, we said that we were gonna see who can stay up the longest watching our favorite show duh!!!" oh that bet i remembered we made a bet that who ever stayed up the longest would get to meet their favorite band, yeah we had connections to everything especially her since she was an FBI agent. We sat down in our, well her theater room,
 man was she rich we practically lived in a mansion ,but she didn't have no butlers or servants she did all the work to keep the house clean. I did help don't think of me as lazy, man but i did love my room it was mostly covered with one direction stuff she knew i loved them. Her bedroom was blue of course she loved that color and she has a secret closet full of Damon Salvatore stuff she was crazy, madly in love with him ,but of course i always loved Stefan he is way hotter than Damon but you know everyone has there own opinions.

Tamara's POV 
Finally the day has come my day off, so much work in a week i just wished criminal would take a day off. I do love my job it was a dream come true for me but so tiring. Well today i spend my day off with the one and only Nahabit. I treated her like she was my own daughter i love that munchkin. I practically took her under my wing after i saw how miserable she was in her house nobody ever payed attention to her she had a rough past. She used to cut herself, drink, and do drugs, but i got her out of it. I wanted her to realize to see that she had someone she can come to and talk,i will always be there for her of course and take care of. I brought her in to my house and we been living together for the past 3 years. I did have her go to school though I may be young and have fun but everyone needs their education. While we were talking about the bet i was like i can't believe she forgot about it, but I knew I was gonna win since i did  stay up watching the TVD, till I finished watching all of the seasons. Of course I was gawking at Damon the whole time I watched it. Anyways we sat in the home theater getting our self's ready to watch it. We were practically fan girling over our mans and fighting on who was hotter we had fun. I got up and said "Are you ready to have the best time of your life!" she yelled "OMG!! yes put it,put it now!" Damn was she excited, but we did love the show so much. I went to the front of the Blu-ray/DVD player, as i was in front of it, out of nowhere I heard rain, lightning, and thunderstorm. Typical California bipolar weather of course, everyone knows that. I put in the disc but nothing happen it didn't go to the menu or anything. I called Nahabit over and said, " What the Hell! It wont start." "Maybe its scratch we do watch it like every time you have a day off" haha its true ,but no my disc can't be scratched. We kept trying to but it over and over and nothing and the stupid lightning was now pissing me off. "UGH!!!" I screamed "Why wont you work!" Nahabit was next to me telling me to try to put it in again ,so i did once i did that i heard the lightning so close to my house that i literally screamed "Omg that lightning was so close." Nahabit said "i know it was, look i think its working." I yelled in joy "Oh Yay!!" once i went to sit down something out of the ordinary happened. The DVD stopped working out of nowhere again, Nahabit and i stood up and see what was wrong with it once closed to the Blu-ray all i remembered was lightning striking my house. I woke up from the unconscious state i was. All i could remember was the stupid Blu-ray/DVD player not working and then seeing lightning, sparks, and flashes. I stood up and I noticed i was laying down on concrete like a rode or something. I spotted Abby still unconscious on the floor. I went up to her and yelled "Nahabit WAKE UP!!!" That woke her up but she started to panic as noticing we weren't in my house "OMG!! where are we? What happen? What's going on? Is this a prank of yours?" she kept saying I looked around, looking at my surroundings ignoring her well trying. As I tried to see where we were at my question was answered as I stood in front of the Welcome sign. I couldn't believe it.

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