A Night to Remeber!

My cousin and I stayed in to watch our favorite show from my DVD collection once it was in the darn thing wouldnt work until flash,sparks ,and lightening happen . We woke up somewhere else when it all happened.


8. A/N Please Read!!!

Hey you guys well i know i havent updated in a while ,but it was cause of school, dance practices, and worrying about next year.
Hopefully now that its the summer i will be writting again.
So i have been reading my previous chapter of Welcome Back Party and i didnt really like the name Genises as Nahabit's doppleganger so i changed it to Veronica so yea just saying so you guys wont be like wat that wasnt her name but yea. Hopefully if i can ill finish the next chapter tomorrow if i have time. Well thanks for reading this and yea hope you guys r still waiting for it.
SORRY again for not updating i need to make it up to you guys some how.
Also please read my other story (Unknown Secret) and tell me what you think.
Also im writting a new story dont think it will be up soon ,but watch out for it. 
Thank you! to all my readers love you guys! :)

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