Different Little Fan Fictions

These are just little fan fictions about One Direction! Enjoy!


3. #3

                 You and your friend decided to go to the nearby cafe for lunch. You guys sat down and ordered your drinks. The waitress came back with them and you looked at the menu. "I have no idea what to get." you said. A boy about your age with blonde hair came up to you. He was wearing a green jacket with jeans. "I highly recommend the mac and cheese. It's really good." he said. He winked at me and I smiled. "Call me sometime?" he said, handing me a piece of paper. "Sure." I said. He walked away and I opened the paper. It had his number on it and it also said, "Call me -Niall". I closed it and put it in my purse. "You were totally blushing (Y/N)!" your friend said. "Shut up!" you said. After you ate, you went home and called Niall.

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